75 Fierce and Powerful Panther Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking for a great tattoo idea and love wild cats, then you can’t go wrong when it comes to the panther tattoo. There are so many different kinds of design choices out there that will give you a fierce and powerful looking tattoo.

People love the panther because it’s a symbol of strength as the panther is one of the most lethal animals in the jungle. You may not be aware of this but this wildcat has a unique way of fighting. That’s why he has been linked to martial arts. The fighting styles are certainly similar for both of them. Not only are panther tattoos fierce but they have an elegance about them as well. Not only do they look great as tattoo designs but they usually have a specific message attached to it.

Though there isn’t a specific meaning behind a panther tattoo, it has a personality that defines who it really is. Many people choose to get a full body image of a tattoo while others will get just the head. Either way, there are great design choices for both. There are even designs that just include the paw or a paw print; the sky is the limit for your choice.

Check out the list below to find 73 Fierce and Powerful Panther Tattoos

1. Cartoon Designs

A great tattoo of a fierce panther ready to attack, if you want a cartoon design, this is the one for you.

2. Catching a Panther

This tattoo looks like it could symbolize the capture and trapping of the fierce animal. There are arrows and rope elements to the tattoo.

3. The Heartbreaker

If you’re a heartbreaker as well than why not show a panther as a symbol of strength.

4. Panther Streak Tattoo

An unusual panther tattoo that looks like a streak maybe because it’s running.

5. Death of a Panther

This roaring panther has just been killed with a sword through the top of it’s head. The blood is the last image you remember of the panther.

6. Green Eyes

This hand has just the head of a panther on it. The green eyes are mesmerizing.

7. Pink Panther Tattoo

Everyone loves the Pink Panther, what a cute design. It looks like he’s in trouble and is struggling to stay on the wall.

8. Stunned Gaze

That’s what this panther appears to have. It’s another great example of the cartoon design choice of panthers.

9. Snake Circling

A great image that has a snake circling the Panther. Are they about to fight? It sure looks like it could be one.

10. Black and White

This panther tattoo looks like it has some Chinese symbolism, based on the flower in the picture. A perfect design if you are looking for something small.

11. Ready to Fight

If you like a simple head design this one is really fierce. It looks like the panther is ready to fight.

12. True Meaning

This is a more subdued panther design. A great one if you are looking for something to add meaning to.

13. Multiple Panthers

A great panther design if you want a large tattoo. As you can see there are multiple panthers here, so it must be a favorite.

14. Add Some Flowers

If you want a fierce panther tattoo but want it to be feminine as well then just add some roses. These is a great tattoo design for anyone.

15. Sign of Attack

Another great example of the green eyed beast, this one is ready for an attack.

16. Made for Royalty

This panther looks like a royal one because it has some gold jewelry attached to it.

17. A Simple Message

A small tattoo design that is made up of a small panther design. This one is sending a strong message so watch out!

18. Right From the Rose

A great tattoo design that is a little bit unusual. It’s as if the panther is coming right out of the rose, almost birthed from it.

19. Full Body Tattoo

If you are looking for a large tattoo design then try out this panther. It’s lean and ready for a fight.

20. Neck Panther Tattoos

A small tattoo that includes a panther and a rose together. It seems to be a very popular combination for designing a tattoo.

21. Elegant Designs

Another great example of the panther being killed by the sword. In this case this one has a little more elegance to it. There are shining gems involved in this one as well as the panther is a striking purple color. In this one you can also see the knife through the mouth of the panther.

22. Abstract Designs

An unusual panther tattoo that looks like it’s create from abstract shapes.

23. From Bottom to Top

Another example of the panther and sword design but this one has the sword going into the bottom of the panther.

24. A Tribal Panther

This panther is just a head design and it’s wearing a tribal headpiece. An unusual design with some bright colors.

25. Striking Panther

This panther design is a little scary. It is long and fierce and mysterious. If you want a big tattoo with some dark flowers then try this one out.

26. Climbing Panther Tattoo

This climbing panther looks like it’s sliding down the wall. A great design for anyone that wants something different.

27. With Jewelry

This panther is not only in the middle of attacking a bird but it is also wearing some form of ancient jewelry. It’s a great design that you are sure to love.

28. Blue Coloring

You can use any coloring you want to contrast against the black of the panther. Whatever coloring you desire you can have.

29. Sprouting Flowers

Another example of a panther coming out of a flower. It’s unusual but if you are looking for something different than this is the design choice for you.

30. Just an Outline

If you are looking for a simple design then you can’t go wrong with this one. I love the elegant design of this arm tattoo.

31. Pink Panther Part 2

Another Pink Panther tattoo but this one has the top hat that we have come to be familiar with when it comes to the popular panther. If you don’t want a black design then try out pink!

32. The Jungle Book

If you love the Jungle Book then why not have an image of  a boy and a panther. it’s a popular design.

33. Fierce Face

Just one panther face but this one is a strong and fierce one. There are great colors involved here.

34. Symbol of Strength

This person is determined to do “whatever it takes.” The symbol of the panther shows strength to go along with the positive message.

35. The Red Sun

The stalking black panther with the red sun behind it. It’s a popular image when it comes to the martial arts.

36. In Honor of a Loved One

A fierce panther to honor the gentleman’s mother. It might not be your choice for a tattoo for mom but it could also be exactly what you’re looking for.

37. More Realistic

This tattoo design is a little more realistic than the rest. A great design choice that you are sure to love.

38. Sword Outline

Another great example of the sword and panther but in this case it’s just a black and white outline.

39. Roaring Panther

Another example of the climbing panther but this time it’s climbing up the guys arm leaving blood trails behind.

40. To Kill a Panther

If you are looking to kill a panther then why not do it in ink. There is a lot of blood and violence attached to this picture. The panther was killed by arrows possibly while stalking through the jungle.

41. Climbing the Back

Another example of the climbing tattoo design but this one has the panther going up the back.

42. Love for Redheads

This redhead has complete control over the situation and she’s riding a panther. When it comes to your tattoo design you can have anything that you want so be creative.

43. Fighting Snakes

This great tattoo design is one that you are sure to love, if you like a good fight. This snake and panther are going at it in a bunch of roses.

44. Spitting Mad

A fierce panther that is so mad that it’s spitting blood. If you like the angry look then try this one out.

45. Screaming Outloud 

If you like the sword and panther design then here is another example of it. This one is from a side angle.

46. Running Panther

A great design of a panther running.

47. Panther Laying

If you are looking for a large back tattoo then this design might be just what you’re looking for. This fierce panther is sitting in the grass surrounded by flowers.

48. Arrow Designs

Instead of a sword this panther was killed by three arrows, the look of surprise on the panthers face is something else.

49. Angry Panther

The head design of a panther amongst flowers.

50. Bleeding Sword

An unusual sword that seems to curve out of the panthers mouth. This sword design is a little more graphic with all the blood being spilled.

51. Bright Colors

This panther design has some pretty bright colors that really make the whole tattoo stand out.

52. Yellow Rose

Another example of a panther leaping from a flower, in this case, a bright yellow rose. If you are looking for a bright design then here it is.

53. The Cobra

A brightly colored cobra is attacking the panther. If you want a fierce design that is sure to stand out then it’s a great choice for you.

54. Elegant Panther

I love this design, the bright colors really look elegant with the panther design.

55. Tearing Through the Skin

A great tattoo design that males it look as if the panther is tearing through the skin. I love the overall design, it’s so badass.

56. Red Cheeks

This is a very unusual panther design because of where the red is through in, like the cheeks. But if you want something different than this is it.

57. Panther Spots

This panther looks like it has leopard spots. The chain is wrapped around its neck to make it really unique.

58. Arm Climbing

A fierce panther climbing the arm.

59. Bloody Arm

This panther is coming out of the arm, with blood splashing. A great design for a true badass.

60. Eye to Eye

These two fighters are eye to eye, which one is going to win?

61. Terrifying Eyes

Another example of a panther with the sword. It’s embedded in the head of the panther.

62. Double Arrows

This panther is another violent depiction of a panther being killed with arrows. The blood is flying out of the panthers head.

63. Side Design

These sword designs are quite popular, this one is from the side. People seem to love these strange design if a panther being killed.

64. Climbing with a Sword

This design has another panther climbing with a sword to the side of it. It’s a fun design that you’re sure to love.

65. The All Seeing Eye

This unusual design has the all seeing eye over top of the panther head. It’s certainly different.

66. Matching Designs

These panthers are matching and if you are looking to share a design with someone then you can’t go wrong with these.

67. Fire Surrounding

A great head design that has fire surrounding it.

68. Simple Elements

A head design that has the paws separated as if it’s coming out of the arm.

69. Climbing Through the Jungle

Another example of a climbing panther but this one looks like it’s climbing through the jungle.

70. Growling Panther

A panther head surrounded by flowers, a popular choice.

71. Strong Panthers

This mesmerizing panther has a stare that is truly hard to look at. It’s a very fierce look that you just can’t get over.

72. Three Headed Panther

I’m not sure if this is a design that symbolizes three separate panthers fighting together or a three headed one.

73. Black Sword Panther Tattoo

Another example of the sword and panther but this one is in black and white.



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