55 Mesmerizing Mermaid Tattoos

The concept and the idea of mermaid tattoos has always been attributed to sailors of the earliest centuries and folklore. They were the ones who made this really beautiful and mythical creature known to people, which over time, has been incorporated into millions of tattoo designs. The origin of the tales surrounding this alluring and mysterious creatures have traveled throughout time and have strengthened with each reported sighting of them. Even today, in the age of YouTube, more and more people are trying to capture real life footage of these amazing creatures on tape to prove to the world that they are more than just a fantasy tattoo design.

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The theory surrounding mermaids have remained mythical despite the numerous stories and reports about their existence. Wearing a mermaid tattoo is not just beautiful but carries some element of mystery that may not be easily understood and a perfect description for part of human nature.

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This creatures that has the upper part of their bodies looking as a woman’s body and the bottom like that of fish continues to amaze in many ways. The elements incorporated with the mermaid tattoo design expresses some of the mystical ideas associated with the mermaids.

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The meanings associated with mermaid tattoos:

There are numerous meanings associated with mermaid tattoos as it said to symbolize, sensuality, temptation, intuition, danger and a sign of femininity. Although mermaid tattoos can be worn by both men and women, women tend to derive inspiration from the tattoos considering the strong feminine character that they represent.

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A Few Facts About Mermaids: Mermaids have been part of marine folklore in both the western and Japanese countries. The Romans and Greeks have many a tales about these creatures which are supposed to be half woman and half fish. It was believed by them that these beautiful creature would sit on rocks while playing with their hair to draw sailors and ships closer to them.

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They would use the power of their looks and lovely voices to come closer. Once the men and the ship were in their clutches they could never go back. The Greeks believe that mermaids came about due to the mating of Zeus and Poseidon who are water gods with Aphrodite who is the Goddess of Love, sexuality and fecundity.

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The dual nature of being both human and fish is one thing that makes many people prefer to the mermaids as intriguing creatures with many desiring to know of their authenticity. The appearance of beautiful hair and other woman’s features are common attributes of the mermaid tattoo just like in the design below.

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The sailors after days of being cooped up with only male companionship would be drawn to these creatures. Scientifically it has been explained that the sailors must have mistaken manatee like creatures sunning themselves on rocks to be mermaids due to days of poor food and lack of outside contact.

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Mermaids signifies the freedom of life as they are able to swim freely in the waters and given the connection man has with water, having the design reinforces that feeling of freedom. The element of temptation comes from their beautiful feminine look and features that many sailors would find irresistible.

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No matter how the concept of mermaids came about, they assumed a lot of importance in a sailor’s life. Many men of the sea would get tattoos depicting these mythical creatures. It was partly fear, partly superstition and also a certain amount of fascination. Fear because the association of a sailor with a mermaid would mean sure death. Superstition, because the mermaids portended the end of the ship’s and sailors’ life. Fascination, because Mermaids were supposed to be beautiful and magical.

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Sailors would either get a mermaid on its own or along with other symbols of the sea. The mermaid tattoo design below looks spectacular with the green colors expressing the fish part of the mermaid and the human part well adorned with beautiful hair and other elements.

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Today Mermaid tattoos have gained a certain cachet among the people who love tattoos. This is not necessarily limited to the people associated with the sea. Now even women are going in for tattoos featuring mermaids. We definitely the film “The Little Mermaid” did bring a log focus on mermaids. Women get tattoos with mermaids usually want to display their femininity, their independence and a playful spirit. It definitely helps that mermaids can be portrayed in several ways and are inevitably very good to look at.

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Mermaid tattoos are large in nature and should be worn on larger body parts if the cool outlook of the design is to be realized. The design below looks simple yet fascinating with the use of one color making the design to appear more distinct.

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The symbolism of mermaids have been used to express various attributes like beauty, vanity amongst others. They are also said to be the descendants of the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite and Venus. Wearing the mermaid tattoo can be a way of expressing your beauty and love.

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They can be shown poised to jump into the sea, shown as sitting on a rock doing their hair or shown half in and half out of water. Plus the lower part of their bodies which emulate the fish and is covered with scales can be made to look really interesting and colorful.

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Before you ink the mermaid tattoo, it is appropriate that you take your time and analyze if it is ideal for you. This is due to the fact that there are different meanings associated with the design and wearing the tattoo may express a character that you may not be bold enough to identify with.

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No matter for what reason you are getting a mermaid tattoo, it would make good sense to do some research on the subject. If not for any symbolic reasons, you will find the magic and myths around the mermaid to be very fascinating reading. If you are one of those people who are drawn by everything to do with the sea, it will make really interesting reading.

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The sensual features of the mermaid tattoo has a way of making the design to look quite adorable and eye catching. The design below is a unique one with colors and features used blending quite well.

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The mermaid tattoo design below looks quite complex with the numerous features incorporated in the design. However considering the ecosystem of the mermaids it makes the design to appear more fascinating and lovely.

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You are therefore well advised to do some research, look at all the options, carefully consider the location for your tattoo, before proceeding to ask the tattooist to go ahead with the actual tattoo. You will find that having a mermaid tattoo does have a certain magic to it.

A plenty of Mind Blowing and Beautiful Examples of Mermaid Tattoo Designs are presented below:

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Mermaids are not in any way shy of showing off their beautiful bodies just like in the design below. The beautiful hair styles, various accessories worn and the bare chest that shows off the breasts is typical of mermaids and can be an expression of boldness.

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The design below of the mother and baby mermaid is something that can be quite scary if met with in real world. It however expresses the caring nature of the mermaids which the wearer may want to express.

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Mermaid tattoos has that incredible beauty that makes them look outstanding and appealing regardless of the place the tattoo is worn. The color combination in the tattoo design below looks spectacular with the flowing hair and the beautiful colors used blending so well.

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The mermaid tattoo design below looks beautiful in the laid back position as if posing for some nice view. The mermaid looks entangled with the rope and anchored at the bottom. The design looks elegant yet complex and signifies great artistic work.

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The green and brown colors used in the design below with the sea features makes the below mermaid tattoo design to look spectacular with a broad hair design that blends well with other features.

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Mermaids are also associated with danger as superstition has it that they could easily lure the ships into a trap. The design below looks quite complex with the ship shown as experiencing some turmoil while the mermaid is comfortable relaxing in the waves of water. The design looks magnificent in the biceps where it is worn.

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The mermaid tattoo design below looks beautiful with the one color used enhancing the overall outlook of the design. The tattoo is also expressed in a swimming state which is quite beautiful and eye catching.

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To sailors, the appearance of mermaids would signify danger in most of the cases. This is because they were believed to bring down ships and men that went after them. The appearance of a ship in the mermaid tattoo design below enhances that feeling of uncertainty that the sailors experienced as they encountered the mermaids.

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Wearing the mermaid tattoo on the upper part of the arm enhances the visibility of the design just like in the design below. The bright golden color used is visually appealing and blends well with other elements incorporated in the design.

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There are different types of mermaids and the stories behind them vary depending on the culture and place they identify with. Before wearing a mermaid tattoo it is ideal that you conduct a research and get some in depth understanding regarding some of the mysteries associated with the designs.

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The bare body of the mermaid tattoo below with the bottom covered in scales is a cool expression of the design. The blue colors used on the design blends well with the pink flowers and other elements.


The design below is a complex piece of artwork with the different colors used blending quite well with other features used in the design. The design is quite visually appealing on the upper arm where it is used.

According to the design below, it looks like the mermaid is humming some beautiful musical notes that the wearer can easily identify with. The beautiful mermaid tattoo looks elegant with the long hair and tail looking stunning.

Before inking your ideal mermaid tattoo, ensure that your artist is well conversant with the design. It is possible to have a beautiful design idea and end up with something disappointing especially if the artist is not well conversant with the design.

Use of color blue is common with mermaid tattoos just like in the design below. The various elements used in the design combines well resulting into such a dynamic piece of design.

There are simple mermaid tattoos as well as the complex ones and despite your preference, you are more likely to get a tattoo idea that best suits your desire.

Th design of the mermaid tattoo below looks scary yet stunning. Wearing such a design is known to carry deep meanings that the wearer may be identifying with.

The leg area is a place that is visible most of the times and one should try and wear a tattoo that they are comfortable with in such a place. The experience of wearing a tattoo is painful and removing the design is also not an easy experience. That’s why one should be very comfortable with the design as changing later comes with a pain.

The design below shows the mermaid locked inside a bottle, a fact that makes the design to look more complex. The mixed colors used in the design also enhances the overall outlook of the tattoo.

Apart from the flowing hair the beautiful face and the bare chest with full breasts, most of the styles and colors used in designing the mermaid tattoo keep changing.

The mermaid tattoo design below is a condensed expression of the design with only the head showing fully and other parts condensed. The design however fits well on the place it is worn.

The design below looks fabulous with the blue hair color enhancing the overall outlook of the design. The tattoo fits well on the lower arm where it is worn.

Mermaids are imaginary creatures that live in the sea. Although there are stories related to them there are few authentic stories that share their real existence and actions.

The mermaid tattoo design below looks so real and can be confused to be a real human beings design if the lower part is not looked at.

To get that perfect design of the mermaid tattoo it is advisable that you engage an artist that is creative and has a unique way of expressing your unique tattoo ideas into beautiful designs.

Finished this super colorful mermaid piece on Ayse today! Thanks girl!

The stylish way that the patterns have been used makes the design to look quite fascinating. The design of the hair is just amazing with styles used on the body and the tail flowing harmoniously.

The beautiful eyes and the flowing hair is an epic demonstration of the beautiful mermaid tattoo design. The design also fits well on the arm where it is worn.

Although most of the mermaid tattoos look larger in size, designing a smaller one like the one below is such a cool idea. The design does not only fit well on the arm where it is worn, it also enhances the overall outlook of the wearer.

The magical and mysterious nature of the mermaid tattoo designs is well expressed in the design below. The glowing eyes and other elements used in the design enhances the overall outlook of the design.

Although use of one color is not common with the mermaid tattoos the outlook of the design below is just spectacular. The mermaid is expressed resting comfortably on the cliff.

Just like the meanings associated with the mermaid tattoos, the stories behind their origin also vary depending on the culture. One common thing that is outstanding is their dual nature of being half fish and half human.

Mermaids are perceived differently in various cultures and having a basic understanding of what the mermaids may be representing can be ideal. Inking a design that you have good understanding of reinforces some level of confidence in wearing the design.

The floral elements incorporated in the design looks spectacular with one color used on the design also enhancing its overall outlook.

Best Mermaid tattoo Ideas:

Regardless of your preferred design or color you are likely to get a mermaid tattoo design idea that’s unique an worth trying out. The designs below are spectacular however you need a really talented artist for quality work.

Most of the mermaid tattoo designs are worn on large spaces of the body like the upper shoulders, the lower arms, the thighs and back of the body amongst others. Smaller designs can be worn in the leg areas and lower arms.

Apart from their beauty that is unrivaled, mermaids are also said to be having those alluring voices that can easily sway one into their trap. Some cultures even refer to the mermaids as matrons of enchantment due to their beautiful voices.

Mermaids are also associated with sea goddesses and are said to be associated with the sea spirits. The mermaid tattoo design below is a spectacular artwork with colors blending well with the overall design.

Mermaids are also known to be persuasive in nature and wearing the tattoo may symbolize some of the attributes associated with the design. The design below looks quite cool on the wearer.

Mermaids also represent rebellious spirits and wild freedom. They are independent creatures that are difficult to contain in any given setting. Their wild freedom nature can be seen in their pause and how they ensnare their subjects with soothing melodies.

Mermaids are at times depicted as combing their hair with combs made from fish bones. The act was believed by ancient sailors to be a symbol of their power over nature. They are also shown at times as holding mirrors in the symbol of the moon.

Seeing mermaids is a rare experience regardless of how one may be longing to have a glimpse of what this creatures look like. This is said to be mostly due to the fact that mermaids understands the heart of men and tends to reveal themselves to only those who are true in the heart.

Mermaids are said to be seen in the hours of dawn to dusk or in moonlight which is said to be held sacred by the mermaids. The design below looks spectacular and simple.

Wearing a mermaid tattoo may also express the dual nature of the mermaids that one may want to identify with. Although the mermaids looks pretty with such an alluring voice, they are also  dangerous and has the potential of leading their preys to death or destruction.

The mermaids portray that element of poise and self confidence, a fact that endears the design to tattoo lovers. The destructive nature is quite hidden and may not be realized until you get into their trap.

The mermaids are known to hold the moon as sacred with many of their activities associated with the moon. The mermaid tattoo design below shows the mermaids face focused towards the moon with a tear dropping from the eyes.

Wearing a mermaid tattoo may also be an expression of sexual confidence. The mermaid is known to be bold in showing off their beautiful hair and the bare breast curves. Those are some of the features that enhance sexual attraction in a female.

Mermaids are perceived to be having that deep psychic feeling and connection with the things and people they associate with. Wearing a mermaid tattoo may then signify one’s association with those psychic abilities which also enhances deeper knowledge of issues.

The mermaid tattoo design below looks beautiful with the upper part of the body exuding beauty and confidence. The lower part of the body looks flawless with the colors blending quite well with the wearer’s complexion.

Some of the symbolic mermaid meanings:

  • Alluring
  • Femininity
  • Intuitive
  • Sensuality
  • Tempestuous
  • Seductive
  • Emotional amongst others.

It is said that mermaids are capable of seeing very clearly the inner thoughts even to the inner core of the human beings. That’s why resisting there allure proved difficult for the ancient sailors who would be lured with with their ships then get trapped.

Features like the moon and flowers are common with mermaid tattoos just like expressed in the design below. The one color used on the design enhances the overall outlook of the design.

The mermaid tattoo design below shows the mermaid holding a human skull in the hand while tossing the hair. The design expresses how composed the mermaids tend to look even when expressing danger.

The mermaid tattoo design below looks cool with the colors used blending quite well. The use of maroon, black and grey colors blends well with other features in the design.

There are different factors that inspire mermaid tattoo lovers to wear the design. Some people are inspired by the beautiful outlook of the mermaids while others are inspired by the dual nature of the mermaids. There are also those inspired by the mysterious nature of the mermaids.

The design below is quite versatile and demonstrates the flexibility nature of the mermaids. The fact that the mermaids are capable of coiling and holding onto their lower parts of the body makes the design to look more stunning.

The design below shows a mermaid admiring itself in the mirror with the hair and the face looking flawless. The one color used on the design also adds to the visual appeal of the design.

With a mirror in one hand and a comb on the other hand, beauty seems to be one of the factors that mermaids find exciting. The beautiful hair, the make-up and accessories makes the entire design to look spectacular with the colors blending well.

The design below is a magnificent piece of artwork with the beautiful hairstyle greatly enhancing the overall outlook of the design. The design fits well on the hand where its worn.

The mermaid tattoo design below is a complex piece of artwork with most of the elements incorporated in the design. The purple and green colors combines quite well and blends beautifully with the black colors.

The style to use in designing the mermaid tattoo designs may vary depending on one’s preference. The design below looks simple with the colors used also enhancing the overall feel of the design.


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