117 Cat Tattoos That Are Way Too Purrfect!

Love cats, or just your cat in particular? Have a browse through our awesome collection of cat tattoos for some inspiration for your next tattoo.


A Witch And Her Black Cat

Many of us feel a bit of an affinity for witches, and this wearer certainly does too! Check out this gorgeous design of a witch and her black cat.



The Watercolor Puss

This kitty looks almost space-age with minimal outlining only within the cat’s face.

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The Playful Circle

Cat chasing it’s tail? No! Cat chasing the flowers! We look the circular look of this interesting cat design.


An Arm Full Of Kitties

These sweet cats have been tattooed in a cute look, with beautiful, bright colors to really bring the entire look to life. A winning tattoo sleeve for cat lovers!


Cats Rule Dogs Drool

To ensure that you don’t have to worry about disclosing your preference of cats over dogs to a potential partner, you can just ink it instead.


Third Eye Snarls

These cats are fierce looking – although it’s for a reason! That third eye insight is ticking into overdrive to protect the wearer of these tattoos from harm.


Cat Topped Skull

There is plenty of “toppers” in tattoos, from wolves to elephants, to yes, cats. Why not top your design with a cat to add that little bit extra.


Cat Among The Flowers

This design looks like it could be a tribute to a beloved pet. When cats join us, they join us for life, so we can develop very attached relationships to them.


A Pair of Pussies

This pair of pussies have been drawn with a very fine needle – you can tell by the barely there outlining of the ink surrounding them.


The Cat in the Moon

Forget the man in the moon, how about the cat in the moon? Why not combine your cat tattoo with something else that you want to get tatted?


Tribute to a Black Cat

There he is, and there he is! If you love you cat then why not get a tattoo of them inked on you forever?


The Cameo Kitty

We really like this black cat hanging out inside of the frame here. What’s more impressive is that she’s matched her dress to her tattoo- kudos!


Puss In Boots Hand Tattoo

Those big eyes are just too cute to resist! This chick is sure to put anyone under her spell that she puts her hand up to!


The Cuddling Kitties

Look at these two kitties playing with each other! What makes this tattoo great is the watercolor blue shading surrounding the design.


Cats Finger Tattoo

Do they have dogs written on their other knuckles? I guess we will never know! Show you cat love with some clever knuckle tattoos.


Old School Cat Family Album

This collection of kitties is so ridiculous that it is hilarious! It’s like an old school family portrait of your family. Of cats.


Asian Cat Design

Cats have been worshiped in many different cultures throughout the years. You will find plenty of imagery if you dare to look.


Simple Black Cat Tattoo

Can’t decide what cat design to get? How about just a filled in black cat? It’s simple, sweet, and your artist doesn’t have to spend long doing it.


Detailed Space Cat

There is a lot going on in this design! The wearer obviously had a lot of elements that they wanted included in the tattoo.


Kitty Hugging a Skull

There’s plenty of skulls around in tattoos, so what’s cool about this one is that there is a cat hugging onto it. A great way to include a cat.


Two Ankle Cats

We love how these cats are elongated and curled – and different looking. Instead of matching ankle tattoos, why not get two different and yet similar ones?


The Patterned Puss

A cute little amateur tattoo on the thigh. If you”re experimenting with tattooing yourself then you might like to give a cat a go.


The Regal Tabby

This cute little tabby sits proudly on the owner’s thigh. It might be a dedication to a beloved pet.


Four Eyed Cat

We don’t know quite what’s going on with this kitty, but we do know they can see well. Bonus points for the cool bee above it.


The Ginger Dedication

This is a design of the wearer’s furry best friend. We really like the added flower below and the excellent shading of the whole design.


Four Eyed Psychadelic Kitty

The colors of this awesome design are what really makes it! Fluros combined with pastels make for a truly memorable psycadelic cat.


My Siamese Twin

This gorgeous Siamese kitty on the hand is likely a tribute tattoo.


Cameo Tribute Tattoo

Here’s another tribute design by someone with a favorite moggy friend. We’re really liking the frame in this one.


The Human Element

A cat strumming a sitar? Well I never! This cat looks to be in human form, from the instrument down to the robes.


Diagramatic Cat Tattoo Design

This is a cool tatt that’s drawn like a diagram. If you’re after a stand out look, why not try something like this one?


A Gray Cat

This cat appears to be clutching a bowl and with a cup below, perhaps bringing the wearer of the tatt prosperity.


What’s Inside

You know those tattoos that expose people’s skeletons? Well the is a tattoo of a cat exposing ITS skeleton. Mind blown!


Let Sleeping Cats Lie

A small, minimalist tattoo such as this one is perfect for the cat lover who doesn’t want to go over the top with their design.


Cat Between the Shoulder

A beautiful tribute tattoo of the wearer’s best feline friend.



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The Bejeweled Jaguar

What about the big cats? Where do they come in? Try out a design of a jaguar, lion, or tiger, for something a little more loud.


Kissing Cats

Look at this pair! They are definitely best friends! I think we all wish we could have a friendship like these two.


Cat Playing With the Moon

Is that a ball of string? Nope? That’s right, my cat chases the moon!


Lil Bub

That’s Lil Bub and a tattoo of Lil Bub! Which one do you think is cuter? We don’t think we can choose between them!


Tiny Cat Tattoo

For those that are after a teensy tiny tattoo, you might like to think about getting one like the above kitty. Too cute!


The Duality of Life

We all know how cats can be happy and loving one minute and feral the next. That is why this tattoo captures the duality of cats (and of life in general!) so well.


Peeping Toms

This pair of kitties is taking a little peep over the fence to see what’s on the other side. Don’t you love it when your cats take a peek?


Setting Tongues Wagging

Tongue out, on it’s toes, and is that two tails? Whatever you wish to put in your cat tattoo design is up to you!


Cat Sitting on the Moon

Crescent moon tattoos were a huge hit a few years ago. The added touch of the black cat sitting in the crook makes it a super cute design.


How To Assemble A Cat

Our first thoughts about this tattoo? Why! This is a strange design, but will be very handy if you ever need to know how to assemble a factory packaged cat.


Space Kitty

While the design of this kitty in his space helmet is fairly simple, what really makes it stand out is the cool shading and use of color.


Cat Above the Socks

If you are thinking about getting a thigh tattoo, then you can really draw the eye to it by adding some over the knee socks.


Snarling Kitten

Isn’t it just so cute when kittens snarl? This stylized kitten is trying it’s very best to frighten us but it just looks cute.


Flower Power Cat

This cat is wearing a flower headdress. We’re loving the symmetrical of this design.


My Love

Another tribute tattoo, this cat is even framed in a love heart. Because we all love our feline friends don’t we!


My Friends

These are some expertly drawn tattoos of this girl’s cat friends. We really like the different styles and pops of color behind them to make it stand out.


Cat and Rose

If you’re thinking about a cat design alongside a flower, then you have plenty of flowers to choose from, including the rose.


Blue Tinged Cat

This is a stunning cat design that may have looked a little boring were it not for the blue highlighting. An excellent touch.


Curled Up Kitty

This reminds us of when the cats curl up and then stretch out on the floor. They’re just so cute and bendy!


Chasing Butterflies

This fellow is getting ready to pounce on that butterfly! This is a bold tattoo choice, extending across the upper chest.


The Regal Black Cat

Unfortunately, this guy is a little covered up, however we can see that he’s a regal looking black cat. Loving the broach below.


My Ginger Mate

A tribute tattoo of a ginger cat, this one has some very interesting shading going on – and it lacks the usual outline.


My Beautiful Cat

One of the bigger and bolder tribute kitty tattoos we have encountered, this one is surrounded by garlands and gems.


Kitty With a Monocle

Yes, you see right. That cat is wearing an eyeglass. Why not add in some fun elements into your cat tribute tattoo?


Tibby Tribute

A beautiful tribute to Tibby, who was a much loved puss. We like the placement of this interesting cat tattoo!


Tibby Tribute Part II

A second look at the Tibby tribute tattoo.


My Little Angel

A sweet looking kitty surrounded by some little flowers and the moon. You can do a lot with a tattoo without adding too much color to it.


Hello Kitty Ankle Tattoo

Mad about Hello Kitty rather than just kitties in general? This Hello Kitty ankle tattoo is sure to be inspiring for you.


Japanese Cat Design

This tattoo has been done in the Japanese style of tattooing. The fur on this particular kitty looks very cool.


A Tribute to Tig

A large tribute tatt to the kitty otherwise known as Tig. The yellow and purple are a great splash of color for this design.


Bright Eyed Leopard

This style of leopard tattoo is quite popular. This one has been done particularly well by a skilled tattoo artist.


Spiderman Kitty

As far as tattoo mashups go, this one pretty much takes the cake! Why not combine two tattoos in one like this one?


The Ancient One

This cat looks at least a hundred years old, in all it’s full regalia! This is a nod to the Ancient Egyptian times and their cat worship.


Kitty With a Monocle Part II

A better look at that kitty with a monocle we saw earlier. You can see here that he’s wearing black tie, too!


Cat Among the Lavender

Another tribute, this cat is surrounded by lavender. Why not add your favorite flower to your cat design?


A Whiskered Tribute

This pretty kitty tribute has a very be-whiskered friend front and center! This mid back tattoo is a popular spot for ink.


Kitty Rose

This is a beautiful, unique design. We love how it’s just the outline of the cat filled with a gorgeous rose pattern.


Singing in the Rain

Cats hate getting wet! Why not protect your precious puss from the elements by adding an umbrella to your tatt?


Happy Cat

A symbol of luck around Asia, the happy, waving cat is sure to bring good fortune to the wearer.


All the Gang’s Here

A tribute to not one but three cats! Do people define you as a crazy cat lady? Wear your cats with pride like this girl!


Much Love

A heartfelt tribute to a special friend. Feet tattoos are a popular choice for women. We like her sparkly polish too!


Take a Seat

The black cat with roses motif is a popular one, and you can place it anywhere that you wish on your body!


Stretching Kitty

Lets not notice for a moment how awesome this bag is and instead concentrate on the minimalist cat stretching design on the wrist here.


A Playful Duo

Have you ever owned a pair of cats? Then you will know the pleasure of watching them play around with each other!


Simple Ankle Cat

Another minimalist line design of a kitten. We’re not so fond of this one though, as it looks a little bit like a fox.


My First Cat

Isn’t this how we all used to draw cats? If you like the basic tattoo design, or are practicing tattooing yourself, this one could be a winner!


Korean Kitty

This little cat is drawn in the style popular in Korea. We aren’t sure if it’s finished quite yet, it might have some shading in store first.


Meow Finger Tattoos

There’s a reigning champion of the cat finger tattoos – and this is it! The cute kitty face in the O just makes this awesome set.


I Have No Paws

An interesting design, this appears to be just a ball of fluff with ears and a tail – what many of our cats really look like!


Kitty Crossing

A simple design, of just a cat strolling across the wearer’s wrists. This style of ink is quite in fashion at the moment.


Black and White Pair

Some matching foot cat tattoos. We like the use of the blank space in these cats to really complete the design.


Happy Asleep

If you’re a cat owner you will know just how warm and fuzzy this little curled up ball makes you feel.


Stepped in Paint

Leaving a trail of paw prints behind her, this little cat has wandered over and down the wearer’s upper chest.


The Long Stretch

This cat pose, often seen on the other side of a cat nap, looks perfect at the base of the neck here.


Pusheen Ankle

Hands up who loves Pusheen? The adorable character might be a good one to get if you’re a big cat fan and love your stickers!


Curious Kitty

Those big, yellow, searching eyes are a sure sign of this little kitty’s curiosity! We love the exaggerated large ears here too.


Behind the Ear Cat

Those looking for a more discrete cat tattoo might like to think about placing a small cat design behind the ear, for easy coverage when the hair is down.


Bright Eyed Wonder

We love love love this cartoon cat and his real life friend! With a simply design and block colors, it really pops off the skin.


Entwined Cat

An interesting line design, this back tattoo intertwines lines in the cat to make it an almost tribal looking tattoo.


The Line Profile

What about a line design from a different angle? This tattoo captures the side of the cat, rather than from behind it.


Yin and Yang Cats

This is a very cool example of combining two different themes – yin and yang, and cats! It’s very well thought out and makes for a fun tatt.


That Deep Stretch

Another minimalist line design – this time in the deep stretch favored by cats when they are waking up.


Out on a Stroll

We really like this back of the neck line design. It’s like you can actually tell what the cat is doing and thinking – “Hmmm… What’s that?”


A Finger Tribute Tattoo

The detail work on this finger tattoo is simply fantastic! Whereas most finger tattoos are simple lines and shapes, this one is so much more.


High Fiving Cats

Why not think about how tattoos on two parts of your body can join up when put together, like these two cats at the base of the hands?


I’m Here

Simple and effective, this cat is easy to draw and is fun and fresh.


A Different Sort of Tribute Tattoo

Another tribute, but this time in a different style. We really like the use of text curving around the bottom of the tattoo.


Sleeping Curly Cat

A line design of a little cat sleeping soundly. You don’t need to add a whole lot to your tattoo to make it look effective.


Watching Over Me

A simple design that looks to be always watching over the wearer.


Prowling Down Your Arm

This simple block black cat design makes it look as it this precious pussy is prowling down the wrist of the wearer.


Cat Comma

A very cute incorporation of a cat into a comma. We are very tempted to get this one tattooed ourselves – too cute!


The Fat Cat

A fat line drawing of a cat, with lines to make it appear 3D.


Me and My Cat

A simple back of the neck design is best accessorized with your favorite furry friend on your shoulder.cat-tattoo-designs-1104162

Looking Up at Me

You know that look when your cat is at your feet hassling you to be fed? This little tattoo encapsulates it completely.


Yin and Yang Puss

Another yin and yang cat design, this one is at the back of the wearer’s neck.


A Simple Curl

Your little fur ball can be inked in a simple curved ball design like the one above.


Line Kitty Behind the Ear

Another simple behind the ear design done with just little lines.

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Me and My Moggy

This moggy is obviously very happy with the tattoo that his owner got of him – so cute!


Cat Friends

Combined your cat tattoo with more of a scene to make it more of an interesting piece.

cat-tattoo-designs-1104168Pussy on My Side

A beautiful tribute tattoo with roses. This one is a very heartfelt design.

cat-tattoo-designs-1104169Mr Mittens Tribute

This tribute kitty pops with color.


Picking Up My Cat

The use of the empty space hand makes it look like you are lifting up you puss for some quality time.


Guinness Tribute

What a perfect name for a black cat! This tattoo of Guinness is sure to get noticed.


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