101 Wolf Tattoo Designs with a Meaning

The tattoos featuring the wolf in their design are not only picturesque to look at but also have several symbolic meanings. There is a huge number of wolf based designs depending on what emotion and symbolism that you wish your tattoo to project. Since the wolf has been associated with both negative and positive forces the wolf tattoos have both good and evil connotations.

wolf tattoo designs (4)

Wolf tattoo design is ideal for both men and women and what brings the difference is how the choice of the design and how they are worn

wolf tattoo designs (6)

Much of the time tattoos are displayed in open surfaces of the body for authentic display and expression of the obvious. A wolf tattoo at the back has a lot more to do with spirituality or an important secret.

wolf tattoo designs (11)

Wearing a wolf tattoo design like the one below require some element of boldness. The design expresses that strong and aggressive character that one some would love.

wolf tattoo designs (17)

Wolf tattoo can be worn in different places. Just like in the design below, the hand equally expresses that ideal place for wearing the tattoo.

wolf tattoo designs (7)

Different meanings associated with the wolf tattoo

Some of the things that wolf tattoos mean include the act of devotion, maleness, success, victory, secrecy, bravery, smartness, dark forces, the devil, fierceness, bonds of the family, being powerful and cleverness. Many associate the wolf with being loyal as it is a known fact that wolves move and live in packs.

There is an order and hierarchy where the wolves are devoted to the alpha male. They are known to die and sacrifice many things while protecting the pack. The younger wolves are firmly and lovingly taken care off by the father and mother wolf. What is more wolves also mate for life. Many people chose the wolf tattoo for these very reasons. Some people go with multiple wolves in their tattoo design to denote family.

wolf tattoo designs (8)

This wolf tattoo design below looks cool on the wearer. Wolf tattoo is known to have unique characters that are contrasting. The design below expresses a calm and focused wolf, a fact that many would love to identify with.

wolf tattoo designs (9)

Beautiful Masculine ideas for wolf tattoo

Before you choose the kind of design to wear you should be keen on the meanings associated with the tattoo. Wolf tattoos express different things for different people. Its therefore ideal that you choose a design that matches with your personality well.

wolf tattoo designs (12)

Sometimes a wolf can be about affection and love by having two wolves in a tattoo. With such tattoos the wolves have a loving and gentle expression on their faces. Some try to make it look cuter by adding other romantic symbols or even the name of their loved ones. Another popular motif is depicting the wolf howling away at the moon. The werewolf is a concept that associates the wolf with a full moon where things are believed to take a turn for the worse.

wolf tattoo designs (10)

Wolf tattoos are also worn by women however the design chosen should be something that expresses femininity. The design below has some feminine features that makes it look elegant.

wolf tattoo designs (15)

A simple and elegant design like the one below is ideal for a lady. The design is cool and fits well on the place its worn.

wolf tattoo designs (34)

The many types of tattoo designs depicting wolves include the tribal wolf design, the native American depiction of the wolf, the skull and wolf motif, the icy looking wolf with blue eyes, the Celtic version of the wolf, the wolf resting head on paws and many other designs. Since there are many species of wolves the design possibilities are endless and offer much choice. In fact if you are not clear on the specific wolf tattoo design that you are looking for there is a likelihood that you will be confused.wolf tattoo designs (13)

Unique features of the wolf tattoo

This tattoo here depicts an inquisitive searching mind most likely with a lot of interest on the target. Wearing such a tattoo therefore depicts the instinctive nature of the wearer.

wolf tattoo designs (14)

Wolves expresses different faces that can be inked to suit ones situation and state of mind. The design below shows that calm and laid back facial outlook which is quite beautiful.

wolf tattoo designs (16)

Legends talk of the hunting prowess, the strength, the cleverness and the sheer sharpness of the wolf. This adds to the value of the wolf based tattoo designs. They are known for their survivor skills in the wilderness and harsh circumstances. There have been stories, legends and folklore that depict the wolf in many roles. The wolf has also been portrayed as the mate of Satan helping in giving birth of the Anti Christ.

wolf tattoo designs (20)

Stunning ideas for wolf tattoo designs

Aggressiveness is not the only thing around love life but it should also be captivating. The wolf tattoo design below expresses the dragon like body with deer-like feet covering much part of the back. The design looks cool and worth trying out.

wolf tattoo designs (23)

Wolves tend to have that peaceful and majestic nature, a fact that makes many women to wear the tattoo. The design below expresses that calm nature which is so cute.

wolf tattoo designs (19)

Among Native Americans, the wolves are considered spiritual guides that appear in times of crisis to help and guide person. They are also part of totem poles that are considered sacred. The wolf is also associated with dream catchers and this is depicted in tattoo designs. Tattoos with wolves in them also incorporate other elements of nature like the forest, the moon and the forests.

wolf tattoo designs (21)

Wolf tattoo design ideas

Each tattoo has a unique story behind it and the wolf tattoos are not different .Wolves have got a way of sensing danger because of their ability to smell far. A wolf tattoo with inquisitive look explains it all.

wolf tattoo designs (32)

Wolves are territorial animals and abuse of the same by other packs may result into grave punishment by the territory owners. Therefore this wolf tattoo depicts the owner to have drawn the boundaries and intrusion may be offensive unless with permission or submission.

wolf tattoo designs (28)

Keeping all these factors in mind people go in for tattoos depicting the wolf for many purposes. Sadly people are drawn to the wolf motif due to the darker implications. The devil and the wolf are shown together or even with an evil look when it has darker  meanings. The wolves are also supposed to be a symbol of protection. People also go in for the Celtic based wolf designs. When you are thinking of getting a tattoo depicting the wolf, be sure to do some research not only in terms of design but also in terms of what it means to you.

Some other good examples of Meaningful Wolf Tattoo Designs are shown below:


Magnificent wolf tattoo ideas

Jungle experience is cool and serene, you only venture into the jungle when you know what you want. Once in the jungle you will easily catch intruders to your place and that is the essence of this wolf tattoo.

When precision of the mind is connected to that of the heart then success has to be realised. The design below expresses that unique and versatile design with the straight ahead look enhancing the outlook

The wolf is generally described as that ultimate freedom seeker and wearing the design expresses that quest for freedom. The looks complex with the different patterns enhancing the entire outlook.

The bright looking fur of the wolf is another aspect that many find interesting. There is no better way of expressing the style like in the design below.

If you want to enhance your masculine body, then get a wolf tattoo like the one below. It looks cool and a good way of expressing vulnerability.

Enhance your design outlook with beautiful colours

Although wolf tattoo are generally known for their aggressive and masculine nature, use of colours creates contrast in the design. The fiery eyes and the yellow colours enhances the overall outlook of the design.

Wolves are hunters and there is no better way to express that look like in the design below. The fiery outlook in the design below looks magnificent with the eyes scanning like spotting a prey.

The beautiful colours used in the wolf tattoo design below looks cool with the colours enhancing the overall outlook. The mixture of brown and blue colours looks outstanding.

This tattoo will appear beautiful in almost all parts of the body it may be embedded on. The mix of those colors enhances the feminine quality hence this wolf is just cool.

The 3 D design of the wolf tattoo design below looks spectacular with the blue colours enhancing the overall outlook of the design.

The design below has some element of femininity which makes it ideal for women. The use of clear pencil drawings and no heavy colours makes the design to be quite unique.

Unique wolf tattoo design ideas

Wolf tattoos are recognised by many as symbols of strength and for that to come out the placement is vital. The place you wear the tattoo can make the design to look quite dynamic just like in the design below.

This blue coloured wolf tattoo with clearly exposed paws depict power and resilience. It is best suited for someone who works in places with unruly people as it makes such a strong statement

A straight looking eye with alert ears is a good expression of wolf tattoo. It depicts maximum attention to details that need to be addressed and putting it on the chest brings it out very strongly.

The fiery eyes of the wolf tattoo design below brings out the aggressiveness and ferocious nature of the wolf tattoo. The design looks spectacular and fits well on the arm where its worn.

Multiple beautiful coloured wolf Tattoos for various parts of the body

A tattoo with the wolf face partly covered behind nicely coloured flowers is irresistible. This is the coolest way to express love without saying a word, by giving it a try one can’t go wrong.

If you want a temporary tattoo  that speaks for the moment, then look no further, this wolf tattoo in heavy black and orient world touch does it all and is worth being considered.

The beauty and elegance of the dream catcher wolf tattoo design below is undeniable. The design looks cool and fits well on the back where its worn

This tattoo endears to bring out the beauty of the face of the wolf in the wild environment. The blue colour of the eyes looks magnificent and adds to the complexity of the design.

The various elements used in the design below adds to the complexity and elegance of the design. The wolf tattoo below looks spectacular on the arm where its worn.

A straight raised up nose with blue and pink colours depicts beauty on its brightest side. The hair band crowns it out well and so would be a good wolf tattoo for a lady.

Display of intelligence may be difficult to express through any ordinary drawing, but this tattoo brings it out so clearly and any man that want to show something off can try out the design.

Strategic positions to position your wolf tattoos for maximum effect

Wolves have contrasting qualities that makes the design to be expressed in diverse ways. The design below looks cool with the various colours enhancing the unique features of the design.

This wolf tattoo befits the bully guy that can not sit quiet, just like a wolf among  among the park. With a no nonsense determination moves around as an alpha male. If you are the kind of guy then give it a try.

Royalty can be expressed in numerous ways and one of them is with the below wolf tattoo design.A Well fed thick neck wolf can be a symbol of power and strength with five pointed star hanging expressing that feminine nature.

Geometric wolf tattoo

It may look an ordinary tattoo but this sets a different niche for its users. It is called the geometrical wolf tattoo fit for those who find tough subjects inspiring.

A warm hug no one can resist and therefore the wolf tattoo above is showing as it is. This brings out warmth and reassurance to the individual wearing it means volumes.

Hearing wolves howling in the wild is usually musical and a tattoo of a howling wolf depicts that musical aspect. Wearing such a design can be a constant reminder of that feeling.

This tribal wolf tattoo is just fine enough for some one who identifies with cool tattoo, it sill comes out powerfully. You can enhance those masculine body features by incorporating the design.

There is no better way to express an aggressive character more than it is with this tattoo. It indicates a picture of a vision catcher and the back of the hand is good enough.

Amazing wolf tattoo design ideas

If you want something unique and an instant eye catcher then this wolf tattoo is ideal. This is high maintenance piece of artwork and can appear cool and robust for men in their prime age.

This artist not only brings out the moonlight night picture of a howling wolf, but the work it self is like framed in a transparent glass. The colours used adds to the magnificence of the design and express power as well.

This is the jungle during the night under moonlight with reflections of water in the fore ground. The wolf though not howling but is pretty well in charge and maintaining it cool.

If you want to drive away a negative force then this tattoo will explain it in the best way possible. This is an image of a wolf chasing away other wolves that has come with discord.

The tribal wolf tattoo below has significant decorations that expresses the power, intelligence and royalty. Wearing such a design enhances the feelings of such qualities to the wearer. If you want something cool and accommodating then this is it.

Tribal wolf tattoo ideas

This geometrical wolf tattoo showing the upper canines looks cool and fascinating. The design may be basically indicating that danger is looming and precaution should be taken. If you want something trendy then consider this.

This is arm wolf tattoo that is fit for men but can also be done by ladies as well. You can choose to make it temporary or permanent because it covers all seasons.

This tattoo is expressing an aggrieved wolf which is ready to fight to quell aggressors. This is ideal for those men that feel like they are not in charge of the circumstances around them.

A peaceful wolf with full moon in the background brings out a mix of power and elegance. The cool environment that the design is taken from equally enhances the overall outlook.

The 3 D design of the wolf tattoo design below is a cool and magnificent piece of artwork. The beautiful blue colour and an array of shades expresses such a beautiful outlook.

Powerful wolf tattoo designs

To guard your territory it takes power and fearlessness to keep things in order. This tattoo brings out that strong character of the wolf and having it is fine.

This is gorgeous and the wolf tattoo reinforces the independence of the lady . This also shows the beauty and connection one has with friends.

If you are a lady who would want to make an impression then getting double tattoo of these coloration will do it all. These tattoo is able to accommodate  several nail decorations you may do.

Tribal tattoos can also be beautiful when done in black ink just like in the design below. The design expresses power and influence that one would love to identify with. A good artist will distinctively bring out the best of this tattoo and placing it at the triceps is good.

Tribal tattoos can also be beautiful when done in black ink, to show the power and influence that goes with it. A good artist will distinctively bring out the best of this tattoo and placing it at the triceps is good.

This is one of the tribal tattoos as it shows beauty, strength and  robust nature. Such qualities makes the design to be outstanding and worth inking. The position of the upper arm brings out the athletic nature in one.

Diverse elements for wolf tattoo designs.

Wolf tattoo gives one an ideal way to express self love. The design below is epic with the elements used blending quite well.

he elements used in the design below is quiet versatile with each element enhancing the overall outlook. The design is large enough and fits well on the leg where its worn.

This is an inspirational tattoo which encourages one to be focused on the goal  being pursued. With a good artist this tattoo can be very enjoyable to have in your life to remind you that something good is coming.

The elements of colour and beautiful hair used in the design below expresses that ideal feminine outlook. The colours used blend quite well with the wearer;s complexion.

When you want to cover a a faded tattoo then this type of design could be ideal. It looks well faded and an expression of  power and freedom. The picture still speaks volumes and would be worth trying on the legs.

Best wolf tattoo design ideas

This is a geometric tattoo which signifies belonging to a big family set up just like the wolves have families. This can be one of the of the tattoos a man can try.

Strong instincts can save you in the situations one is faced with danger. The wolf tattoo design below is a clear expression of high instinct with the two strand rope and the hanging feather adding to its beauty.

Many artists are good at drawing the head of wolves but this whole wolf is just fantastic. All the features are clear and well balanced on the space and considering this will be good.

This tattoo does not only bring out the strong character of the wolf, but also expresses their environment. The sharing the beautiful forest with snakes brings out the resilience in a man.

Sexy wolf tattoo design ideas

This tribal wolf tattoo with light embroidery looks so beautiful especially on the site it occupies.  It reinforces the beauty and sexuality of a lady.

The lazy eyes of the wolf tattoo design brings out the beauty and sexiness of the design. The tattoo looks spectacular in the place its worn with the beautiful colour shades enhancing the outlook.

This wolf tattoo sends a strong message about a personality, it addresses the power and no nonsense bit of the animal. A wolf with horns is portraying a double beast in the animal.

Broad faced tattoos are good for those with fat bodies because the surface coverage is available. Therefore a good artist will bring out quality work like the tattoo below.

The wolf tattoo design below shows the wolf covering some elevation from the look.  This image show quietness and reflects on something instinctive.

Enhance the design with beautiful colour shades

This Tattoo lack the eye pupil to help get the attitude of the picture. The circle in red in the fore face denotes some spiritual attachment and this could be expressing some aspect of spiritual connection.

The wolf here looks calm but vigilant in all manner of the look. The blue greenish colour with dots of red portrays evil that can be scary as well.

This is a mix of geometric and normal drawing of the wolf. The black ink brings out some unnerving feeling that many do not find comfortable.

This is a general drawing of the wolf with slightly raised nose. The wolf tattoo design expresses a clear view of the entire face. The colour shades used blends well even with the wearer’s complexion.

This is a strong depiction of love and charm in the wolf tattoo. The design is highlighted by the bright face and clear forward gentle looking eyes. The elaborate cheeks also connects well on the broad nose.

A wolf cartoon tattoo expresses the artistic ability of the artist to paint a picture of fun mixed with mischief. The red color represent the moon.

This is an image of a wolf exposed to injury while on a mission to fight intrusion. The tattoo may be a better expression of no surrender spirit.

This is a cool posture of a sleeping fox which depicts peace of mind and peaceful habitat. Positioning on the arm makes it great piece.

Artistic wolf tattoo design ideas

This is an artistic illustration where diverse colours are used to showcase beauty. The dropping lines and a star at the neck brings it out well.

If you want that fierce and rebellious outlook then the design below is quite ideal The fiery eyes and the dark colours expresses the robust nature of the tattoo.

The use shades of gray and black enhances the facial features of this wolf tattoo quite effectively. The covering of the moon and the stars makes a perfect night.

Make your design unique and personalised.

Applying some innovative and creative ideas is great if you want something unique and versatile. The design below looks cool with all the features blending quiet well.

The use of dark colour shades is common for wolf tattoo designs. The design below expresses a magnificent outlook with all the colours blending quiet well.

You can enhance your body features by adorning some aggressive wolf tattoo design. The open jaws and dark colours is a perfect expression for that masculine nature.

The background colours used in a given design also helps in highlighting its overall outlook. The beautiful combination of colours expresses that dynamic outlook.

3D wolf tattoo designs

You can get that glowing outlook by embracing something dynamic like in the design below.

When it comes to inking wolf tattoos, one thing that you should endeavour to get right are the facial features. A good style will enhance the overall outlook even if your design is not that cool.

Wolves are known to be great hunters and the design below expresses the wolf as if skimming to attach. The style is great if it describes a personality trait that you are proud of.

wolf tattoo designs

Ladies generally prefer the cool and laid back nature of the wolf tattoo. The design looks magnificent and may be an expression of the wearer’s trait.

wolf tattoo designs (1)

Amazing masculine wolf tattoo ideas

The rib cage area is such an appropriate place for wearing a cool wolf tattoo. The design is not only cool but also expresses the awesome physical attributes of the wearer.

wolf tattoo designs (2)

The use of bold black black colours is another thing that enhances the masculine features of the wearer. A glimpse of such robust shades expresses such a sexy and adorable outlook.

wolf tattoo designs (3)

Another way of expressing masculinity is by adorning full sleeve wolf tattoo like in the design below. It’s an expression of boldness, strength and other cool features that the wearer may love to express.

wolf tattoo designs (5)

Ladies equally admire that masculine nature and there is no better way to express it than adorning the wolf tattoo.

wolf tattoo designs (18)

Fabulous wolf tattoo design ideas

Make your design fascinating and eye-catching by adorning a combination of features like in the design below. The level of complexity is awesome.

wolf tattoo designs (22)

What a cool and elegant piece of artwork. The fiery eyes and the exposed teeth expresses that aggressive nature of wolves that many would love to identify with.

wolf tattoo designs (24)

The design below looks quiet complex as its a combination of numerous elements. The design is cool although not for every one.

wolf tattoo designs (25)

You can enhance that sexy outlook by wearing wolf tattoo just at the right place. The design looks complex with the wolf head above the girl feature.

wolf tattoo designs (26)

Beauty is good but beauty reinforced with stronger vision and wisdom is best for a woman.  With a face of the wolf tattoo on the thighs authenticates the beauty.

wolf tattoo designs (27)

Simple and adorable tattoo ideas

If you want something small and simple then the below wolf tattoo design idea is appropriate. The design also fits well behind the neck where its worn.

wolf tattoo designs (29)

Before you settle on the design to ink, you should carry out your research appropriately. This is because not all the designs may look great on you.

wolf tattoo designs (30)

The wolf tattoo design below is small and simple. It also fits well on the hand where its worn.

wolf tattoo designs (31)

Life is about hunting and  wolves are good at it, I therefore  bow to hunt in  for what i want in my life and a tattoo of hunting wolves explains it best.

wolf tattoo designs (33)


  1. These tattoos are sooo cool …

    I was wondering if someone would be able to tell me the exact / closest meaning of a wolf within a dreamcatcher … coz I recently dreamt about a white & brown wolf – white 1 vicious, brown 1 fended off the white 1 n sat right next to me protectively. I was confused .. but in end, both wolves sat on either side wanting me to pet them??? Also, towrad th end, I saw sort of an image where my dreams were getting filtered through ‘ a something ‘ – not sure what that was.


    • Wolves in Native American culture mean unity , strength , loyalty , protection and love I’m not sure if this helps but it’s the meaning

  2. ive always like wolves and i like a wolf and moon tattoo to convey protection and strength or even love. i found one i like but i read that its not always good meaning to have a wolf tattoo or one with moon. can someone confirm if ok? or meaning or wolf with moon tattoo?

  3. The Wolf is how you intupritate it . For me a wolf is a truly beatiful animal with all most magical powers ! I have on my left shoulder a tattoo of a wolf and a dream catcher ! Each to their own , how they take the meaning of this ! It’s a bit like life really ! A tattoo should have a meaning for you not anyone else!

  4. I am finally going to get my wolf tatt, I have many tatts and I have to say ththat where other people say getting tatts really hurt I never seel to feel the pain I talk to the tattooist incessantly and the next thing I know the tatts done. But I have always had this fascination with wolves the beauty of them,the way they respond to the leader of the pack, the way they all seem to look after the new cubs that are born into the pack,they just seem so majestic, and you can see wisdom in their eyes, I don’t know whether I just have always wanted to have a wolf tatts or whether my love for them is speaking to my heart to tell me to get the tatts. I have seen several wolf tatts now but I had this person who has studied wolves and Native Americans and apparently he was told that when he goes to get his tatts of a wolf that it will not be him that will choose the tattoo, but rather the wolf will call out to him. Is this true? Can some one help me on this one because I have seen seval tatts that I adore I just can’t seem to make upnmy mind.I am a soft hearted person who would help any one should they need it, I love animals and abhors people who are cruel to any animal, but I tend to lean towards dogs and cats, but I have huge respect and oddly enough a love for Crocks and Alligators. If that can tell you as to what kind of wolf in should have tattooed on me please do share.

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