65 Fun, Fierce, and Funky Finger Tattoos!

Finger tattoos are so hot right now! While once they were limited to those fierce words emblazoned across knuckles, we’ve seen a whole lot more fresh and fun designs popping up all over the place. They’re the perfect small tattoo when you don’t know what it get! We’ve come up with 65 of the best for you to check out!

The tradition of tattooing the skin traces back thousands of years, and widespread acceptance of this art form means that you’ll seldom meet a person under 30 in America today without some form of indelible ink decorating their skin.  Once upon a time, tattoos were for sailors.  In the Baby Boomers day, tattoos were only acceptable if they could be covered or hidden.  Today, Millennials recognize this spectacular art form as a commitment to their passions, and fewer and fewer industries are demanding that ink be covered to be acceptable.

This has opened up a world of possibility when it comes to tattoos that you can display proudly no matter what the season, and creative solutions abound for those looking to express themselves with visible ink!

Finger and hand tattoos are a way to say a lot with just a little bit of ink.  From the precious and the petite, to the full hand collection of runes and symbols, finger tattoos walk the gambit from the whimsical to the wild.  Before you choose how to decorate your paws with permanent ink, take a look at 65 unique, fun, funky, and fierce tattoos that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Gorgeous Gem Inspiration Finger Tattoo

Finger Tattoos 27

Why spend a ton of money on rings and jewels to decorate your fingers when you can mimic the sparkle and radiance with the help of a talented artist?  This tasteful combination of traditional cut and cabochon “gems” frame some truly unique cross designs that make no mistake about what the owner of these hands is passionate about.  The best part?  Neither of these gems can be removed or misplaced, so there’s no need for a trip to the jewelry box every morning and evening!

Sing it Loud and Proud

Finger Tattoos 29

“Practice only on the days you eat,” is the musician’s motto.  If this applies to you, why not commemorate your commitment to audible art with a simple universal musical symbol, like this amazing hidden treble clef?  Symbols of your most consuming passions can be the perfect subject of a finger tattoo.  This one is cleverly hidden so that the bearer can choose who she shows her heart’s desire to.  If you spend the majority of your time pursuing a difficult path, why not remind yourself of your commitment in a way that warms your heart whenever you look down at your skillful hands?

Meeee-ow! Cat Finger Tattoo

Finger Tattoos 30

Keeping it simple is the secret to a great finger tattoo.  After all, you want your piece to be recognizable even from a distance, and that’s no easy feat on such a small area.  The secret can be to break it down to basics, like this charming kitty face that anyone will know at first sight.  If felines are your first love, this is a classic way to say it to everyone you meet.

Finger Tattoos 31

You can go another way with your feline frenzy and evoke the ever popular “Hello Kitty” for a little twist of the feminine as well as the furry.  Again, the simple outline of this design clearly defines the look you are going for.  The clever placement will allow this one to remain hidden, at least until you’re ready to reveal your wild side.

Finger Tattoos 26

You can try maximizing your impact by cropping the image creatively to get the most bang for your buck out of your feminine lust for feline companionship!

Endless Love Finger Tattoo Idea


Finger Tattoos 32

The infinity symbol is an eloquent way to state your intent to endure throughout any trials and tribulations.  This simple, playful twist on a timeless symbol indicates your enduring love.  For what?  That’s up to you!  The effective color contrast in this example speaks volumes, even on a simple outline. Consider incorporating this element into your finger tattoos to give them some extra flair!

Never Compromise

Finger Tattoos 33

A promise you make to yourself or your loved one is sacred and special.  Commemorate your life long commitment and show the world how precious your integrity is to you.  When you keep your promises, you show your character.  This fun 1/2 script, 1/2 print style of lettering is pretty and flowing without being too complex or flowery.  The sweet heart shape adds a touch of whimsy to lighten up the subject so that the piece becomes more playful and fun and less serious.

Finger Tattoos 34

Single word script is a theme that we can’t get enough of when it comes to finger tattoos. This hidden “Believe” is eloquent and evokes a range of emotions without excess wording.  The placement once again gives that ever so subtle peek-a-boo effect that allows you to give a handshake without showing all of your cards.  Still, this petite and pleasant tattoo with a little whimsical bird accent speaks volumes and will start a conversation about what you believe in with anyone you choose to show it to.

Black Rose Finger Tattoo

finger tattoos 35

The depth of this classic half-hidden rose tattoo is so mesmerizing, it’s difficult to realize that it’s created in simple black and white!  Effective highlighting is the key to this bold and bright design, which will intrigue the viewer with it’s placement.  This is a great example of what can still be done to take a simple rose design to the next level, even on the smallest scale!

Creative Combination

finger tattoos 36

Consider clever combinations with your finger tattoos, since they’re one of the few locations on your body that you can manipulate and combine with ease.  This sweet cupid’s quiver and arrow dual tattoo takes a very simply style and makes it unique by adding the element of surprise!  With such a creative mind, this bearer is sure to capture her intended’s heart with ease.

Simple Stipple

finger tattoos 37

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