55 Artistic Raven Tattoo Designs

When we talk about a unique and interesting tattoo theme, one that strikes our mind is the raven tattoo theme. Popular among both men and women, this tattoo symbolises the traits and attributes of the raven. This tattoo has a speciality that it can be blended with various other symbols which give a deeper meaning to the tattoo.

This article gives you access to quite a wide variety of raven tattoo designs that you can choose from with the various meanings of the tattoo well stipulated. We are introducing you to the amazing theme of raven tattoos that that you can choose from. Also, we will try to explain the meanings of most common designs of raven tattoos which will help you to create different connections with these tattoos in a better way.


Raven tattoo design is one of the tattoo designs that are common with tattoo lovers. Just like other animals and bird tattoos, the raven tattoo symbolises the character traits of the bird and wearing the tattoo creates a perception that you identify with the characters.


Raven tattoo designs are normally done with great artistic work and blends well with the various features it is combined with other features that make the raven tattoo unique and one of its kind. The tattoo design below demonstrates a great work of art with the different colours used blending perfectly well.


The raven tattoo has a way of symbolising both the good and bad in the wearer. Some people associate the raven with death given the traditional meaning the bird has been given all through the years. Despite the negative symbolism, the raven also depicts some cool qualities that one can desire to identify with.


The raven tattoo design below looks fascinating with the raven demonstrated like keenly listening to some serious information. In the ancient cultures the raven is believed to be magical and to carry powerful secrets. The legs where the tattoo is worn clearly exposes the design making it quite eye-catching.


The raven tattoo design is also a common feature in the Celtic culture a reason that inspires most of the raven tattoo designs to be done in Celtic art. One common character of the Celtic community was their love for war where they could see visions of war and the ravens are so much associated with the community as the birds were seen to like feeding on dead bodies.


In some African cultures, ravens are perceived as a messenger for death or bad news. Seeing ravens hovering around a home is a sign that the raven has come to deliver a message to the family. Ravens are also said to convey not only scaring messages but mysterious and intelligent messages as well. The raven tattoo design below shows the raven carrying a key which may be perceived to mean good news for the wearer.


Greek mythology also identifies the ravens as messengers of good luck. The raven tattoo design below with the ring flowing from the eyes and the outfit depicts some characters of elegance that the raven have. Having the tattoo inscribed on the hand as the raven tattoo design below expresses the connection the wearer may be having with the bird.


The bible also depicts the raven as a messenger of good news like in the case of prophet Elijah where the raven was used to deliver food to the Prophet. The raven tattoo design below looks stunning on the arm where it is worn the colour used in the design and the branches the bird on perching is beautifully designed.


The raven tattoo design below looks so real and can be easily mistaken that the bird has perched on the wearer’s chest. The one colour used blends quite well with the wearer’s complexion creating such an eye-catching view as it also enhances the physical features of the wearer.


Ravens are sacred birds and are believed to convey mysterious messages non-verbally through the way they cry or perch. The raven tattoo designs are also perceived as a symbol of protection from evil just like in the raven tattoo design below where the bird is fixed within the claws right into the skin.


The raven tattoo design also represents prophecy, protection and magic according to the Celtic community. The raven tattoo design below looks spectacular with a cool combination of colours that blends quite well and the birds well designed in a fascinating way.


Different cultures world over associate the raven with different values and beliefs. The Native Americans believed that the ravens were a symbol of balance that brought light to the earth. The raven tattoo design below looks beautiful with the various colours used in the design and the features creating such a rich combination of the tattoo design.


The ravens are also cherished by many cultures given the popular belief amongst other cultures that the birds carry light with them. Wearing the raven tattoo may be perceived to mean carrying around the light with you especially when you wear it on visually appealing areas like in the tattoo design below.


Wisdom and intelligence is also a feature that most people identify the ravens with like the Athens. The raven tattoo design below shows a complex work of raven tattoo designs done with great artistry and professionalism. The elements blend quite well with the tattoos with the one colour used creating some element of uniformity.


Before deciding to wear the raven tattoo it is good to take time and inquire about how your community perceives the bird. If you come from a community that believes that the bird is a messenger of death then you will realise most people seeing you with the raven tattoo design will tend to associate you with death.


Raven tattoos are suitable for both men and women and can be worn on any part of the body that is deemed appropriate by the wearer. The raven tattoo design below looks spectacular with the numerous flowers used alongside the tattoo blending perfectly well.


It is also important to ascertain whether you want the design worn in a place where everyone can see or if you can wear in a place that is only visible to you. The raven tattoo design below shows the raven standing on top of the skull which can be perceived to mean protection from death by the wearer or may symbolise another thing.


The raven tattoo design below looks cool on the thigh where it is worn and could be carrying some mysterious and secretive meaning considering where the tattoo design is worn. There are different meanings that the raven tattoo designs symbolise however it is good to understand the meaning before fixing the tattoo.


There are different styles, variations and designs used in fixing the raven tattoos just like in the raven tattoo design below. The raven tattoo design below fits well on the lower back where it is worn with the stretched wings covering both the sides and the tree used in the tattoo blends well with other elements in the tattoo design.


There are great ideas and inspiration that one can derive from the raven tattoo designs given there are quite a variety to choose from. The raven tattoo design below looks spectacular with the beautiful colours it is designed with and the various elements incorporated in the design.


The raven tattoo design below looks spectacular and eye-catching given the area it is worn with its beaks open like desiring to bite something. It is important to research well on the kind of tattoo you want to wear and get clear understanding of what it actually means before deciding to do the inking.


The raven tattoo design below looks amazing with the features used alongside the tattoo and the colour used in designing the bird. Raven tattoos are available in a wide variety and getting what can suit one’s desire is much easier. The blue raven tattoos are known to be adorable and visually attractive.


Many people prefer wearing raven tattoos just for the fact that they look fashionable and trendy. The various elements used in the design below like the flowers, the blue eyes and other features used appear great and makes the entire design look stunning.


The raven is also known to symbolise a trickster, thinker and a strategist and the raven tattoo design below looks spectacular with the red colour theme used on the raven tattoo design blending quite well with the wearer’s complexion.


The raven tattoo design below shows the raven flying above the flowers and looks quite breathtaking. The design is stylish and enhances the entire outlook of the wearer with the shoulder where the tattoo worn accommodating the design perfectly well.

raven tattoo (2)


Raven tattoo is one of the rarest tattoos that can symbolise both; good as well as evil. Being a symbol of negativity, darkness, death and mystery, raven portrays an image of “death” in everyone’s mind. Raven has been the universal symbol of negativity since a long time. That is why raven tattoos are supposed to be associated with pessimism. But it is also a fact that despite the negative meaning it depicts, this bird represents some of the best attributes one could imagine.

raven tattoo (3)
Many different cultures in the world relate raven to different symbolic value. Due to the common picture of ravens, eating upon the dead bodies in the war, raven was given a dark and negative view symbolising war and death. But in ancient times, many cultures believed raven to be magical and the carrier of powerful secrets. Whereas in mythology, the same creature is believed to be something which runs its mouth much and cannot keep secrets. In Celtic culture, raven is considered to possess great value even if their community was also very prone to wars.  The Celtic raven tattoo is believed to represent protection, magic and prophecy due to its magical powers.

raven tattoo (6)


As we have already mentioned, raven tattoos depict a variety of meanings that can be positive as well as negative. Some of the common meanings are stated below:

  • Protection
  • Magic
  • Future
  • Secrets
  • Death
  • Light
  • Shadows
  • Inner Self
  • War
  • Prophecy
  • Memory
  • Misery
  • Pain
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Thought

Not only have these, with a little variation in design and style, raven tattoos can depict deeper meanings. There are a variety of symbols raven tattoos can be blended with such as a skull. Some designs portray raven with blood whereas some others can be done in Celtic art or tribal art. A variation can be given in posture also. Raven can be drawn flying, or with wings open or perched on a branch.

raven tattoo (12)

These tattoos are very interesting and eye-catching and it’s clear from this collection of pictures of raven tattoos that there are a variety of designs available out of which you can choose any for yourself. Also, you can take ideas from these designs and create something with your creativity. But just remember that whatever you choose, you should be able to understand your tattoo completely. Some of the raven tattoo design ideas are shown below:

raven tattoo

Ravens are closely linked to the welsh god in Europe and are normally seen as guardians and protectors. The raven tattoo design below looks stunning with the combination of different colours used. The tattoo covers the entire arm creating such an appealing visual expression.

raven tattoo (1)

Despite the common negative meanings, raven is considered a positive aspects by many other cultures as well . There is a belief among the Native Americans that the raven brought light to the earth. Also, they consider raven to be a symbol of balance, depicting good as well as bad in someone. Most of the raven tattoos depict this meaning. Greek and Roman mythology associate raven to Apollo and Athena. That is why raven symbolises attributes of the Sun. As the greatest attribute of the sun is “wisdom”, the raven is also considered to be a symbol of intelligence. Also, raven is believed to have the ability to speak.

raven tattoo (4)

If you have a query in mind that why this amazing bird is considered as a symbol of death and misery from hundreds of years, then we have an answer for you. During the war in ancient Europe, thousands of people lost their lives and one could see dead bodies lying all around. At that time, it was not unusual to see creatures feeding upon those decaying dead bodies. One of such creatures was the raven, which being a scavenger was seen eating upon those dead bodies. And so since then, they are considered as a symbol of death and war. Our literature also considered raven to be a symbol of dark character being linked to death.

raven tattoo (5)

Ravens are perceived by the pagan traditions to be used for spiritual witchcraft purposes, the raven is a wiccan messenger with ability to move between the physical and spiritual with ease according to the pagan nations making the birds ideal for use. The raven tattoo design below looks quite mysterious given the hanging features of the raven.

raven tattoo (7)

The raven tattoo design below looks spectacular with the bird designed like it is flying. The raven tattoo design means different things to different people depending on where one is coming from. The one colour used makes the tattoo to appear real and fascinating.

raven tattoo (8)

The superstition surrounding the raven birds remains quite unclear with most traditions world over associating different meanings with the raven. Wearing the raven tattoo demonstrates the level of connection one may be having with the bird and the characters it enhances.

raven tattoo (9)

Ravens have very complex and unique personalities as the birds are quite awake in the day and still active in the night. The raven tattoo design below demonstrates such a unique design and enhances the general outlook of the wearer with the various features used along the tattoos.

raven tattoo (10)

Though ravens tend to have a dark reputation, many people prefer wearing the raven tattoo designs due to their captivating look with various designs to choose from. The raven tattoo design below shows the birds flying with one stepping on the skull.

raven tattoo (11)

The raven tattoo design below looks somehow scary with the thick black colours used and the place it is worn demonstrating that the wearer has a deep connection with the tattoo design. Given most people have dark and negative perceptions about the raven tattoos, wearing a more darker tattoo can easily enhance the perception of mystery on the wearer.

raven tattoo (13)

Other colours are rarely used in designing the raven tattoos and having a raven tattoo design that has a blend of other colours looks beautiful and can be associated to symbolise good things. The raven tattoo design below looks stunning on the upper arm where it is worn with the red colour creating a cool combination.

raven tattoo (14)

The ravens are identified with various characteristics like, messengers of gods, trickery and deception, trickery and deception, foresight and others. The raven tattoo design below includes a combination of many features that makes the entire design quite complex . The upper back where  the tattoo is worn is large enough providing sufficient space for the design.

raven tattoo (15)

Simple and elegant is the best word for describing the raven tattoo design below. The tattoos look cool on the leg where it is worn with the one colour used making the entire design look quite beautiful.

raven tattoo (16)

The raven tattoo design below is an ideal expression of forest life with ravens flying all over. The tattoo design covers the entire body with the ones fixed on the lower back looking more visible and cool. The design is quite a complex work of art.

raven tattoo (17)

Ravens are also known as a sign of provision and by having the raven tattoo it demonstrates some element of expectancy to receive some good news or provision like in the raven tattoo design below. The blue colours and the small flying ravens makes the design to look quite appealing.

raven tattoo (18)

Ravens were believed to be the messengers of the greek gods but they were believed to have lost the position because they were chatterboxes. The raven tattoo design below has features that symbolise the tribal tattoos and looks great on the upper arm where the tattoos are worn.

raven tattoo (19)

The raven tattoo design below looks spectacular with the thick black colours used making the entire design quite eye-catching. The design shows like the raven is about to perch on the skin which is quite beautiful.

raven tattoo (20)

The raven tattoo design below looks complex given the various features that the tattoo comprise of. The way the tattoo is designed with ravens on both sides of the chest creates such a uniform and an appealing look.

raven tattoo (21)

The raven with feathers is a cool raven tattoo design that looks great on girls. The tattoo looks fascinating with the branch that it has been designed on making the entire design to look quite natural. The body complexion of the wearer enhances the entire look making it more appealing.

raven tattoo (22)

Before deciding on getting inked, it is good to take time and research on the kind of tattoo you desire to wear and what it actually symbolises. This is because it requires intense energy to be able to remove tattoos once designed. The raven tattoo design below looks so real and well designed  with the blend of colours more appealing.

raven tattoo (23)

There are so many myths and beliefs surrounding the raven with the Greek having a belief that the ravens were once white birds but were cursed due to talking too much which led to the birds to having black feathers. The tattoo design below looks fabulous with the elements like the chain, cross and the colours used making the design look more spectacular.

raven tattoo (24)

Depending on the kind of raven tattoo design you can also choose on other features to incorporate it with that makes the entire design to look elegant. The raven tattoo design below is quite amazing and looks more like a tribal tattoo design.

raven tattoo (25)

The raven tattoo design below shows an expression of two features that are merged  together with one looking like a raven and another like an animal. The tattoo can be perceived to be expressing the complex character of the raven.

raven tattoo (26)

There are amazing raven tattoo designs that one can choose from depending on the size, style, design and other elements to incorporate the tattoo with. The raven tattoo design below fits well on the back where it is worn and may be perceived to mean different things.

raven tattoo (27)

Ravens are also known as the crows and carry some element of fear and mystery whenever spotten in a place although some cultures believe that they carry good fortune and information to those who identify with them. The colur choice of the raven tattoo below looks cool and blends well with the complexion of the wearer.

raven tattoo (28)

The raven tattoo design below looks great as the raven is demonstrated carrying a piece of wood . Raven tattoo design is suitable for tattoo lovers with the place the tattoo is worn making it look more eye-catching and fascinating. The raven tattoo is preferred by many due to the mental prowess that the bird is believed to have.

raven tattoo (29)
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