65 Daisy Tattoo Designs for flower lovers

Daisy tattoo is gradually growing into popularity especially among ladies given the beautiful and appealing look it brings out when worn. The tattoo design has a rich historical reference that is associated with the ancient powerful rulers that had beautiful gardens of daisy flowers and others. Adorning a daisy tattoo can be taken to symbolize royalty and beauty. Daisy tattoo designs can be worn in different colors, sizes, in diverse artistic artworks and carries a great symbolic value for the wearer.

With the rich ancient history associated with daisy flowers, it gives the wearer a vibrant feeling as they can be blended with many elements so as to get a better outcome.  If you are looking into trying out daisy tattoo designs then you are in the right place. Take advantage of the huge collection of images of different daisy tattoos that can surely give you some idea about the available designs in the market.

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The daisy flower has been associated with different ancient cultures throughout the world since long. According to the Roman mythology, it is believed that nymph “Besides” was dancing in a vast array of orchards and converted herself into a daisy flower with a motive to get escaped from the constant eye of the orchard god “Vertumnus”.

There is a relationship between daisy and Christianity as well. Daisy flower is seen in many Christian art and is believed to represent innocence and purity of the Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. Some deeper meanings can be formed when daisy is associated with different Christian symbols.

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Although the most common design of daisy flower portrays a deep yellow centre with white petals, but still there is a variety of species of daisy flowers having different colours. These different coloured daisies possess different meanings, such as:

  • Red Daisies represent boldness and youthful energy.
  • Yellow Daisies represent intelligence and cheerful attitude.
  • Blue Daisies represent softer side and emotions.
  • White Daisies represent innocence.

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Just like the colour, there is a variety of designs available for daisy tattoos such as- single blooms, daisy chains and within large flower bouquets. You have the option to include a butterfly, bee, or hummingbird when the daisies are designed as single bloom whereas daisy chains are portrayed as a “chain of daisies” including 4 or 5 daisies. Another popular design i.e. the flower bouquet can include various flowers such as the rose, tulip, orchard, or lotus.


Daisy tattoos represent a variety of meanings just as the variety of colour. Some of the meanings of daisy flower tattoo are mentioned below which will surely help you to understand the tattoo better.

  • Purity
  • Luck
  • Innocence
  • Beauty
  • Peace
  • Vanity
  • Gentleness
  • Love
  • Youth
  • Boldness
  • Serenity
  • Happiness
  • Emotion
  • Femininity
  • Patience

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Being the symbol of the most positive aspects a woman is believed to have such as -innocence, purity and beauty; daisy tattoos are the first choice of women because they want to portray the presence of these qualities in their personality through their tattoo. Also, this tattoo makes you feel as a great person within. some daisy tattoo designs are here:

daisy tattoo

The below daisy tattoo design looks quite elegant with the beautiful color combination that blends well with the complexion. Having daisy tattoo design worn on the feet where every one can notice is a way to demonstrate your feminine nature which can be quite warm and beautiful.

daisy tattoo (1)

Daisy tattoo designs can be used to express many things depending on one’s motivation. You can design daisy tattoo that expresses your religious beliefs, spiritual inclinations, feminism, feelings of royalty and beauty amongst others. The daisy tattoo design below looks spectacular on the arm where it is worn with a mixture of green, red and orange colors enhancing the beauty of the wearer.

daisy tattoo (2)

The daisy tattoo design below looks eye-catching behind the ear where it is worn. Wearing daisy tattoo’s can be perceived as a sign of gentleness and the colors used makes the skin to radiate beauty and sophistication which is evident in the daisy tattoo design below.

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There are numerous designs that can be used for inking daisy tattoos and just like the one below, having daisy tattoo that is only one color makes it look quite unique and sophisticated. The simple colors used on the daisy tattoo design blends well with the complexion of the wearer and the other design worn alongside the daisy tattoo.

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What makes daisy tattoo designs adorable is the fact that you can choose to customize the flowers to what appeals to your interests best. Daisy tattoo’s can be worn on any part of the body but it looks quite elegant if worn on the open areas of the body just like in the daisy tattoo design below.

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Daisy tattoo’s can also be worn in different flower designs, colors and sizes just like the tattoo design below which is looking quite appealing given the once color used on the tattoo, the place where it is worn which is quite visible and appealing and the small size of the tattoo enhances the femininity of the wearer.

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