41 Enticing Lotus Flower Tattoos

The lotus flower is a thing of beauty, shining bright as a beautiful symbol of personal growth. Lotus flowers are bright pink and deep red, however many choose to have them inked in grayscale if pink or red is not appropriate. Their gradually opening flower is truly something to behold, and they go well with other tattoos.

Flowers are a popular choice of design for tattoos, and a lotus flower tattoo design is particularly eye-catching. The beauty of a lotus flower tattoo design is that it will look amazing in practically any location on the body, and can be as big or as small as you want it. From a huge lotus flower back tattoo, to a small design on the inner wrist, these tattoos make beautiful and meaningful additions to any body art. They also suit bright, bold colors as well as simple black and gray, so you can fit a lotus flower tattoo in with whatever theme or personal taste you prefer.

A lotus flower tattoo is not just a design that’s attractive to look at, as in addition the lotus flower has a deeply spiritual meaning.  It’s an important symbol in Buddhism, and represents enlightenment, purification and faith, as in nature the lotus flower blooms from the depths of muddy waters, and the stage that the lotus flower is at in terms of growth represents the Buddhist’s level of enlightenment. The color of the lotus flower is also important in the Buddhist religion, so why not try a design in one of these colors?

lotus flower tattoo design finger
1. This small finger tattoo is incredible. The precision that was needed to input the amount of detail into a space that small is amazing. The solid and simple black lines. Tattoos on the fingers and hands are bold and this tattoo demonstrates just that.
amazing lotus flower tattoo design
2. I cant even imagine how long this piece would have taken, it would have hurt to walk for a good week. the blues and purples really compliment each other. the dark blues, blacks, and negative space really make the purple lotus flower to take the main stage. the koi fish is filled with great colors to compliment the rest of the tattoo as well. The detail in the pedals and water give the piece a sense of movement and life.
cool Lotus Flower Tattoo
3. These pink Lotus flowers bring the skull and wings from death to life. It is as if something beautiful is growing on top of something that was once dead in order to bring redemption to it. The skull looks as if it has been rediscovered due to the vibrant colors in the flowers.
couple Lotus Flower Tattoo
4. Matching tattoos are classic. They demonstrate something that goes deeper than the skin in straight into the soul. It is apparent that this lotus flower means more to these two than just some simple flower.
lotus flower tattoo design 65
5. This sleeve is near perfect. The ability to put a big face in a thin spot like the arm is hard to do but this artist nailed it. The details in the hand and face really bring this whole sleeve together. The shading within the face and the black and grey really allow the reds to pop out.
Lotus Flower Tattoo 678
6. Lotus flowers are often seen on tattooed on those brave enough to get hand tattoos. They are beautiful and classic flowers that fit on the top of the hand pretty perfectly. The outlines on this flower are very clean.
lotus flower tattoo design 7
7. The center of the back is a pretty painful spot but it was totally worth it for this girl. This incredibly detailed and original lotus has perfect symmetry. Details make this tattoo really stand out.


black Lotus Flower Tattoo 9.Lotus Flower Tattoo 67 10.Lotus Flower Tattoo back 11.lotus flower tattoo design 4 12.

lotus flower tattoo design 78

13. This tattoos perfectly helps each individual item stand on its own. the blue water and pink flower really makes the koi fish pop out of the tattoo. the bright blue water and grey fish set up a great background for the pink lotus flower. And the pink flower and grey fish helps the blue water stand out as a perfect background.


White Lotus Flower

A white flower represents sacred perfection and intellectual purity, so if you think this best characterizes you then try a lotus flower design in white ink over a darker color ink. Do your research first, as some tattoo artists may not have used white ink before so you should make sure that they have experience.

Red Lotus Flower


15. A red flower represents love and compassion, and a lotus flower design in bright, bold red really stands out as a fabulous tattoo.

Blue Lotus Flower

16. The inside of the arm is a touchy spot and is pretty painful. This tattoo almost looks as if it would glow under a black light. The bright purple and small touch of green really draw you in.


17. A blue flower represents enlightenment through knowledge and intellect, so would look awesome as part of a larger piece. The natural colors and shading of the leaves really allows the flower to take center stage. the surroundings of this tattoos commands you to focus on the beautiful blue flower and diamond.

Pink Lotus Flower


18. A pink flower represents the greatest qualities of Buddha, and will look super feminine and delicate as a tattoo for a woman. the variations of pink allow this piece to come to life.

Purple Lotus Flower

19. The way that the purple and blues transition into each other so fluidly is sensational. the line work is clean crisp.


lotus flower tatoo12

21. A purple flower represents mysticism, and the vivid color of the petals will look dazzling in contrast to a yellow inner heart.

Lotus Flower on Water

In Hinduism the lotus flower is also a very important spiritual symbol, and like in Buddhism its ability to surface from murky waters also characterizes spiritual rebirth. Choosing your design to include water as a background not only looks fantastic, it also gives a deeper spiritual meaning to your tattoo. As lotus flowers are water flowers, a design of a flower or number of flowers on water is a well-established choice, and if you’re going for blue-colored waves then you can select a great contrasting color for the lotus flower itself; red, pink, orange or yellow would all look great.

Matching Lotus Flowers

In Chinese culture the lotus flower stands for love, trust and harmony between two people, so having matching lotus flower tattoos with a loved-one could be a very special way of cementing your relationship. You could also have a matching pair tattooed on yourself, for example on either side of the stomach; to symbolize the meaning another person has to you.

22. The blues, blacks, and reds really bring out the joy and peace in this tattoo. The simplicity of the woman in the middle makes this piece beautiful yet not over flashy. It demonstrates natural beauty in a number of ways. The way that the pedals go from dark at the bottom to light at the top really show the talent that the artist has to blend colors well.
23. One of the coolest things is recognizing that within some tattoos their are images hiding in plain sight. if you look closely in the middle of the purple their is a symbol hiding in the negative space. The flower is riddled with amazing detail and it looks as if you could pluck the pedals right off. The purple background looks as if its delivering the red lotus flower to you as a gift. This back piece was done perfectly.
24. This big piece is filled with wonderful color. the lifelike lotus flower looks like a photo. As the branch and leaves are filled with detail, they surround the flower and bring it all together. as the pedals are flowing off of the flowers, it brings movement to the piece.
lotus-tattoo ideas
25. This leg piece is amazing! The flowers overlapping each other give it a ton of depth. it feels as if the flowers are falling down this person’s leg. The tattoo was done in such a way where it looks as if their are very little outlines which is a tricky thing to do.
26. This forearm sleeve looks 3D! the shadows on the pedals really make it look like this person has flowers resting on their arm rather than ink inserted in their skin.
lotus-tattoo on foot
27. With a Lotus flower on each foot, you can tell that this was well planned out. the bold blues on the right foot and the vibrant oranges and pinks look amazing against the black background. each foot demonstrates a different type of lotus flower and shows the diversity of the artist.


lotus rib tattoos 29.22-lotus-tattoo 30.back-lotus-tattoo 31.men-lotus-tattoo 32.Japanese-Lotus-Flower-Tattoo-hip 33.Lotus-flower-tattoo 34.shoulder-lotus-tattoo

Open Lotus Flower

A tattoo of a lotus flower traditionally shows each of the many petals of the flower open, displaying the delicate heart, but you can choose to have a lotus flower bud or a half closed flower if you prefer.



thumb.php 37.Lotus-Flower-Back-Tattoos-

38.lotus flower tattoo design hindu 39.lotus flower tattoo design  Lotus Flower Tattoo wow 40. This is a really painful spot to get a tattoo. with all of the bone and lack of muscle, you would feel the needle rattle your bones for sure. This tattoo is wonderfully symmetrical and the detail on the pedals really bring it all together. this tattoo artist did a great job of bringing out the beauty of a flower while keeping the piece black and grey.

white ink lotus flower tattoo design

41. White ink is becoming more and more popular but has yet to catch on with the main stream tattoo lovers. This piece was done beautifully and demonstrates the right way to use white ink. This piece really captures the beauty of a flower by being subtle yet beautiful.


Japanese Design

Lotus flowers look great as part of a larger, Japanese style design, either with other flowers and plants or on a backdrop of waves or clouds. Japanese dragon tattoos look amazing and powerful with some strategically placed lotus flowers as a background, and would look perfect as a full- or half-sleeve tattoo.

Whether you choose a lotus flower tattoo purely for aesthetic reasons or to demonstrate deeper, more spiritual side, the different options for the final design are countless, as these marvelous designs show.



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