76 Beautiful White Ink Tattoo Ideas (No. 45 is the Best)

We really love how simple and beautiful the above behind the ear tattoo is.

Fern design


white ink tattoos-20

The fern style above is particularly popular amongst New Zealanders.



white ink tattoos-21

Have a cool tattoo in black ink? Why not get a contrasting version of that tattoo in white ink on your other hand?

Lace design

white ink tattoos-22

Another look at this beautiful lace design.


white ink tattoos-23

A beautiful swirly dove on the side of someones ribs. Remember that white ink will fade more than darker inks, meaning it can literally fade in to not be there at all eventually!

Treble clef

white ink tattoos-24

White sparrow

white ink tattoos-25

Hand mandala

white ink tattoos-26

Beat of my heart

white ink tattoos-27

“this is not the beat of my heart”

Side of the head


white ink tattoos-28

If you’re getting the side of your head or face tattooed you will want to make sure that it’s something you will like forever because you will have to see it in the mirror everyday. This is why simple, timeless designs can work best here.


white ink tattoos-29

Another great and simple tattoo for someone that loves trekking or exploring in the mountains.

Tree design


white ink tattoos-30

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