26 Outstanding Umbrella Tattoo Design Art Ideas

One of the interesting tattoo designs that you can come up with is one featuring the umbrella. It is one design element that the whole world is familiar with. The umbrella is the symbol for protection against the elements of nature like rain and sunshine. The word umbrella is also used to depict other forms of protection in terms of insurance and other benefits. This tattoo is popular with both the genders and has a lot of interesting design possibilities.

Since the umbrella is one thing that travels with us and also used in locations like the beach or the poolside as something permanent, it comes in many colors, sizes and shapes. You will find that with the wide variety of shapes, hues and sizes there is a huge array of designs that you can pick from.

  1. This is such a beautiful design. It’s interesting the way that the umbrella goes through the skin and the rain appears to be blood. The umbrella image itself is gorgeous. The purple is so striking and we love the added detail of the lines. The shading on the rim looks phenomenal and the gold is really pretty. Then handle has so much intricate detail and the blue diamond type thing is quite interesting to the overall look of the piece.


In nature when the rains are pouring down the umbrella is the first thing we reach out to help protect us, thereby an umbrella is also seen symbolically something that protects us. Many women in the past use to carry decorative umbrellas also called parasols that used to protect their delicate skin from the wrath of the sun. In places like England where rain is a constant then umbrella is something that both men and women are never without. It is almost like an accessory to the rest of their attire.

2. This is such an interesting take on a rainy day. They used quite of bit of ink in it. What are your thoughts on this piece?


When it comes to the tattoo design featuring umbrellas it ranges from the colorful and picturesque to the downright fanciful. The umbrella can be shown with the element of nature like hail, sunshine and rains that it protects us from. But it can also be shown with geishas, fairies, pixies, stars, birds and other elements. Some like to show the umbrella with an eye. Though really simple the umbrella design can be made colorful and lovely by playing around with hues and other added elements.

3. The details here are done so well and the image appears cartoon like in nature. They did a great job shading which shows a lot of contrast in the elements.


Some show the umbrella in a fanciful way as being a shield against many things. Some might prefer to show the beach umbrella bringing back memories of the beach, the sun, the sea and the sands. We can also take a page from the past and show the umbrella as ornate and decorated when it was part of elaborate ceremonies as it was carried to protect the deity or the royals when they were part of the procession.

As far as the symbolism of this tattoo design is concerned it simply means cover and protection, shade from the rays of the sun, sheltering from harm, travelling, wealth and also sometimes a regal lineage.

4. The white and red really make the entire look.


With umbrella design you can go wild by using your imagination. You can go with realistic elements or go completely fanciful and show things that are only part of the imaginary world. Or if you want to go with a emotional theme you can show the protection that a parent or parents afford to a child with the help of a simple umbrella.  Or you can kindle the inspiration of  a different world by showing umbrellas that are not run of the mill. Or you can have a quotation or a name put of the umbrella design to show your dedication to this maxim or the person whose name you have inscribed. Some even use the umbrella as a means of showing family solidarity.

5. There is a lot going on here. The shading is excellent. There is a lot of contrast and the color choice is fascinating. The hand sticking upwards is interesting with the broken heart in the center. Yellow usually suggests friendship so perhaps this alludes to a friendship that is now over.


As with any tattoo do give due consideration to the expense, the time spent and the future consequences elements of getting a tattoo. If you are sure and fully committed and convinced on all these counts, then it is a matter of finalizing the design and the artist you will work with.

6. This is such a cheerful tattoo amidst a storm. Maybe it’s a spring shower. The lines make it a near perfect work of art.


7. We like the bright and vivid colors. The thicker lines that trace the piece are really eye catching.


8. Here is such a cute idea if getting a finger tattoo holds any appeal to you.


9. This is nothing short of a masterpiece. Check out the wind blowing the leaves off of the tree. The artist skillfully inked it in such a way that you really think the leaves are flying. The little girl and her hair have so much detail. The umbrella is shaded with white which makes for such an interesting choice and the whole thing is set in a frame. It appears as though she is standing in water, what do you think? We really like the yellow background too. They probably inked that first and then the person came back to continue building the piece.


10. Here is a raven in an upside down umbrella. The feathers are so detailed and they did a great job using the white to shade it to show the variation between all the layers. The splashes behind the bird is the rain puddle and it looks so cool.


11. This is such a bold look. Check out the thick lines they used to intensify the image. We like the pastels they chose to offset the image and show variation within the art. It’s cool how they also used the canvas as the overall backdrop.


12. This is a great example of a Hello Kitty tattoo. It’s cute, simple and fun. The colors here are so bright and cheerful. The red is vibrant. The line work is really well done. It’s so neat!


13. This has some really great lines in it.


14. This freshly inked blue umbrella has a sort of whimsy feel to it. It looks like it blew away in the middle of a picnic.


15. Here’s an original piece that’s very interesting. We really like the blue umbrella’s and they did a great job with the line work.


16. Here’s an example of a fun tattoo with some deep, rich blues.


17. There’s quite a bit going on in this piece and it makes for a great conversation started. The shading is really well done and the scene of the house below is really interesting.


18. This is a really cute finger tattoo. It has great coloring and is a fun conversation piece. Hand tattoos sometimes have to be retouched more regularly because of general wear and tear so that is something to keep in mind if you are interested in hand tattoos.


19. This is a gorgeous umbrella. The flowers on it are beautiful and really make the entire piece pop. The artist did a great job in the details. The various shades of orange on the rim of the umbrella is a really great idea to show contrast. The lines look really great and it is a solid overall tattoo.


20. We really like the puzzle aspect of this. We like the line work and overall simplicity yet the detail it too to ink the puzzle pieces.


21. The ruffles look really cool but our favorite part is the way they have the hand coming out. Check out those dots around it. It’s details like this that really set pieces above par from others.


22. The deep red is on point. The robot has so many dimensions and the shading is absolutely fantastic. Check out those red rain boots! It’s such a serious picture and then those make us feel like this robot definitely has a sense of humor!


23. This cat is so life like. The artist did an incredible job capturing the portrait of the animal. The shading here provides great amounts of contrast. It is a very adorable piece.


24. This image has a bit of a sassy nature to it. The shading is really interesting and so is the placement.


25. There are so many different things to say about this imagery. First of all, it’s really fun. There is such a mix of ferocity in the sharks face and just humor in the fact that it’s half peacock and it’s carrying an umbrella. The colors are so vibrant and eye catching. The line work has excellent variation and it’s beautiful. We really like the bold green in the peacock feathers.


26. This is a beautiful light post and umbrella image. The green surrounding the top of the light post is really an interesting twist. We like the use of purple to add some contrast to the otherwise dark post. The light is even detailed in that it has the circle with white and then orange dots. It’s obvious this piece was very well planned. Even the dots in the background amidst the rain splashing is quite fascinating. The umbrella itself has great line detail. The artist did great work.




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