30 Trending Shark Tattoo Designs

They may be one of the most frightening images to physically encounter, however sharks are becoming one of the most popularly requested tattoos in ink studios across the globe! Although they are more common amongst men, shark tattoos are gracing bodies of all walks of life, simply because they can be added to almost any design, offer a 3D image on the body and of course, they are beautiful creatures -(when you are not actually face to face with them!) The fact is that people are fascinated by sharks but fear them and with good reason. However, shark tattoos give people the ability to truly see how amazingly beautiful the animals really are! Plus – they make for some pretty sick ink!

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  1. This is a really interesting design because it’s part of many images covering his arms and his hands. It’s hard to tell if he has the sea type theme going on through here or not but regardless this is a cool design. The shark is small but it has a lot of detail in that makes it’s super.

Shark tattoo designs

2. The way they drew this image makes the shark look like it’s swimming upstream. It’s a pretty unique look that captures the hunter mentality of a shark.

Shark tattoo designs (12)

3. Check out those teeth! It’s a pretty interesting representation of a shark face. The image itself is pretty simple but the lines are still strong and effectively convey that this is a pretty ominous beast.

Shark tattoo designs (8)

4. Here’s a tribal meets shark look that is both intense and bold. There is a lot of vivid lines that creates a really scary shark.

Shark tattoo designs (13)

In most cases, just the image of a shark strikes a certain sense of fear in most individuals. Especially after the infamous movie Jaws – sharks have been given a pretty bad wrap when it comes to the damage they can cause. Even just the sight of a shark fin is likely to make your heart skip a beat or two. But when it comes to tattoos, you need to look behind this popular depiction and your instinctive fear and read the symbolism behind this tattoo. In fact, incorporating sharks into your tattoo design can change the entire image of the final piece. Nautical tattoos that use sharks amongst the ocean can bring a new meaning to the piece – one that can symbolize strength, dominance or even aquatic balance.

5. You have to be pretty brave to get a tattoo in the spot she did. It’s known to be a tender spot, but that didn’t stop her. This image is beautiful. It has hints of tribal design in it but it also has it’s own originality as well.

Shark tattoo designs (2)

6. There is so much detail in this piece. It’s very striking and overpowering. The shading is so well done and the various lines and curves and just well thought out detail is hard to match. Both the artist and the canvas did a great job on this collaboration. Notice it’s on the side of his calf. What are your thoughts about the placement?

Shark tattoo designs (17)

7. This is a pretty gnarly look. It’s impressive and wild. It seems to beat to its own rhythm and has so much going on. The shading here is so professional because it allows us to see so many variations within the art. It’s such a great work.

Shark tattoo designs (19)

On the contrary of what people may think, many people utilize shark tattoos to symbolize their survival from a shark attack. This shows that they have have not only conquered the fear, but want a constant reminder of their new gratefulness of life itself. Call it a second chance, if you will. Someone who has dedicated their life to the study of this really dangerous and enigmatic creature may also consider a shark tattoo to showcase their admiration for the animal. While these are some of the reasons that people get a shark tattoo, you will find a lot of other reasons as you dive just a bit deeper – no pun intended!

8. Here’s another great look for tribal meets shark. It’s bold and basic yet it has so much to offer.

Shark tattoo designs (11)

9. This is just plain cool. First, the shark’s skin looks real. They did a great job with coloring and shading. Second, it looks like it’s in his head, like it entered and is still moving through. It’s a pretty thought provoking piece.

Shark tattoo designs (14)

10. We like this fun and carefree take on the shark. He is still acknowledging its a formidable beast with those awful teeth but he makes him a little less scary with the funky hat and eye glass.

Shark tattoo designs (16)

Whether you are considering a shark tattoo to symbolize your courage, fascination or simply because you like the way they look on the body – there may just be a deeper meaning behind your choice. Some people choose it as a talisman for protection. In many cultures, sharks have a place in folklore and legends. Those who live by the sea or make their living from the same, would indeed give a lot of importance to sharks among other aquatic life. However, the shark is one of the toughest predator in the waters and is known to be able to live for a decent amount of time when removed from the water. Even while on board the ship of it’s capture. As such, many individuals opt for a shark tattoo as a metaphor of their own adaptability for means of survival.

11. Here’s another really cool look with the shark looking like it’s going through her body. This image has some pretty cool line details.

Shark tattoo designs (20)

12. This tribal hammerhead is on point. It’s so deep you can see the raised look on his skin. The artist did such a phenomenal job with the variation of details in every aspect of the shark. Even his mouth with the small, fang like teeth have razor sharp authenticity.

Shark tattoo designs (9)

13. We really like how intense this image is with the girl inside the shark. It could represent a myriad of things but perhaps it alludes to lost love. The color choices really make for an ominous look that makes you want to empathize with him.

Shark tattoo designs (24)

In New Zealand, among the native Maori Tribe who were one of the pioneers in the tattoo arena, the shark tattoo played a vital role. The shark tattoo was a badge of honor for those who managed to survive an attack by a shark. They also used this tattoo to mark other achievements. Among the Maoris it was believed that the shark ruled over all creatures of the sea. Thereby considered kingly and noble. They respected the shark and the qualities it had. The teeth of shark also featured in rituals and had a lot of value.

14. Here is a great hand tattoo with the shark entering one hand and exiting the other one.

Shark tattoo designs (4)

15. We love the way the tail extends up past his shoulder and onto his back. It’s a pretty deep tattoo and looks legit.

Shark tattoo designs (18)

16. This is pretty graphic and really captures the fear that sharks evoke in people. It’s hard to tell what is behind the shark but it almost looks like flesh. The way the mouth appears bloody is pretty intense. It seems like the shark is plowing through with no care for what it destroys in the process.

Shark tattoo designs (22)

Since getting a shark tooth was by no means an easy feat, the giving of a shark tooth to someone meant we are honoring them. Among the many levels of symbolism attached to a shark tattoo the most popular ones are courage and strength. The shark could represent both fear and courage depending on who you are talking to.

17. This is a really great half sleeve. There is so many imagery going on. Check out the blood on the sharks mouth. Do you think he will fill the the open space on his elbow and bicep?

Shark tattoo designs (29)

18. This is a great example if you want a small shark tattoo. We like the yellow bubbles.

Shark tattoo designs (21)

19. Here is a fantastic and very large tribal shark tattoo design.

Shark tattoo designs (27)

20. This is such a great piece. There were definitely a few ink sessions involved here since there’s some¬†layering that took place. The details and shading are well done and the contrast looks fantastic.

Shark tattoo designs (26)

21. This inner tattoo is the perfect placement for this shark. The artist did a really great job with the line detail in this image.

Shark tattoo designs (28)

The study of sharks show that they are not only survivors and predators but are also creatures of great intelligence – another reason why shark tattoos have become so popular. The animals come in all shapes and sizes, as do people. No matter how advanced our lives are how well protected we are, the one thing that strikes fear in the mind of a person on the sea is the appearance of a shark. This is because they have the innate ability to spot movement in water, smell the slightest trace of blood and move for the kill. Many business-oriented people that also love tattoos, opt for designs that incorporate sharks to symbolize their own work ethic as well.

22. This is another really deep inked piece of work. The tribal look for sharks continues to gain popularity and we can see why. It’s a bold, fierce look that is trendy and edgy.

Shark tattoo designs (1)

23. These sharks have more of a portrait feel to them. The artist did an incredible job really capturing the look of a real life shark. Portraits of any kinds are tough to do and they did it flawlessly.

Shark tattoo designs (6)

24. Check out the detail within every aspect of this shark.

Shark tattoo designs (15)

Shark tattoos are often made to look fearsome and aggressive to symbolize all these qualities. It goes without saying that some may get it in the form of a cartoon or a caricature to ensure that it does not look so scary. Choose the tattoo design you like depending on where you are getting it and how big it is.

You can move forward to see some more images related to Most Popular Shark Tattoo Designs:

25. This is a wild design. What are your thoughts? This took much time and effort.

Shark tattoo designs (3)

26. This took some excellent shading to make it look this good.

Shark tattoo designs (5)

27. This is pretty incredible. The way they shaded behind the colors makes the sharks appear as though they are coming off his body.

Shark tattoo designs (7)

28. This may be one of our favorites. Check out the story this piece is telling. The boat looks so real. The artist really captured the shocking fierceness that is a shark. Even the clouds look scary. The shading and choice of colors is on point. The ships appears to be plowing through the water. The whole thing is just great.

Shark tattoo designs (10)

29. This back piece is another one we really like. It simply oozes with imagery and beautiful details. Check out all the sharks swimming behind he main shark. The colors are gorgeous. It looks like a real picture is on his back. This is an amazing piece of art.

Shark tattoo designs (23)

30. Here’s an interesting design of a shark.

Shark tattoo designs (30)



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