Some Serious Aftercare Tips for Tattoos

Once you have resolved to go for that tattoo then apart from researching on the type of design you are getting, the location of the tattoo and the tattoo artist you are going with you also need to consider another point – the post tattooing care for your tattoo. This way you will be able to keep the tattoo from getting infected and speed up the healing process. Once the process of healing is completed you can focus on grooming your skin so that the tattoo always looks its best.



  • Wait for a couple of hours after the tattoo is done to start with anything
  • Clean your hands with mild soap with no scent thoroughly
  • Remove bandage using water and soap very slowly
  • Dry the area that has been tattooed with a paper napkin
  • Let it dry naturally
  • Slick on a tiny layer of Emu oil to alleviate pain and decrease chances of inflammation
  • Keep on doing this process at least 2-3 times on a daily basis till your tattoo has healed. To ensure that your tattoo looks its best, continue application of Emu oil.

Some things that you should avoid:


  • Do not tie back the bandage on the tattoo once you have removed it
  • Don’t let direct sunlight fall on the tattoo for at least a fortnight after the tattooing process
  • Do not wax or shave the area on which you have the tattoo till it is completely healed
  • Do not scratch, pick at or even touch unnecessarily the tattooed areas till fully healed
  • Avoid the use of products like petroleum jelly or alcohol on the tattooed area
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics during the healing process. Ensure that clothes do not chafe on the tattooed area.
  • When the tattoo is healing some dead skin may flake off and it may also have some bits of color it; do not be concerned. This does not mean your tattoo is coming off. Make all efforts to ensure that peeling of skin is reduced to the extent possible.

A few things to keep in mind


  • You should also know that once you leave the parlor taking care of the tattoo is entirely up to you.
  • Some amount of color may move on to your bedclothes or clothes in the days after the tattooing process

Probable problems with tattoos.

If you feel that there is something drastically wrong with your tattoo, you should  seek the help of the artist in finding the cause and resolving it. The chances of problems like infection are dramatically reduced if you have taken good care, applied Emu oil and preserved a clean environment.


Reactions to tattoo ink are very rare as most good artists use inks that are made out of natural ingredients to draw the tattoo. But one cannot completely discount the probability of an allergic reaction due to outside factors like metals etc.  Another thing you should be really careful is the exposure to sunlight. Plus poor living habits like smoking, drinking and poor diet will spoil your skin and this will affect the tattoo quality.

Here is a simple synopsis that tells you why Emu oil is good for tattoo care. It has the quality to penetrate and provide moisture up to 7 layers of skin. It has essential fatty acids and hyper oxygenates skin naturally, thus increasing the circulation to area wher you apply it. Only thing you need to do is ensure that you are utilizing Emu oil that is pure and unadulterated.



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