25 Fantasy Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

Calling all fantasy and science fiction lovers! Do you love getting lost in other realms, fighting dragons and capturing spells? These genres invoke fierce loyalty among fans, and many choose to give the ultimate respect to their chosen story – by getting a fantasy tattoo inked on their bodies.

Books, soaps and movies with fantasy figures have a really hardcore following in terms of fans and this has given birth to fans of this genre in the form of tattoos as well. With artists lending their skill and imagination to these tattoos, the scope for such fantasy tattoos is endless. Here are some amazing ideas for tattoo designs based on fantasy figures.

Warrior or fantasy scribe tattoo: If you can just imagine for a minute the wizard or in the form of scribe, this tattoo theme will look really good. If you have added some pages or some script along with the figure of the wizard. But can you make out what the script says? Probably not! Maybe it is supposed to be legible to the wizard only.

fantasy tattoo (16)
Female Warrior Tattoo:
This warrior of fantasies happens to be a woman who adds the right bit of color to the black and white tattoo. Even with those people who are hardcore dark ink tattoo lovers, this tattoo in color will still appeal to them. The small figure that is perched on her shoulder adds a touch of whimsy to the whole tattoo.

Fantasy Gaming Tattoo: When we talk about fantasy tattoos we cannot ignore the game fantasy figures. The fans for these are rather intense in their likes and dislikes. This one shows the hero is approaching warily with a weapon drawn out.

fantasy tattoo (15)
Fantasy Tattoo of Darth Dealer:
This is another nice tattoo which has nice color with the nice yellow in the background contrasting with the black very well. Another touch of color comes in the form of red in the area of her head.

Horse riding warrior tattoo: This warrior tattoo looks great due to the equine element and the use of color. The details in the art that has gone into the tattoo are also quite superb. Plus the way the foot of the horse which is right up in air also adds a nice overall touch to the whole tattoo.

fantasy tattoo (2)
The Final Fantasy Tattoo:
This one is a winner unless one is working with a really bad tattoo artist. The details and the subject of this tattoo make it a total winner.

fantasy tattoo (3)

Odin Tattoo: Odin has a large part to play in many myths right along with Loki and Thor. This Norse god is shown rather regally and looks almost lifelike. We have grown up with these fantasy figures weaving in and out of the stories that we have heard.

fantasy tattoo
Fantasy Female Tattoo:
This one shows a female angel that is nicely done with soft touches of color and shading. The wings of the angel look really gossamer like and add the right touch.

Woman’s head Tattoo: This tattoo may not be rated that high since it shows only the head of the character. But when you look at the tattoo closely, you will find that the work that has been put into the tattoo is quite painstaking and detailed.


fantasy tattoo (6)

Fantasy Wizard Tattoo: This one is easy enough to identify as Gandalf who is part of the Lord of the Rings by way of his staff. You will really love this if you are a big fan of The Lord of the Rings book or movie.

Fantasy Tattoo Designs

Most of us have been in love with fantasy figures that come up in books and movies. To have it on your body in the form of a tattoo seems like the next step in enjoying the fantasy figure we have always looked up to. You can personalize the tattoo with the addition of something immensely personal along with the fantasy figure. Some ideas for Fantasy Tattoo shown below:

fantasy tattoo (4)

fantasy tattoo (5)

fantasy tattoo (7)

fantasy tattoo (8)

fantasy tattoo (9)

fantasy tattoo (10)

fantasy tattoo (12)

fantasy tattoo (13)

fantasy tattoo (14)

fantasy tattoo (17)

fantasy tattoo (18)

fantasy tattoo (19)

fantasy tattoo (20)

fantasy tattoo (21)

fantasy tattoo (22)

fantasy tattoo (23)

fantasy tattoo (24)


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