30 Beautiful Examples of Mermaid Tattoos

The concept and the idea of mermaid tattoos has always been attributed to sailors of the earliest centuries and folklore. They were the ones who made this really beautiful and mythical creature known to people, which over time, has been incorporated into millions of tattoo designs. The origin of the tales surrounding this alluring and mysterious creatures have traveled throughout time and have strengthened with each reported sighting of them. Even today, in the age of YouTube, more and more people are trying to capture real life footage of these amazing creatures on tape to prove to the world that they are more than just a fantasy tattoo design.

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A Few Facts About Mermaids: Mermaids have been part of marine folklore in both the western and Japanese countries. The Romans and Greeks have many a tales about these creatures which are supposed to be half woman and half fish. It was believed by them that these beautiful creature would sit on rocks while playing with their hair to draw sailors and ships closer to them.

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They would use the power of their looks and lovely voices to come closer. Once the men and the ship were in their clutches they could never go back. The Greeks believe that mermaids came about due to the mating of Zeus and Poseidon who are water gods with Aphrodite who is the Goddess of Love, sexuality and fecundity.

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The sailors after days of being cooped up with only male companionship would be drawn to these creatures. Scientifically it has been explained that the sailors must have mistaken manatee like creatures sunning themselves on rocks to be mermaids due to days of poor food and lack of outside contact.

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No matter how the concept of mermaids came about, they assumed a lot of importance in a sailor’s life. Many men of the sea would get tattoos depicting these mythical creatures. It was partly fear, partly superstition and also a certain amount of fascination. Fear because the association of a sailor with a mermaid would mean sure death. Superstition, because the mermaids portended the end of the ship’s and sailors’ life. Fascination, because Mermaids were supposed to be beautiful and magical.

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Sailors would either get a mermaid on its own or along with other symbols of the sea.

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Today Mermaid tattoos have gained a certain cachet among the people who love tattoos. This is not necessarily limited to the people associated with the sea. Now even women are going in for tattoos featuring mermaids. We definitely the film “The Little Mermaid” did bring a log focus on mermaids. Women get tattoos with mermaids usually want to display their femininity, their independence and a playful spirit. It definitely helps that mermaids can be portrayed in several ways and are inevitably very good to look at.

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They can be shown poised to jump into the sea, shown as sitting on a rock doing their hair or shown half in and half out of water. Plus the lower part of their bodies which emulate the fish and is covered with scales can be made to look really interesting and colorful.

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No matter for what reason you are getting a mermaid tattoo, it would make good sense to do some research on the subject. If not for any symbolic reasons, you will find the magic and myths around the mermaid to be very fascinating reading. If you are one of those people who are drawn by everything to do with the sea, it will make really interesting reading.

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You are therefore well advised to do some research, look at all the options, carefully consider the location for your tattoo, before proceeding to ask the tattooist to go ahead with the actual tattoo. You will find that having a mermaid tattoo does have a certain magic to it.

A plenty of Mind Blowing and Beautiful Examples of Mermaid Tattoo Designs are presented below:

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