Angelina Jolie Sexy Tattoos and their Meanings

Angelina Jolie is known the world over for her hot looks and amazing talent. She has been in the news for one reason or another. But did you know she is a tattoo aficionado? Yes! She is into ink and that too in a big way. Here are some details on all the ink she has and what they mean.

Tattoos on Angelina Jolie’s back: Her back tattoos have been changed many times and also added to just like the ones on her arms have been. Earlier on she used to have Japanese Kanji that meant death on the left shoulder, but now that is covered with a detailed prayer of protection of Buddhist origins. The blessing is in Sanskrit but written in the Cambodian script in honor of her first child – Maddox who was adopted. On the base of her neck, she has the words “Know your rights” inked in.

Her lower back used to have 2 very small tribal designs on both sides of her spine along with a small dragon. But she had this over inked with a huge tiger motif during a trip to Thailand. This one is completely done by hand. If you look at the tattoos that she does have they are mixed bundle and do not follow any pattern. The motifs on her arms are done at will and do not really work together. On her left bicep she had the name of Billy Bob who is her ex-husband tattooed along with a tribal dragon tattoo below that. Both of these are gone as they have been removed. You can see the list of longitude and latitude of the birth places of her kids Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox.

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On the right forearm you can see a quotation from Tenessee Williams that says “A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages.” which actually covers the Japanese Kanji tattoo, Tattoo of a Japanese kanji. On the left forearm, you can spot an Arabic tattoo that means “Will”. This is supposed to be covering ink that she had done when she was married to Thornton. On the same arm you can see “H” which is to honor her elder sibling, James Haven and 13, of the Roman numeral. You could see the H and the location tattoos for her children in her movie “Salt”.


In 2012 a seventh line of coordinates was added which is supposed to be the birthplace of her partner Brad Pitt along with the ones for all her children.

In her role in the movie Wanted, Angelina had the chance to do something – display all the tattoos she has. In fact for her role it was decided to add even more. These were no doubt some good looking fake ones. These included “‘We have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” on the lines of Winston Churchill, the words tears and toil also added. She got “Know your rights” done in Latin and “Strength of Will” in many languages. Her left hand also showed some flower designs that went down her arm and hand. Duplicate designs were added to the gun she used in the movie,


She has 3 tattoos on her abdomen area one of them being to camouflage another. She says she used to sport a blue dragon on the left side which she does not know how she got during a drunk evening in Amsterdam. She covered this with a huge cross in black. The other one of the trio is “Quod me netrit me destruit” a saying in latin that means “What nourishes me also destroys me.” On one of her inner thighs she has inked in “ For Brad”

ca. 2005 --- Angelina Jolie --- Image by © James White/Corbis Outline

Angelina Jolie is known world over for her lovely tattoo designs which has been a great inspiration to many of her tattoo loving fans. Angelina Jolie tattoo design below is a Chinese style of the dragon and could be depicting the versatile nature of the creature alongside inscription of ex-husbands name.


Angelina Jolie is known for the various tattoo designs that she wears on different parts of the body. Most of her tattoos are done in one colour and are quite appealing. Angelina Jolie tattoo design below has features of a cross next to a latin phrase which is taken to mean what nourishes me destroys me.The design looks quite sexy given the lower abdomen it is worn that makes it draw attention to other features.


The numerical letters and letter h used in Angelina Jolie tattoo design below are elegantly designed and can be perceived to carry some deep meaning to the wearer. Before wearing Angelina Jolie tattoo design, it is good to understand what the tattoo could be symbolising.


One thing that amazes most of the Angelina Jolie tattoo design fans is how she finds it easy removing the tattoos and wearing different ones. Fixing a tattoo is such a painful process and the pain that comes with removal of tattoos is normally found to be unbearable by most people.


Angelina Jolie tattoo design below looks quite fabulous with the spotless complexion enhancing the tattoo designs creating such an eye-catching view. Most of Angelina Jolie tattoo designs are simple yet very artistically designed and the places they are worn greatly enhances the general outlook of the wearer.


The Arabic script design of Angelina Jolie tattoo design below looks cool on the arm and have been said to mean determination. The meaning of the tattoo in itself is encouraging and can be a continuous source of inspiration given the place it is worn.


The Bengal tiger tattoo design looks cool on the lower back and is a demonstration of a great work of art. Angelina Jolie tattoos are just fascinating just like the one below. The features incorporated in the tattoo makes the design unique and suits the wearer well.


Angeline Jolie tattoo design below fits well on the flawless arms of the famous actress. The complexion of the body highlights the simple tattoos making them more visible and fascinating. Some of the tattoos Angelina has on her body include a tribal, dragon and others that are quite fascinating.


Tattoos have been used by many people to express their feelings to loved ones like having the names or birthplace of children inscribed with the tattoos, the quotes that one loves, symbolic numbers and letters. Angelina Jolie tattoo design below expresses Roman numeric numbers alongside letter h which could be having special meaning to the wearer.



  1. no one I know would go to the one most beautiful building in the world and put graffiti all over it. Can you imagine the Taj Mahal or some other magnificent structure with spray paint all over it. Enough with the tattoos, Honestly you are prettier without them.

  2. She should just tattoo “stupid” and “crazy” on herself. It is clear she is not very bright and many of her tattoos are supposed to be magic…and she’s not dedicated enough to on any particular spiritual path, so it amounts to naively hoping marks on her body will protect and empower her. Worse yet is the stupid looks she gives the camera where she is posing with the ever-popular “deep” sultry power-gaze that every moron celebrity likes to use from Megan Fox to Kanye West and Justin Bieber.

    She probably did acid a few times in her youth and thinks she’s special. Living a fantasy Hollywood lifestyle will only encourage the la-la land thinking. Oh, she’s such a powerful, inspiring woman. How amazing for her to stand up and be herself when she was born into Hollywood and happens to have genes that are considered attractive in these times. It’s a real accomplishment, I tell ya.

    • Stupid?!!! This woman has done more tgst. U ll ever think in your life or the ones to come! She is not only gorgeous but talented and kind!


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