55 Beautiful Gypsy Tattoos for Those Forever Wandering

The image of the mysterious gypsy woman is an entrancing image that is brought alive through tattoos. Done right, these exquisite depictions will make viewers think and feel even transported to another place maybe, another time.

Whether it’s the wandering gypsy, the traveling gypsy, or the enraged gypsy who can easily place a curse on you, the images conjured up are those that are other worldly.

Popular designs for gypsy tattoos include the gypsy rose tattoo, the gypsy girl tattoo, a gypsy head tattoo, and the traditional gypsy tattoo .

Check out this amazing collection below to unlock the key to you next tattoo design and gain some much needed inspo!

16-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Searching Gypsy

Note the tilting of the head in this design, like her mind is far off somewhere else. The placement, on the shoulder, mean that the gypsy is forever watching your back. With the added flowers at the base, this gorgeous design will last a lifetime.


The Modern Gypsy

This amazing tattoo shows more of a modern Middle Eastern style gypsy, whom you can just imagine roving the markets and looking for a tale to tell. The interesting choice of colors on this design really make in pop. Note the added flowers and splashes to make it a complete design. Why not add some flourishes to your next tattoo?

18-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Fortune Teller

“Look into my eyes, I’m going to tell you all about what is coming up next in your life…”

This is one gypsy you can trust! She looks like she can tell you in a heartbeart the rest of your life’s plans. The only thing that could make it more intuitive is perhaps a crystal ball underneath to really get some further insight!

If you’re after a fortune teller, this gypsy knows all.

19-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Young Dreamer

A girl gypsy on the cusp of womanhood, this design is both feminine and gentle. This is a perfect style for those who are quite girly but would like a gypsy tattoo that’s not too over the top. The feathering to the base of the girl and along the leaves also seem to soften the tattoo too.

20-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Glam Performer

Less gypsy, and more stylish performer, this lady has sass, style and allure. The beautiful pinks and reds complement her perfectly and the wrapped shawl around her shoulders seeks to contain her beauty – but we all know that it’s really uncontainable. Paired with her emerald drop earring, this woman is the epitome of old school glamour. 

21-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Handy Gyspy

Gypsy tattoos need not take up your whole back or leg either. This design on the hand is still large and detailed enough to convey the whole message. With her rosy cheeks, large headscarf, beautiful curls, gold hoop drops, and haunting eyes, this gypsy is on display for all to see. Note how this hand tattoo is paired with a few finger tattoos to make it pop even more.

22-gypsy tattoo-180416

Deep in Thought

What’s striking about this design is that it’s so different from the traditional gypsy tattoos. We really love the bold use of color here with teal blue and brown grey. Alongside the small white pearls they really make this large design shine. On another note – this gypsy’s makeup is absolutely impeccable – the Kardashians could learn a thing or two from her tricks!

23-gypsy tattoo-180416

I’ve Got You

This gorgeous gypsy has her head tilted to always look up at her master. Sitting, watching over him so that he is always protected from harm. While this could end up being a bit of a spooky concept, this gyspy is full of happiness and light, so presumably is always wishing the best for everyone, and not placing any curses any time soon!

24-gypsy tattoo-180416

Gypsy and Skull

Why not incorporate a gypsy into a larger design? This one traverses both of the wearers arms, on one side with the gypsy looking out, and the other side with a skull. The same style and colors are used throughout making it the perfect pairing. We really love the grayscale combined with the read, and the intricacy of the needle work.

25-gypsy tattoo-180416

Day of the Dead Gypsy

This pretty gypsy combines two different styles for an extremely eye catching design. If you like two different styles of tattoos then why not combine them both? The reason that this tattoo works so well is that the day of the dead style tattoos work so well with traditional gypsy tattoos. We really love the colouring on this one too, and it doesn’t look creepy at all, unlike some day of the dead tatts.

26-gypsy tattoo-180416

Big Eyed Beauty

They say that eyes are the window to the soul, and that must mean this gyspy has a large soul! These haunting amber eyes make this gypsy look particularly beautiful. We really like the headscarf design on this particular women. It’s quite a big design, and flourishes can always be added to it later to produce a more intricate design.

27-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Butterfly Woman

Check out this amazing, unique piece of leg art! This gypsy almost looks unfinished with the half shading that’s been done on the design, however we woud be willing to bet that this is the finished piece. What we love about this is the places where you’d expect to be shaded in are surprisingly lacking – the hand held up to indicate a whisper, the pretty butterfly, and the empty eyes. Truly an amazing piece!

28-gypsy tattoo-180416

Blowin in the Wind

This windswept gypsy is looking forever wisful. Note the sad looking eyes and down turned mouth. Although she is amazingly beautiful, there is an infinite sadness about her. We love the muted gray colours combined with the red flower behind the ear here, and the tendrils of hair blowing around her neck.

29-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Glamazon

If you are after a more powerful gypsy design, then you might like to consider the use of heavy shading to achieve it. In this design you can see almost no bare skin underneath the tattoo which makes it really stand out. They are bold colours used too, this is no light tattoo! The wearer would’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the chair to achieve this look.

30-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Native American Gypsy

This tattoo is also a combination of two distinct tattoo styles: the gypsy tattoo and the Native American Indian style tattoo, which has been increasingly popular in the last few years. We like how this tattoo (or pair of tattoos really) incorporates a lot of different elements while also making it look very “together” and not just like elements thrown together. The wearer has obviously thought a great deal about this design before getting it inked – and it shows.

31-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Gyspy’s Van

Where to gypsies stay? In their caravan of course! This tattoo breaks from tradition to show instead the gypsy’s quarters. What we take this to mean is that the wearer is most definitely a gypsy themselves and perhaps did not like the traditional woman’s head design. What we really like is the lettering (in lights!) written down the side of the design. It really makes you feel like you are in the actual scene!

32-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Blindfolded Gyspy

This gypsy has been stifled because she is too powerful for the world – which is perhaps how the wearer feels. Why not incorporate the way that you feel into your gypsy design for some stunning results like the above?

33-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Combo Tattoo

There is so much going on in this design! From the traditional gypsy head, to the cameo styling border, to the pather in her headscarf, to the “What, Me Worry?” MAD reference, this person has really combined a lot of different things into the one tattoo. If you’re after a one-off original, the something like this with all the tattoo elements that you love is the way to go.

34-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Feathered Gypsy

This design makes you feel like you are transported a million miles away to another place. Another Native American gypsy deisgn, this one is simple but powerful. We really love the searching look on her face. It looks like the wearer may even have a matching design on her other forearm. Matching forearm designs are really popular at the moment and look great!

35-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Gypsy Girl

While your eye might be drawn to the butterfly in this pic – yes, that’s a real butterfly! – you then notice the gorgeous gypsy girl behind it. Somehow the red under hers eyes doesn’t look like bruising at all, but perhaps a glimmer of another emotion – is she mad perhaps? This person also has a HUGE amount of finger tattoos which makes it all look extremely cool combined.

36-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Scorned Gypsy

While this lady is currently in tears, you can tell that she is already plotting her revenge on those who have done her wrong. We really love that she is also in tattoos, and the clutching of the skull and pearls below. We hate to see what’s in store for those who’ve caused her tears!

37-gypsy tattoo-180416

Owl on Her Shoulder

The gypsy here stands a close second to the owl on her shouldr. While the gyspy is watching over the wearer, the owl is watching over the gypsy! The use of shading here is done really well and you can tell that this would have taken many, many hours to complete.

38-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Purple Gypsy

A modern take on the gypsy tatt, this is as much of a feat of coloring as it is a feat of design. From the cobwebs, to the knife, to the windswept hair, this really catches the eye and the use of so many different shades of purple makes this a stand out winner in a sea of competitors.

39-gypsy tattoo-180416

Gypsy and Her Snake

While this gypsy may look innocent, if you mess with her then you’re going to get it – from her tamed asp! This is likely saying something about the wearer – they might look like they’re a bit of a pushover, but when someone takes them for granted then their fiery side is going to come out. A great piece of art, and a great insight into the person!

40-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Hippy Gypsy

This person obviously has a great deal of love for the flower power generation! This tattoo, rather than being a traditional gypsy design is more about the gypsy spirit – free, connected to the earth, and playful. We really love the shading of the different stands of hair here – unusual colors can really make or break a tattoo design, and this one is a winner.

41-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Mid-Read Gypsy

The gypsy is in the middle of doing a reading! What is she going to say about your future? We really love the use of the veil in this design, and the fingers really feeling out the future!

42-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Concerned Gypsy

This gypsy has seen your future – and it’s not good. From the crystal ball below she has seen an unfortunate turn of events. What is it?

43-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Bold Design

This gypsy has some strong outlines which makes it more of a traditional looking tattoo. The gold and blue scarf would go well with some nautical tattoo we think!

44-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Lioness

This freaky lady is wearing a leopard instead of a headscarf – so you know that she isn’t someone to mess with! This design is both equally haunting and beautiful.

45-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Temptress

She lures you in with her butterfly, and then stings you with her leopard. With a come hither look, tinged with anger, you can be sure that if you get too close you will end up regretting it!

46-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Gypsy Doll

This gorgeous traditional gypsy tattoo has a pin up girl style combined with some excellent shading and detailing, making for a very clean tattoo.

47-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Guarded Gypsy

That look in her eyes. The clutching of her chest. This gypsy is looking very uncertain and guarded. Is the person behind this tattoo wearing their heart on there sleeve? It would seem so!

48-gypsy tattoo-180416

With Flowers in Her Hair

Wearing a crown of flowers has been all the rage at festivals these past few years, but with this gypsy it is that much more glamorous.

49-gypsy tattoo-180416

Day of the Dead Gypsy 2

Another day of the dead style gypsy tattoo, this one with her eyes closed.

50-gypsy tattoo-180416

Forever Yours

Why not add bold splashes of color and a text band to your design? This tatt looks amazing because of the brilliant color work involved.

51-gypsy tattoo-180416

Pinks and Blues

Another pretty gypsy watching over the wearer.

52-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Flapper Gypsy

1920s styling makes for a memorable tattoo.

53-gypsy tattoo-180416

Gypsy Thighs

Why not get your gyspy tattoo in an interesting place on your body?

54-gypsy tattoo-180416

Gypsy and Horse

An amazing pair of tatts with great coloring.

55-gypsy tattoo-180416

Stars and Dice

A gypsy as part of a more intricate design.

56-gypsy tattoo-180416

Wolf Mama

Wolf heads top these gypsies.

57-gypsy tattoo-180416

Staring into Your Soul

The eyes of this gypsy make it difficult to look away!

58-gypsy tattoo-180416

Flowered Gypsy

The yellows of the flowers suit this girl’s coloring perfectly.

59-gypsy tattoo-180416

Wolf Head 2

60-gypsy tattoo-180416

With Her Scarf61-gypsy tattoo-180416

Another Pretty Lady62-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Makeup Artist63-gypsy tattoo-180416

Forever Wandering1-gypsy tattoo-180416

With Her Moth2-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Dazzler3-gypsy tattoo-180416

I’ll Watch Over You4-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Intricate Scarf5-gypsy tattoo-180416

Don’t Hurt Me6-gypsy tattoo-180416

Be Careful What You Wish For 7-gypsy tattoo-180416

Mary Lou

8-gypsy tattoo-180416

Feathered Eyes9-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Paisley Princess

10-gypsy tattoo-180416

Always Seeking

11-gypsy tattoo-180416

Chameleon Gypsy12-gypsy tattoo-180416

Flamenco Gypsy13-gypsy tattoo-180416

The Beauty14-gypsy tattoo-180416

I’m Here to Help15-gypsy tattoo-180416

Looking Out For You


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