45 of the Best Sternum Tattoos Out There for Women

One of the most feminine tattoos is that of the sternum tattoos. It’s a gorgeous place to get a tattoo because it ends up looking like a work of art after. You may have also heard of it being referred to as the under breast tattoo which is very popular right now. It’s a design that has been going on for many years, but it’s only recently become popular. It created a trend after women started finding ways of putting tattoos on the front of their bodies. The areas are known to be very sensitive, but lots of women still went for it. Lots of women didn’t however because they found it to be an extreme place to get tattooed and didn’t like the pain involved.

The space below and between the breasts is a great place because it doesn’t allow for the tattoo to be on the breasts at all yet gives them a body part that is very elegant. You can virtually put any design there that you want including a butterfly, or even messages build from distinctive letters. These days there are so many different designs that you can place in the sternum area that will be elegant and feminine. It’s truly a beautiful area to have tattooed and the more women that realize it, the more popular the sternum tattoo will become.

Pain Behind the Sternum Tattoo

Pain is something that is just part pf getting a tattoo there is no way around it. No matter what body part you have done, it’s going to hurt to some degree. The sternum is more of a sensitive area, so it’s likely to hurt more than most areas. There are ways that you can control the pain to make the experience a little bit better.

The best thing to do is to choose a less sensitive area to get tattooed. It’s always best to choose an area that isn’t as sensitive as the sternum. The most painful places that you can get tattooed are the ones with there isn’t a lot of muscle or fat between the skin. The best place you can get tattoos is the upper arm or shoulder as they are less sensitive to tattoo. Other areas include calves, butt, or outer thigh. But if you are bound and determined to get the sternum tattoo then just prepare yourself for the pain. There are creams that you can buy that will numb the skin, some artists will even have them in their office. It usually works for about a half hour at a time. Large tattoos will take a lot longer than that so you would have to keep applying it. It’s not the most convenient way of eliminating pain. Taking pain relievers is something that is effective as well although it may not completely do the job for you. There is also the ability to inject Lidocaine but it will burn a little going in, and then the skin will go numb. Many artists won’t consider tattooing skin that has been injected with Lidocaine because it affects the blood flow as well as the texture of the skin.

Aftercare for the Sternum Tattoo

A tattoo is an investment especially since they can come to be very expensive. If you have a good artist, you will probably be spending a lot of money on the tattoo, so it’s best to take care of the investment. The tattoo needs to be taken care of otherwise it’s going to get ruined and then you will have to get it redone again.

Keeping your tattoo moist with Bepanthol is the best bet you can do for the first 2-3 weeks of your tattoo. If your tattoo dries out too much, then it can really affect the tattoo, damaging it forever. You need to take care of it right after the tattoo is done so that it stays nice for a long time.

Below are 46 of the best sternum tattoos out there for women:

1. The Owl

What a striking tattoo. I love the eyes of the owl they are so lifelike, and the fact that it’s breaking an arrow makes it really cool as well. The overall design is detailed and dark; it’s a wonderfully cool tattoo that you will love for years to come. It fits perfectly in the sternum area, and the jewel around the neck of the tattoo is the only bit of color that you see.


2. The Locket

This extraordinary design is one that has a lot of originality behind it. If you want something that is one-of-a-kind, then look no further than this. I love the detail of the lock it’s almost 3D. The best part of the design, however, is the blood inside of the locket. Aside from a few gems, it’s the only color on the tattoo. It’s a little morbid, but it’s a powerful image as well. I love it.


3. Floral Chandelier

Chandelier tattoos are very popular for the sternum area, mainly because they always look so elegant. This one is in the form of a flower with petals all along the bottom. It’s a great design that’s original as well.


4. Small Stars

If you want a sternum tattoo, it doesn’t have to be big and elaborate. In fact, it can be as simple and small as you want it to be. These small stars are simple and elegant, truly unique and wonderful.


5. Creative Sternum Tattoo Designs

This is a truly unique tattoo design that is sure to draw the eye. It’s a gorgeous and unique way of creating something amazing. If you want an original design, you are sure to love this.


6. Fantastic Images

This is truly a unique design and one that you are sure to love. I love the blue ink that was used to create the design; it’s one of a kind as well. This is the kind of image that really stands out.


7. A Simple Message

Again, under boob tattoos don’t have to be large or extreme. This simple writing is sexy and sweet. It’s a simple message that is positive for your life.


8. The Moth Design

This moth is a design for under the breasts. It’s striking and dark, a unique design. There are chandelier images hanging from the wings.


9. A Lighted Lamp

Flowers underneath the breast behind the lighted lamp. It’s a tattoo with a lot of details attached to it. It’s a dark design with the only color on the bulb.


10. The Seeing Eye

A great tattoo design that is also a little unusual. This all seeing eye is one that you know is not going to be around a lot. It’s designed perfectly to fit underneath the breasts.


11. A Creative Look

A small design that looks great on the sternum. It’s creative and beautiful to look at. If you want something simple without going to big then this might be exactly what you’re looking for.


12. Grand Designs

Like I’ve said before the chandeliers designs are hugely popular for under the boob. The reason for this is that they seem to fit perfectly in the spot. It’s like they were made for that area specifically. They wouldn’t look as good in another area. A unique design that will stand out and there is a little chandelier hanging from it.


13. Sexy Chandeliers

A small design that looks incredible on the sternum. This particular design is a sexy and seductive one. The tear drop chandelier design looks elegant as it hangs off the original tattoo. I love it.


14. Dark and Light

There is a lot of contrast to this tattoo with many different variations of light and dark. It’s a floral design that is sure to make any woman happy. It’s a gorgeous if you want something very feminine.


15. Upside Down Tree

A great tree design that could be symbolic of the tree of life. It’s an unusual tree design that is sure to make your creativity buttons pop. I love the subtly of the design; it’s beautiful.


16. A Laying Baby

This tattoo is done, on a male, so it’s not the typical under the boob tattoo. This one is across the chest in a unique design. The baby is laying in leaves right now. There are hands with jewelry on the hands as if they are holding the baby.


17. The Purple Jewel

This is an amazing chandelier design with jewels hanging off of it. It’s a stunning design that is delicate and elegant. The purple jewel is large and in the middle of the tattoo. It’s, beautiful, and it really stands out creating a stunning overall design.


18. Flower Love

This floral design is under, the boobs, and it’s just an outline of a bunch of flowers. It’s a great overall design that is sure to make you happy for years to come.


19. One Flower

A flower that is small and sits between the boob. If you want a small design, that won’t take up much room than try a small floral design. Flowers are always hugely popular tattoo designs, so you really can’t go wrong with picking a design and going with it.


20. Pretty Locket

This cartoon locket is unique and fun. It’s a simple design that looks wonderful. It’s colorful and subtle. A great tattoo for someone looking for something small.


21. The Dark Moth

It’s a striking design that looks amazing as a dark color. If you want some with great, contrast, then this is the one for you. It’s not on the, sternum, but it still sits under the breasts.


22. Black and Pink Rose Sternum Tattoo

A stunning design of a beautiful rose. This design is done in black and pink coloring that really stands out. It’s a wonderfully exquisite tattoo that looks perfect on the sternum. It’s also a small design if you don’t want something large.


23. Celestial Sun

The sun and moon are combined as one. It’s a stunning depiction of a unique chandelier. There are jewels attached to this design that make it really special. If you want something, beautiful, then this is a great design choice for you.


24. Simple Flowers

Another example of a floral design that sits underneath the breast. It’s not big or overly fancy, but it’s still a beautiful tattoo. It’s sexy and simple, a great design.


25. A Bouquet of Flowers

Another example of how flowers make a great sternum tattoo. If you are looking for something small yet, gorgeous then these bouquet of flowers are sure to make anyone happy.


26. The Daisy

Another example of a floral tattoo, in this case, it’s a daisy. You can get pretty nice sternum tattoos without having to get a really big tattoo.


27. Chandelier Jewelry

A great example of a small chandelier. The top tier goes right in between the breasts. It’s an elegant design that has jewelry hanging from the tips of the chandelier. I think these designs are the most elegant and it shows a level of femininity that you don’t get with a lot of tattoos.

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28. Roses

A large rose with flowers on either side. It’s a dark tattoo that jumps out against fair skin. It’s a great tattoo for under the boobs.


29. Bone Designs

A great bone design coupled with other elements such as feathers and designs. It’s a unique tattoo design of you want something out of the norm.

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30. Lotus Flower

This lotus flower is a stunning creation. It sits alone in the middle taking on all the attention. It has the jewelry hanging from it in the same way that the chandeliers do. It creates an elegant atmosphere and draws attention to your sternum.

31. A Butterfly

Butterflies have always been popular tattoo choices, in fact, there aren’t too many designs more popular aside from the rose. This design fits perfectly under the book. It’s a simple tattoo that wouldn’t take a lot of time if you were worried about the pain.


32. An Array of Roses

Three large roses, one right after the other create this beautiful design. I love the fullness of the roses, and even the leaves. It’s a great tattoo choice.


33. Large Gems

Another chandelier but this one has no hanging gems. It has a rather large jewel in the middle, however, and that really draws the eye to the tattoo. The creativity is, striking, and it’s certainly a tattoo choice that would make any woman happy.

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34. African Elephant

This African elephant is a tribal themed design. If you want something cultural with a spice of  uniqueness than try this tattoo out. The detail to the elephant is great and there are a lot of contrasting shades.


35. The Lovers

Maybe you want to represent your own love affair or marriage. This couple is depicted in an old-fashioned sense, the style possibly from the 20’s. It’s a great design that is truly unique.


36. The Octopus

If you are a sea lover with love for all sea creatures than you may have just found the tattoo for you. This octopus is meshed in with other design elements. A unique tattoo choice.


37. More Flowers

It’s a different type of flower but a flower nonetheless. It’s a unique design that has elements coming off of it to create a unique look.


38. Colorful Flowers

A simple design of flowers. It’s colorful and not overdone. A great idea for someone looking for a simplified design. If you want a look, of flowers, then this is the one for you.


39. Daisies Galore

You don’t get much better than this friendly array of flowers. Daisies are the most friendliest flowers in the world. If you have a love, for them, then you may find this design perfect for you.


40. More Lotus

Another example of how the lotus flower fits perfectly on the sternum. If you want a stunning flower then you really can’t go wrong with it.

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41. The Skull

Maybe a feminine tattoo isn’t what you are looking, for, after all, If you are thinking more along the line of a badass tattoo, there is nothing more badass than a skull. It sits within a chandelier design with elements hanging off of it.




42. Moth Skull

Another example of a non-feminine tattoo. This design looks amazing on it’s own. You can add other elements to it or leave it alone.


43. Large Lotus

This lotus flower is elegant and beautiful. It’s one of those dot tattoos that has the dots create the design. I love the detail to it.


44. Ladybug

This geometric design has a ladybug as the central focus. It’s stunning design and a little different because the ladybug has a gem for a body and other jewelry elements attached to it. It’s stunning and unique.


45. A Jeweled Necklace

A gorgeous jeweled necklace that reaches from one end of the stomach to the other. It’s a stunning design especially with the brightness of the green gem. I love it.


46. Those Eyes

Another example of an octopus tattoo that fits perfectly on the sternum. Those eyes I find mesmerizing and mysterious. It’s as if the octopus is encased within jewelry.



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