135 Beautiful Rose Tattoo Designs For Women and Men

A clever way of winding the musical treble clef symbol in to the rose stem. We love how well shaded the rose is with deep reds and blacks as well.

Eyes half sleeve

rose tattoo designs (19)

If you’re an artist or part time drawer you will know that eyes are one of the trickiest things to draw correct. Here is an example of some incredibly life like eyes drawn on a mans arm. Creepy or beautiful? We will let you be the judges.

Leopard print back piece

rose tattoo designs (23)

Notice the love heart shaped leopard print patterns? Very cool and it’s not uncommon for people to mix elements like love hearts with rose designs.

Rose chest piece

rose tattoo designs (21)

This is an example of a less traditional style of rose tattoo. It’s more modern and involves a lot more colours than your traditional red, black and green rose design. None the less it looks incredibly well done and beautiful.

Hip design

rose tattoo designs (25)

Here is a great example of a darker rose tattoo. Sometimes red can be a bit too bright on people and if you want something more subtle you can always opt for darker, deeper reds and use a lot more black such as the design above. It is common for people getting tattoos in this area to get portions of the tattoo going below their pant line to create a bit of a mystique.

Animal mirror design

rose tattoo designs (26)

We’re not sure whether that’s meant to be a fox, dog or possible kangaroo in the mirror – maybe you can help us? Either way here is a great close up example of a tattoo style known as dot shading. It can take a long time for this method but the result is stunning.

Float like a butterfly

rose tattoo designs (27)

Here is a really great floral themed piece. They have incorporated both roses and daisies together and then topped it off nicely with some beautiful butterflies. Butterflies symbolise a change or rather growth from a previous experience in your life. Sometimes they can even symbolise the changing of a girl in to a women.

Black rose blossom

rose tattoo designs (31)

Here is an alternative take on the traditional rose tattoo. This person has opted for more of a cherry blossom style design which is a beautiful Japanese tree but they have put their own little twist on it by incorporating roses in to the tree – very cool.

Heart means everything

rose tattoo designs (38)

This is quite a traditional rose chest piece. Most people start with something very meaningful in the middle of the design and work their way out. Common elements to have in the middle are love hearts, time pieces, owls, birds, skulls and other animals. The script reads ‘heart means everything’ and is also a traditional tattoo script. We love how they have worked the roses up to their shoulders and its all looking symmetrical. Because of the positioning of the piece it also means that you can easily cover it up with a t-shirt.

Roses all over

rose tattoo designs (1)

Whilst traditionally people would link up all the tattoos on their arms in to more of a sleeve design, it is becoming increasingly popular to get lots of smaller designs up your arms that are not necessarily linked up by anything. This gives people the opportunity to get a lot more things that are meaningful to them rather than one big design. As you can see from the above photo the person has multiple roses and even has some red and some yellow ones, the colour options with roses are definitely limitless.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of rose tattoos and that they sparked some inspiration or ideas for your own rose tattoo design that you may be working on. The great thing about roses is that they are very versatile, can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body (even as small as the fingers) and they are universally considered beautiful so everyone that sees it will be able to appreciate it’s beauty.


  1. Hi there i thought there were some really cool tattoos design s and ideas .I love all kinds of artwork i was drawing them when I was about 8-9 years old .I am totally self taught artist I was expelled at a young age and eventuly locked away at approved schools then on until i thought I am not gonna be locked up all my life and I did succeed in the end and been trouble free for nearly 14 years,the only real good thing that I got out of being in trouble was my art work.


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