25 Awesome Lip Piercing Ideas for Men and Women

When it comes to facial piercings, it seems as though more and more people over the years are opting for some type of lip piercing to accent their facial features. Browsing through the various lip piercing ideas can surely help you decide which look you are going for and the type of jewelry that you may want to invest in. However, like any other type of facial piercing, there are certain jewelry that accommodates certain facial features better than others. Before choosing which type of piercing you want, you should define and consider the type of face that you have and the proportion of your own facial features such as your nose, eyes and most importantly, the size of your lips.


The most common position for a lip piercing is through the center of the bottom lip, although this is far from the only position. While you can easily pierce any position of the bottom or top portion of your lips, you should first consider how many piercings you will want, even if over time, because it will affect the position of each and every lip piercing. For example, spider bites are exceptionally popular amongst both men and women these days. This is when you have two lip piercings, one on each side of your lips. To accurately achieve this type of piercing, they need to be evenly spaced from each other.


For those who want to get a bit more creative with their lip piercing ideas, you may want to incorporate multiple piercings on both the top and bottom. Many people who opt for this type of piercing also consider using various types of body jewelry as well. Although the most common type of lip piercing jewelry is a simple hoop or stud, you can also pick from your choice of barbells, spikes or virtually any type of charm in between.

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One of the most beautiful aspects about lip piercings is that it is a completely unisex type of body piercing, which means that it is quite common amongst both men and women. However, the type of jewelry that you choose to place in your piercing may come equipped with more masculine or feminine qualities. This is more for you to decide which is right to accommodate the look you are going for.


How to Take Care of Your Lip Piercing

When it comes down to taking care of your new lip piercing, much like any type of body piercing, you will need to keep the area clean at all times. Since this type of piercing is an oral one, keep in mind that the mouth is one of the fastest healing parts of the body. With that being said, keeping the a lip piercing out for long periods of time, may leave you vulnerable to closing. Once this happens you will need to get the hole re-pierced instead of forcing the jewelry through the existing hole. This is the fastest way to developing an infection from your lip piercing.

You should also remove the lip piercing jewelry on a consistent basis, cleaning it with alcohol or anti-bacterial astringent. This will not only maintain the life of the jewelry itself but will also reduce your risk of infection as well.

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As you continue looking for some eclectic ways to showcase your individuality through various lip piercing ideas, running a simple Internet search will surely help you sort out your ideas. In the meantime, here are some amazing ways that having a lip piercing can not only alter the appeal of your face, but also accent those killer eyes, plump lips and other facial piercings that you may have – or may want to obtain in the near future.





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