35 Spider Tattoos that will get you all tangled

Spider tattoos are some of the popular tattoo designs that are worn by both men and women. There are different types of spiders with some appearing small and others big. When you think of having a spider tattoo, apart from the beauty, the web comes to the mind. A web may symbolize different things like being stuck in a place, being locked in a cell or being surrounded by difficult circumstances. Though spiders are feared by many people, not all spiders are dangerous. Some are harmful and release  a poisonous venom when they bite, others are harmless.

The way a spider tattoo is rendered can make it look really lifelike; you can almost expect the spider to get up and walk towards you. Given that they can look so real and vivid, it is really amazing how many women are going for them. Not just the simple teens but also women who are considered wise and smart, though they may just have it done in a place where it will be seen only if they want it to be seen. Of course, there are those who like to flaunt them for all the world to gawk at all the time. It is a fact that some of the locations chosen are not at all pleasant.

spider tattoo design (1)

Spider tattoo designs create such a beautiful look when perfectly done like the one worn below. The web, the flower and the spider creates a unique blend of themes and features that combine so well to produce such a beautiful look. The complexion of the wearer is also enhancing the overall look of the tattoo.

spider tattoo design (19)

The black widow is one of those cool spider tattoo designs like in the one below. The place the spider tattoo design is worn can be scaring especially for those who fear spiders given it’s just worn on the neck. The wearer’s complexion makes the spiders tattoo design to look fantastic.

spider tattoo design (20)

Wearing spider tattoo can also symbolise boldness given these creatures can really scare somebody. Having the spider tattoo on always can give the wearer a meaning that you’ve conquered the fear and can conquer any other fear that comes your way. The eight-legged spider tattoo below has been worn in quite a cool place a bit hidden if the person has clothes on and the colour choice is perfect.

spider tattoo design (29)

The thing that makes a spider tattoo stand out so much is the three-dimensional effect given to them. This adds to the beauty of the design itself from a purely artistic point of view but also make it look very life like. Surely people getting them done in this manner, must be getting many warning shouted at them to slap away the spider from their body. In some cases they must just be reaching out to slap the spider themselves. This happens more often when the tattoo is on the neck, back or shoulder. Some people may get a tattoo like this just for this kind of reaction.

spider tattoo design (28)

The spider tattoo design below seems like a real live spider is walking on the wearer’s neck. The tattoo is designed with high level of precision bringing out real life features on the tattoo. It’s not strange to see people slapping the tattoo to remove it on the wearer. The black colour used on the design and the body complexion of the wearer blends quite well.

spider tattoo design (6)

A black 3D spider tattoo design looks quite creepy and inspiring. To some people, just imagining the small legs touch your bear skin can be so scaring however the designs looks spectacular when worn like the one below making strides on the neck.

spider tattoo design (12)

Three-dimensional Spider design: Of course it goes without saying that not all designs with spiders on them are three dimensional, but now it has been seen that more and more tattoos have this effect. To give a three-dimensional depth the legs and body are shaded to give them depth. There are some examples given here.

spider tattoo design (3)

The spider tattoo design below just looks cool and elegant. The colour combination used has clearly highlighted every feature of the spider tattoo making it look quite alive and spectacular The place the tattoo is worn makes the tattoo visually appealing too.

spider tattoo design (8)

Spider tattoos have prominently featured in the traditional tribal tattoos and many communities have spiders feature in their mythological stories. A good tattoo design should not only be visually appealing but should also clearly bring out the qualities of the specific design. The below tattoo is a great work of art, looking spectacular on the upper arm.

spider tattoo design (7)

A spider lying on its back: This shows a rather large spider with one of a kind design that is spreading its legs in what can be defined as a terrific looking position. Add mysterious lettering to this design and you have a winner.

spider tattoo design (11)

The spider tattoo design below can be scaring especially looking at the legs having a good grip of the skin. Spiders can travel for quite long distances and are very keen when they want to catch their prey. Having the tattoo on can be perceived to mean tenacity or having focus on your goals.

spider tattoo design (30)

Spider tattoo design with a big rib: This can look really good when care is given to the detailed work. The details add to the charm of this creative design.

Lady in spider web along with the spider: This could either mean that the lady in question is like a spider trapping men in her web or that she finds herself trapped in the web. The expression on her face will tell you what the situation is – if she looks terrified then she is trapped and if she is smiling then she is the one doing the trapping.

Why do people get spider tattoos done?

The motivation behind getting a tattoo with spider as a part of the design is difficult to be defined in clear terms. It is assumed that it is for the shocked reactions that people have on looking at such tattoos. Many people may enjoy the attention that they get. It could also be due to morbid fascination with creepy crawlies that could push people to go for these tattoos.

spider tattoo design (32)

The spider tattoo design below looks great on the lady’s back and articulately designed with a human face. The wearer is definitely drawing inspiration from the unique qualities of the spider especially when looking at the way the spider has tightly grasped the lady’s back.

spider tattoo design (22)

Simple and elegant is the word for the beautiful spider tattoo design below. The spider tattoo is well designed with the web on one side of the toe and spider on the other side of the toe. The girl’s feet visually exudes such unique blend.

spider tattoo design (26)

Spider tattoos are also perceived as a symbol of fertility, balance and harmony.  Spiders tattoos can also symbolise creativity looking at how they weave their webs using those little legs. The spider tattoo below shows a spider stretching itself away from its web and it looks fabulous.

spider tattoo design (17)

With the wide varieties of spiders and the fascinating art that nature itself has created on them, spiders are great tattoo design subjects. That is provided your tastes veer in this direction. You need to know that getting a tattoo in any part of your body means a long term commitment. You need to think of all aspects including costs, pain, social, cultural and the impact on your professional life.

spider tattoo design (31)

The spider tattoo below looks great and one can easily confuse that the spider is walking on the lady’s hand. The colour used is beautiful creating a design that’s quite visually appealing.


Spiders are also perceived to spell terror and entrapment,  therefore wearing them might be communicated to symbolise some personality trait of a wearer especially how the person can react when innocently attacked. The spider tattoo below can be a sign of defence for the wearer given the place it’s worn. It’s like saying if you dear encroach this place you can be attacked.

spider tattoo design (21)

Once you have decided that a spider tattoo is what you want, then decide on the location that will work best for the design you have picked up. You can be sure that for any part of the body you get it done and not matter what size you pick, you will find a huge number of choices.

spider tattoo design (9)

Though spiders can bite, some of them are not that dangerous. The spider tattoo design below is a cute blend of colours and themes. The leaves incorporated in the design below makes the entire design look spectacular with great colour combination.

spider tattoo design (4)

Symbolically speaking this rather weird choice in tattoos could mean many things depending on your state of mind.

You can also look at some more examples of Attractive Spider Tattoo designs.

spider tattoo design (2)

The place the spider tattoo below is worn creates instant attention given the colour combination with the white colour adding more beauty to the entire look. The tattoo looks so real and magnificently designed.

spider tattoo design (5)

This is quite creative and elegant. The spider tattoo design is quite artistic with the spider web tattoo design covering the entire part of the scalp as the spider rests in the middle trapped inside the web. This design is suitable for men.

spider tattoo design (10)

The design below of a spider looks cool on the man as it draws attention to the man’s body features. The spider looks trapped in its web as its trying to pull away. The design can be perceived to symbolise different things as deemed fit by the wearer.

spider tattoo design (13)

Spider tattoos are also perceived to symbolize a life in prison especially when worn with the web where it can mean long time as a convict trapped in the prison web. The tattoo below is quite artistically done with keen attention given to the spiders features. The upper arm where the tattoo is worn as well makes it more appealing.

spider tattoo design (14)

Spider tattoos are commonly worn on the open body features like the neck, arm, legs, hands on the back and in some instances on the thighs and lower abdomen. Wearing the tattoo on some hidden body areas like the breasts and lower abdomen may seem frightening especially if the spider tattoo is designed to look like its alive. The design below is quite innovatively crafted revealing the many styles one can use for the spider tattoo.

spider tattoo design (15)

Beautiful and complex is the ideal description for the spider tattoo design below. The red colour used in designing the web looks quite appealing with the spider trapped in the web. The place the tattoo is worn and the complexion makes it quite eye-catching.

Tspider tattoo design (16)

Spider tattoos are also known to symbolise struggle especially if one is struggling with overcoming an addiction or a habit and wondering how to overcome the problem. The spider below is quite complex in design covering the entire hand and the colours used on the design combines quite well.

spider tattoo design (23)

The spider is also considered a solar creature and is mostly associated with the sun given its radiating web and legs just like in the design below, the colours are well combined to bring that excellent radiation coming from the entire body.

spider tattoo design (24)

Ancient cultures perceived the spider’s web as a connective matrix where all creation emerged. Spiders are also taken to symbolise creator and inhabitant of wisdom by some cultures.The spider tattoo below is a creatively done with the web looking great. The colour used on the design blends quite well with the body complexion and the place its worn is big enough making the whole tattoo design quite appealing.

spider tattoo design (25)

The mythological deities were also associated with spiders. In Egypt it symbolises the weaver goddess, in Africa it was perceived to tutor humans how to weave, the greek goddess is said to turn to a spider after she bested the jealous Athena in weaving skills. The spider tattoo below is quite a demonstration of the weaving skills with the colours beautifully combined to create such a harmonious blend.

spider tattoo design (27)

Spider tattoos can be designed in different sizes and styles depending on what appeals to one. The tattoos symbolise different things and have different meanings which differ from one person to another. The spider tattoo below is quite versatile with artistic design work and a cool colour combination making the whole design quite eye-catching.

spider tattoo design


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