29 Sparkling Diamond Tattoo Designs

When it comes to diamonds, you will be hard pressed to find someone who is completely indifferent to them. In the tattoo world they are considered quite a popular choice as an element of design. This is true of both the genders. Diamond tattoos can be designed by itself or as a component in some other design. Plus there would be a large variation in the color of the diamond and the size of it.

About diamonds: The thing about diamonds is that even though we know that it is composed of carbon like the humble coal we endow it with many qualities. Foremost among these are the qualities of being divinely beautiful, a  symbol of prestige and wealth and without a doubt of fashion. Diamond is something that every woman craves to possess and many claim them to be their best friends. The hard and almost indestructible qualities of the diamond also ensure that it lasts for a long time if not forever. Is it then any surprise that diamonds have adorned royalty, the beautiful and the powerful?

  1. This is a very vivid couple of diamonds. The artist did a great job with the line detail and the color choice is very pretty.


The word itself signifies the quality of being indestructible in Greek. The finding of diamonds can be traced back as far as the 400 BC in India, though now Africa is the largest producer of diamonds. The diamond is one such thing reminds us instantly of great wealth and its use in jewelry also establishes it as an object of beauty. Many clichés are attributed to this stone.



With all these qualities and the fact that it is one of the most precious gems, it makes diamonds quite so much a prize that people to go to extreme levels to own one. Since this priceless gem is at the center of so many sayings and expressions, you will often find some of them inked along with the diamond design in many tattoos. Some folks even go to the extent of actually getting it embedded under their skin as a unique form of tattooing. Most people however go for the more conventional method of having a diamond tattooed on their skin.

Some love to get the diamond tattooed along with the first letter of their name, in a way that links them both. Some go with the name of their loved ones. Diamonds are also combined with floral designs. The most popular being rose with diamonds and as both are representative of love this remains a popular choice.  You can also feature it with other things like jewelry, the heart symbol among other things. One of the most important things being to capture the glitter of the diamond within the tattoo.

Symbolism: Diamonds can mean a lot of things and some things are based on your personal beliefs and philosophy. Among the more popular ones a diamond tattoo represents survival, strength, flawlessness, durability, love, pulchritude, shine, wealth, power and integrity.

Though symbolically the diamond can have a lot of qualities, many people go for a diamond tattoo due to its aesthetic appeal. With such appeal who can really blame them? What is more the diamond tattoo is not lightweight when it comes to symbolism. Combining these two will really have a winning theme for your tattoo design.

3. This diamond almost seems like it’s hidden away. Upon first glance you don’t even realize that’s what it is. The way the jewels hang down makes for an interesting piece. It took quite a bit of shading to really encompass what they were trying to convey.


As with any tattoo design our advise would be research, ponder, look through many choices and then only decide. No doubt a diamond tattoo will really look good and there are many choices as far as designs are concerned  but you still need to be sure about the time, money and skin you are committing to a tattoo. That is the only way it will work for you in the long run.

4. This is a sweet little image of a diamond and a ribbon. It has soft, feminine colors with bold, strong lines to make it an overall solid piece.


5. Do you remember ring pops from when you were little? They were so good! Here’s a cupcake and a ring pop and it looks delicious. There are a lot of different colors and things happening in this image. The pearls, hearts, skulls, all of it is very interesting.


6. This is a cute little pinky design. It’s pretty big for such a small space but it looks really cool. The artist did a good job with the line work and we really like the color choice.


7. The inside of the hand is an interesting choice because the placement is tough to keep from fading. You use your days all the time so the chances of it needing to be retouched are pretty great. Otherwise, this is a pretty cool design. They were trying to show the different dimensions through the black shading and the line work is nicely done.


8. This owl is so cool. There are so many colors and different details. We love the big eyes and the way that it’s holding the diamond in it’s mouth. Even the talons look rad.


9. This is a fascinating piece. Check out the way you can see under the skin and into his bone structure. There is so much happening here that it takes a second to really take it all in. The differing colors are col and its interesting the way they integrated the yellow and green that is reflecting off the diamond.


10. This is a unique design and we love the line work on the diamond.


11. This is so interesting. Check out the way the arrows go all around the diamond. It’s set amongst a quote that references that life is his diamond. It’s a very bold image and it’s pretty original design.


12. The emerald coloring is absolutely gorgeous. Even though it’s a fairly simple design they did a tremendous job with the shading to create a really pretty overall look.


13. This diamond appears to sparkle right off her shoulder.


14. It appears as though the diamond is illuminating the skull. The artist did a great job with contrasting and making the colors work together. It’s cool how you can still see the skull through the red light on the back of his head.


15. This is such a happy, cuddly picture. The kitten is well done and it’s a really pretty look.


16. The coloring here is very interesting. We like the contrast and the way the wings almost seem to be protecting the most prized possession which is the diamond.


17. This is a beautiful, vivid image. The contrast makes it appear as though it sets off her chest. It’s very well done.


18. This is a very bold image. Hand tattoos are not easy to cover up so before getting one, make sure your in a position to have something that isn’t easily covered. The artist did a really great job with the line detail and the black makes a stark contrast which seems to make the picture even more bold and more vivid.


19. The soft hues of green and purple really embody the soft blue and white of the diamond. We really like the red all around because it makes the picture really pop.


20. It looks like this diamond has been given flight. The wings look like butterfly wings.


21. Right below the ankle like this placement tends to get rubbed by shoes fairly often. The need for a touch up is usually more regular just because of wear and tear. Besides that, this is a cool look with varying colors that makes the whole image look really interesting.


22.This is a really hip looking image. The coloring goes together really well and it’s obvious the artist is quite skilled and knows what they are doing. The lines, the shading, the contrast, all of it just looks excellent.


23. This bird is legit. The feathers are so detailed and it’s eye is so intense. We like the way the diamond isn’t a clear cut, perfect image here too.


24. This is really beautiful with the varying colors and the overall design of the piece.


25. This is cool because they left it open ended and she will probably continue to fill space as she completes the sleeve. The blue for the diamond really draws your eye to the center. There is a lot of shading that makes it all just pop.


26. The butterfly theme is really cool isn’t it? Here’s a butterfly, a heart and a diamond. Each has their own design, color palette and feel and yet it all just seems to go together.


27. This is interesting because the lock and the bracelet really look life like. The intricate design of the images is really well done. The contrast in colors makes the whole piece aesthetically pleasing. We like how the diamonds seem to shimmer all the way down her foot. Notice how red her foot is. This may mean that this image is fairly new.


28. We love the bright and bold color choices. Even though this is a pretty simple design, the artist did a really great job with the line detail.


29. This is a really pretty design. We like the variation in color and how they used the blue and red to accent the piece. What’s your favorite part?




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