85 Inspiring Semicolon Tattoo Ideas that You Will Love

People love the semicolon tattoo these days it seems to be all the rage. It’s a small and very simplistic tattoo, but it’s also powerful. It’s so small that it can be placed virtually anywhere, like behind the ear or on the wrist. It’s a reminder that people with depression use as a means to not self-harm themselves or to commit suicide so it is often seen on the wrist or in a place where they can see it clearly.

There is a movement called Project Semicolon that has started over the past few years. It’s a trend that has come across over the years, and you may have seen posts on social media about it. The semicolon is a punctuation mark that looks like this ( ; ). There is a reason that it has gained popularity over the years. Many people tattoo it on their skin alone or add it to a bigger tattoo design. It’s not just a tattoo design; it has significant meaning to it that you might not be aware of. For the people wearing these amazing little tattoos, there is a huge meaning behind why they do it.

The movement was started by Amy Bluel after she got the tattoo to honor her father. He committed suicide, and she wanted to remember what he suffered through. The semicolon tattoo is about raising awareness about mental health issues, not just suicide in general. Many people see it as a means of preventing suicide and recognizing depression as a whole. Amy has said, “A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to choose their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you, and the sentence is your life.”

The whole point of the movement as Amy sees it is to raise awareness about mental health issues in the hope that suicide can be stopped. If more people feel comfortable talking about how they feel then maybe they won’t feel a need to escape their lives. The awareness focuses on issues such as self-injury, addiction, depression, suicide, and anxiety. The movement wants to bring hope and love to people that suffer from mental health issues. Depression is, of course, a huge problem facing the world today, and many people often feel alone in their depression. It’s been around for many years, and it affects many people as well. Many people don’t even realize they have depression until its too late and then they are often too embarrassed to do anything about it. There are also many misconceptions about what people go through when they have depression. It is a common issue, but it’s not a normal one. Sometimes it never goes away even after someone seeks help. Bad moments can trigger depression on a person who has had issues with it in the past. Depression can strike anyone at any time, sometimes when you are having a bad day. People get pulled down by it and can often have trouble getting out of it.

Depression is sneaky, and it can hit you when you are walking down the street or in the middle of a conversation. Many people have the medical condition. People with depression feel a sense of emptiness. They often explain that they feel hollow or empty, a sense of feeling like nothing. They can feel hopelessness and guilt for how they feel. Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. Depression can hinder someone from having a happy life; they often don’t flourish.

Talking about suicide is often seen as a taboo subject, but it needs to be talked about. It’s seen as a last resort but one that is still happening to this day. Many people get the tattoo to honor people who have passed or to recognize their own conditions, while others just want to raise awareness. If you are looking for semicolon ideas, then check out this article. Below are 86 Inspiring Semicolon Tattoo Ideas that You Will Love:

1. Make a Statement

This is a fun way of using the semicolon to feel proud of your accomplishments. I love the message behind it. If you are looking for a creative way to show off your semicolon try this cool idea.


2. Small Designs

The great thing about a semicolon tattoo is they are small and can be placed anywhere like this mighty tattoo.

3. Simple Tattoos

It’s okay to use the semicolon by itself and place it where you can see it.

4. Behind the Ear

The semicolon can be placed anywhere on the body, if you want a subtle placement then try behind the ear.

5. Making a Point

Another example of the semicolon placed on the finger.

6. Bigger Statement

The semicolon can be as big as you want it to be. There is no shame in making it a statement.

7. Wrist Designs

A semicolon on the wrist is a great way to have it in your face as a reminder at all times.

8. For All the World to See

This semicolon has found a home right on her leg for everyone to see. It’s another example of a larger tattoo design, but since it’s so small, it’s still not overpowering.

9. Changing Style

This is another great example of how you can change the semicolon to suit your own personality. It doesn’t have to be traditional, make it your own.

10. Place it on Your Wrist

Another example of the semicolon on a different part of the wrist.

11. An Outline

Leave a bold statement with this large outlined tattoo. It’s a different way of creating a semicolon design.

12. Make it Big

A great wrist tattoo of the semicolon, this one is a little larger than most.

13. Matching Designs

Matching tattoos with your spouse or friend is a great way to show your support. In this case, the man has a large design than the woman does.

14. Make it Small

This semicolon is quite small, and it’s placed delicately on the wrist.

15. On the Neck

Behind the neck, tattoos are great because they can be shown off when you want them to while also keeping them hidden when you are on the job.

16. Your Story

Every person that goes through depression is a survivor and this is your own personal story so make it yours.

17. For Love

Show your love by getting a matching semicolon with your love one, to raise awareness or just show your support for their struggle.

18. Hand Tattoos

Another great example of the semicolon tattoo on the hand.

19. Show Your Love

Add the semicolon to any tattoo to make a statement. Show your love for your culture or heritage as well.

20. Splash of Color

A great way to add some color to the tattoo, this paint splash is bright and beautiful.

21. Small and Simple

Sometimes being small and simple is all you need to make a statement.

22. In the Middle

A simple statement that is right in the middle of the wrist.

23. Small Statements

Another example of a small semicolon behind the ear.

24. Large Design

A large outline of a semicolon tattoo that is sure to make a statement.

25. Tiny Designs

A small design that looks sweet on the wrist.

26. Bracelet Design

This creative semicolon design looks like a bracelet. It’s a very different way of showing some originality with your design.

27. Mountain Love

If you look closely in this tattoo design, you will just barely see the semicolon in one of the lines. It’s a way to make your statement in a subtle way without being too showy. Many people just want the reminder for themselves and don’t want to make bold statements.

28. It’s About Life

The heartbeat tattoo is a great way to show your appreciation for life, and in between the heartbeat, they have a semicolon in red.

29. Stunning Butterfly

This is a wonderful example of how you can take a semicolon and turn it into an amazing tattoo design. I love the watercolor element to it and all the bright colors. It’s a stunning image.

30. Personal Message

It doesn’t hurt to have your own personal message to help you get through the day. Everyone can use one.

31. Bold Designs

Another example of the semicolon tattoo this one is a little larger and it’s on the wrist.

32. Anchored to the Ground

Need to feel anchored in life? Then use your semicolon in this fashion. You can see it within the anchor tattoo, and it’s another fun way of adding it to another design for creativity and subtly.

33. Warrior

Another example of the warrior tattoo, this one has a splash of color to it.

34. Geometric Designs

This person added the semicolon to a geometric design to create something entirely awesome.

35. So Colorful

A great example of adding some color to a design to make it stand out.

36. Heart Designs

There are so many wonderful aspects to this tattoo design. The fact that the semicolon is part of the heart and all the wonderfully messy color that is involved. It makes for a gorgeous design that you are sure to love always.

37. Rainbow of Colors

There could be more than one statement being made with this tattoo due to the rainbow of colors.

38. Bold Black

This simple design is certainly a statement because of the bold black.

39. Arm Tattoos

Another example of the semicolon tattoo but this one is placed on the arm.

40. Ornate Designs

Another great original semicolon, this one has a very ornate design to it. It’s a great way to show off your personality.

41. Survivor Messages

A great message for anyone who struggles with mental health issues.

42. Continuing On

Another great example of the “continue” message with the semicolon inside.

43. Have Some Faith

Faith is important with any type of struggle in life. You need to hold onto that idea to get through the hard times.

44. Personal Messages

A simple quote with a semicolon may be all you need to make a statement about your life.

45. A Locket

The locket has a semicolon shape where the key would go. It’s another creative example of how you can add a semicolon to anything.

46. Arrow Through the Heart

An arrow through the heart is a bold statement in itself. They have added the semicolon to the heart as well.

47. Bee Love

We love bees, I mean who doesn’t? This cute tattoo design has a name attached to it, and the semicolon has replaced the I in Tina.

48. A Butterfly

A great butterfly design that you are sure to love. The semicolon in this design is the face of the butterfly.

49. Sweet Colors

Another great example of the semicolon being turned into the body of a butterfly. This one has some amazing colors in the wings as well.

50. Sweetheart

A great semicolon design using a small heart.

51. The Night Sky

A great and colorful design of the night sky. We have stars in the night as well that show off what you can look forward to in life. The heart is on the inside, and it includes the semicolon.

52. One Statement of Faith

Match your simple statements of faith and support each other.

53. Add Some Color

Another example of the traditional semicolon but this one is in red.

54. Elegant Designs

A tiny semicolon design that fits snugly on the finger.

55. Fancy Designs

Another great example of the creativity used when trying to make a semicolon special and a little different from the rest.

56. Tucked Away

Another example of the semicolon tattoo behind the ear.

57. Finger Tattoos

Adding a semicolon tattoo to your finger keeps the idea in plain sight.

58. Be Free

A great message with the bird cage and the birds flying free. The semicolon is inside the cage as a reminder that hiding depression helps no one.

59. Powerful Statement

Another example of the traditional semicolon on the wrist.

60. Shiny Designs

This design is made to look like the light has hit it, as it has some shiny aspects to it. It’s a 3D design that pops off the skin.

61. Painted Colors

A great butterfly design with splashes of colors as if it’s a painting.

62. Creative Designs

A great tattoo design that is very creative. If you are looking for a design that is sure to draw the eye then this is the one for you.

63. Flower Portraits

This stunning design is sure to make anyone happy. The semicolon is on the inside as a silhouette. I love all the bright colors involved; it’s a gorgeous design.

64. Spirituality

A simple cross with a semicolon is still a very powerful message.

65. Keep Strong

This is truly a personal message that needs to be read daily. If you feel like you need your own personal message to stay strong, then be creative.

66. Creative Elements

Create your semicolon in a way that is going to be memorable to you. These are all great designs that are personal.

67. Inside a Heart

A simple design with a semicolon inside of a heart. It’s reminiscent of the locket design.

68. Kitty Love

If you want a semicolon with some personality, then try this one with a kitty head.

69. For Love

They aren’t matching tattoos, but if you want to get a tattoo with your partner, then this is a nice idea as well.

70. Butterfly Designs

Another great butterfly design that is sure to make anyone happy. I love the bright colors that are on the wings.

71. Upside Down Semicolon Tattoo

The semicolon in this design is upside down. There is no denying that a simple design can still have a big impact.

72. Continue Designs

Another great example of the “continue” tattoo design.

73. Small Pride

A great design that is simple and can be hidden if you want it to be.

74. Large Neck Tattoos

This design is larger than the others, but you still have the option of hiding it if you want.

75. Wrist Tattoos

A great example of the traditional semicolon on the side of the wrist.

76. Neck Pride

The neck tattoo is a popular design choice because it can be hidden. Many people don’t want tattoos to be shown while at work. This is a simple design that you are sure to love.

77. Thumb Design

Place your semicolon in an area where you can see it all the time. The thumb is a great place plus it means you have a small tattoo that is a subtle sense of pride.

78. Small but Effective

Another example of the semicolon tattoo tucked behind the ear.

79. Tiny Butterfly

Another great example of the butterfly design, this one is tiny, and it is tucked behind the ear. It also has some bright and beautiful colors to it.

80. Very Small Designs

The wrist design is quite small and tucked off to the side.

81. Ribcage Designs

Another example of the traditional design but this one is on the ribcage.

82. Foot Tattoos

Leg and foot tattoos are pretty popular, and this one is a small one as well.

83. Square Designs

This semicolon design is not rounded like all the others; it’s made in square shapes. It’s a different take on the original design.

84. Add Some Flowers

A great message and some beautiful flowers make this semicolon tattoo even better.

85. Elephant Love

A great tattoo design with some elephants and a great message.

86. Pretty Designs

A splash of color is all you need to make these designs great.


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