25 Crucifix Tattoo Designs For Men

It is true that not all approve of tattoos and body art. Many conservative people among us don’t like or commend this practice. But contrary to these views, the tattoo design featuring the cross or the crucifix is quite a popular one. It is a humble reminder to us about what Jesus sacrificed so that we be forgiven.

Thereby the cross or crucifix is one tattoo that has a lot of meaning and is considered a very powerful symbol. The best part is that people from all walks of life decide on the crucifix tattoo and that too for a huge number of reasons. Some sport this due to spiritual thoughts and to show their faith in the Lord and Jesus. But some do it because they feel compelled to do so.


Some people get the crucifix tattoo as a sign of their remembering someone whom they have lost. They dedicate this tattoo to their lost loved one. Both genders are known to do this. The crucifix tattoo is a reminder of the person they lost and the role they played in your life.

Significance of Crucifix tattoos

It goes without saying this tattoo design is very significant and powerful as far as meanings goes. It shows the depth of belief and dedication a person has towards their faith. It could be used to show your compassion or the spirituality within you. Some use it as a symbol of hope and as a good omen to fulfill their destiny. Some wear this tattoo to show their leaning towards truth and honor. Some wear it as their dedication to their religion and the philosophy of forgiveness that is preached in it. Some wear it to show the other worlds they aspire to like the heavens.


The meanings and symbolism behind a crucifix tattoo are endless as the tattoo intrinsically comes enriched with faith and so many tales of sacrifice attached to it. It symbolizes the teachings, the life and the sacrifice of Jesus for the well being of mankind.

Design choices: As far as design choices go there is no lack of choice. Though some purists do lean towards the creation of crucifix in basic black and white for maximum impact, you will find that there are a lot many choices. Plus the basic crucifix is embellished with other significant things and symbols like the chalice, the prayer beads, celestial being and the addition of rays. It goes without saying that most of them show the face and body of Jesus on top of the crucifix.


This basic design may be done in many ways with the image of Jesus shown looking at you with compassion or with this face turned to the side. Some depict Jesus is a more robust way and some of slender build. Some show the droplets of blood oozing from his wounds and some do not.

As you look through the designs that will be shown to you, you will realize that this is a very powerful design element and can be tweaked and redesigned to your beliefs and specifications. But the caution here is that do not go for this tattoo on a whim. It should mean something to you and you should give the respect due, to such a rich and significant tattoo design.


The design, the size, the colors and the placement of the tattoo is just one part of the decision to get this tattoo. You need to consider the long term impact and implications of getting this tattoo done. Please ensure that you do your homework and approach this subject with respect and dignity.
























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