65 Beautiful Star Tattoo Designs (With Meaning)

There are so many different star tattoo designs out there that just look so fab. From big stars, to night skies, to tiny little strings of stars fluttering down the wrist, there is a star tattoo out there for everyone. We check out 65 of the most beautiful designs right here today – for both guys as well as girls.

Stars are very popular tattoos for both males and females to get. There are many different types of stars and they can be very simple tattoos or very complex depending on the style and artist. They also carry a lot of meaning and symbolism. We’ve put together 65 of our very favorite star tattoos to share with you.

Ice Cream

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 29

If you can manage to take your eyes off that delicious looking ice cream, you will notice this girl has several star tattoos on her wrist. Some are colored in and others are just outlines of five pointed stars.

Rib Stars

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 28

One of the most popular and sexy places for girls to get tattooed is the side of the ribs.

Hip Stars
star tattoos 16

Nautical stars are one of the most popular styles of stars to get tattooed. They have five points and each point will have a black side and a white side.

Tiny Star

celeb star tattoos

If you’re looking for a small tattoo to get a star is a great option. They are also a great way of remembering someone you have lost in your life.


cowgirl star tattoos

The wrist is one of the most common places for people to get stars tattooed. Traditionally the wrist star would align with the thumb and be symbolic of carrying you forward in life.

Finger Stars

cute star tattoos

If you look closely you will noticed these five pointed stars differ from your traditional ones as they have rounded points. Such is the subtleties between different types of star designs, making them a very versatile choice to adapt to your own liking.


moon star tattoos

The star is often paired with a crescent moon. Similar to the Turkish flag this design is also a great one for people to get who love the night sky.


star tattoo men

Here is a great example of a more detailed star. The picture in picture style is becoming a very popular design and the star gives you a great shaped frame to put another design within it.


star tattoos 1

Rihanna is a popular American singer/songwriter who besides been an incredible singer also has some amazing tattoos – including these beautiful stars that run down the back of her neck.


star tattoos 5

Previously reserved for decorating with earring fashion, the ear has become a popular tattoo location in recent years. Whether it’s on the actual ear itself or behind the ear, it can look fantastic.

Basic Star


star tattoos 6

This is as basic as a star tattoo gets, but don’t let that fool you in to thinking it’s not a good tattoo. Often some of the most basic and simple tattoo designs turn out to be the most beautiful and timeless.

Blue and Red

star tattoos 7

Some good examples of how you can also play around with colours on your star designs.

Neck Stars

star tattoos 8

And again even more colours this time.


star tattoos 10

Here is another really cool spot to get a star tattoo. On the hand at the base of the thumb and index finger.

Close up

star tattoos 12

A close up of a wrist design. Some people prefer more freehand style stars where as others want them very accurate and traced perfectly.

UV tattoos

star tattoos 15

If you’re looking for something a bit different than UV ink could be for you. Normally they’re barely noticeable, but shine a UV lamp on them and they shine bright and impress.


Star Tattoos tattooeasily 27

Nautical stars were traditionally for sailors and armed forces. They have since found there way in to many different circles including punk and gang circles because of there aesthetically pleasing nature and symbolism.

Another look

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 28

Another look at those beautiful rib star tattoos from earlier.


Star Tattoos tattooeasily 278

Whilst not necessarily a star tattoo, the lotus does take on a similar shape to the star as you can see and is definitely another option for you if you like the overall shape that stars have.

Black star

Star Tattoos tattooeasily.com 1

Often people will get stars to remember someone close to them that passed away.

Pink stars

Star Tattoos tattooeasily.com 2

Pink is not the most popular colour of tattoo ink but as you can see it can definitely look great, especially if you also have pink hair.

Flare stars

Star Tattoos tattooeasily.com 3

Here is an example of a different shape star. The five point star is definitely the most popular design but there are plenty of other ones out there too.


Star Tattoos tattooeasily.com 5

Here’s a really cool close up shot of someone with a flower design inside of a star.

Crescent Star

Star Tattoos tattooeasily.com 6

As we mentioned before, behind the ear can be a great place to put your next tattoo if you just want something simple and small. It’s also a really easy spot to hide you tattoo with your hair should you need to.


Star Tattoos tattooeasily.com 7

This placement is what’s referred to as an Underboob tattoo nowadays. It’s a very popular spot for young females to get tattooed and can look very sexy with the right design.

Three Stars

Star Tattoos tattooeasily.com 8

This time the stars have 6 points and this kind of star is often referred to as the star of David.

Hip Stars

Star Tattoos tattooeasily.com 9

The hips is a great area for both males and females to get stars tattooed, they can look very sexy and you can even have multiple ones running down your pant line.

3 Stars

Star Tattoos tattooeasily

Sometimes people will get more asterisk style stars and have them forming one of the favourite constellations in the night sky.

Foot Stars

star tattoos

White is probably the least used ink of all tattoo inks, but when used right it can contrast really nicely and look great.

Star Wars

star war tattoos

We just had to include this one. A beautiful Star Wars themed sleeve in the works.

White Star

white star tattoosAnother example of a cool looking white inked design.

Kimberly Vlaminck



Kimberly Vlaminck, who wanted three stars tattooed on her face and got 56
You may recognise the above photo as it did make news headlines a couple of years ago. It’s Kimberly Vlaminck who claimed she only wanted 3 stars tattooed on her face but some how managed to get 56 in total.


star tattoos 19

Some more sexy looking nautical star designs. Depending where they are place the nautical stars can also be mistaken as gang tattoos.

Red Star

star tattoos 20

A nice little red star for the red carpet.

Foot Stars

star tattoos 55

Some cool looking purple star designs on someones foot.

Clavicle Stars

star tattoos 56

We absolutely love the above design. Very cool shaped stars and really great placement.

Behind the ear

star tattoos 57

A close up of someones 7 star tattoos that they have behind the ear. Some times people will get a different star for each person they want to commemorate in their lives such as 7 family members.

Face Stars

star tattoos 61

Whilst not for everyone, face tattoos can look great if you choose the right design. Often simple ones work best.

Toe Stars

star tattoos 68

Some cool looking stars that wrap around this persons feet. We also really like that pink coloured daisy flower on the persons big toe.

Neck Star

star tattoos 69

What a beautiful design a star hanging from a thread that looks like its a hair coming from her head. On the back of the neck is a great location, particularly for people with long hair to get tattooed as they can easily hide it if need be.

Thigh Stars

star tattoos 90

Another popular spot for young females to get tattooed is the back of the thighs. They can look great if you’re wearing some short shorts or a mini skirt and you also have the option of easily covering them up for work or a formal event.


star tattoos 100

Here is an example of what we mentioned earlier with it looking very beautiful with different sized stars running down the pant line. You can even mix up the colours.


star tattoos 124

Again this is a slightly different shaped five pointed star with shorter points.


star tattoos 699

When it comes to tattoo designs, the chest area is usually reserved for larger pieces. Above is an example of how a small design can still look great in this location though.


star tattoos 904

The inner bicep is a very popular spot for men to get tattoos as they can manage to show off their muscles and artwork at the same time.

Shoulder design

star tattoos female

A simple constellation design on a females shoulder.

Ring finger

star tattoos finger

The ring finger is a popular spot nowadays for people to get tattoos that remind them of their loved one, similar to what a ring in this location represents.

Back of the neck

star tattoos male

Simple yet cool star design.

More back of the neck

star tattoos red hair

Getting a little more creative with these ones. How many do you count?


star tattoos small

Sometimes the most simple tattoo is the most beautiful tattoo.

Chest piece

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 1

As we touched on earlier, usually the chest is where people will get bigger and bolder designs such as the one above that draws influence from tribal and royal history.


Star Tattoos tattooeasily 3

A cool little star design on a females ankle.

Adjoining stars

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 5

Star tattoos don’t always have to be left separate. You can also have lines and dots connecting them in to more of a cohesive design like above.


Star Tattoos tattooeasily 6

We love the swirly pattern inside this star design, very beautiful.

Single hip

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 7

Just because most other people will get a star on each hip it doesn’t mean that you should. Sometimes it can look really cool not having your designs all symmetrical.

Back Star

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 9

A star with angel wings is representative of a guardian angel looking over you in life. It also doesn’t get much more epic than this design when it comes to star tattoos and this would have taken a very long time to complete but the end result is definitely worth it!


Star Tattoos tattooeasily 10

A cool little constellation of star tattoos that make up the picture of a kite.

Finger stars

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 11

Why stop at just one star tattoo on your finger? Stars are simple and can done very small so they give you a great amount of options when it comes to how many you can fit in any given spot.

Eye stars

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 12

A cool mixture of some different style stars on the side of a girls face.

Star flowers

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 13

We love this design how they have modified some traditional American style tattoos of roses to have stars form the centre part.


Star Tattoos tattooeasily 17

Another cool little simple star.


Star Tattoos tattooeasily 20

If you’re a bit of a Astronomy nerd than this will definitely be a great tattoo for you.

Colourful Ear

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 21

Blue, yellow, pink, white, black, green and baby blue. A great amount of colours to fit in to a tiny location behind your ear.

More colours

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 22

Again, some really colourful star tattoos – this time on someones foot.


Star Tattoos tattooeasily 23

Stars come in many different forms and styles. From a simple dot that represents how we may see a star in the night sky to a slightly more details asterisk and then to a more traditional five pointed star. This person has a great range of different sized and styled stars and they form a beautiful tattoo design that runs down the thumb.

Rib Stars

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 25

As we mentioned earlier the ribs is a very popular and beautiful spot for females to get tattooed. It’s actually also a beautiful spot for men to get tattooed also. Above you can see some brilliantly coloured purple and pink stars.

Rock Star

Star Tattoos tattooeasily 26

If you’re in to rock n roll music than you will definitely appreciate this tattoo. From the bat skulls, to the snake eyes dice, to the number 13 and the guitars – it really does scream rock n roll.

There you have it 65 of the most beautiful star tattoo designs that we could find. We made sure to include a lot of different sizes, styles and placements. Hopefully some of them have given you some inspiration for your very own star tattoo design. They’re an extremely versatile design and can easily be adapted to your own style or theme such as some of the ones we have shown you above.

Be warned though, once you get one star tattoo – you are likely to want more!


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