77 Striking Stained Glass Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

If you are looking for a new and amazing tattoo idea, then you should look no further than the stained-glass designs. Not only are they beautiful but they are eye-catching as well.

Stained glass has been around for centuries; it’s one of the most beautiful creations in glass work that is around. When it comes to making stained glass, it’s a matter of using chemicals and compounds to create a beautiful picture on your window. People will pay thousands of dollars to have stained glass put into their homes.

When sunlight comes through the windows, it splashes of color throughout your home. It creates an even more beautiful design than it was before. Back in the day, you used to only see these designs in castles, churches, temples or mosques. Typically, it was used to represent religious pictures, something that is common in Catholic churches. They are breathtaking pieces of art that you can’t help but stare at.

These designs were also used to represent brave knights and saints from the medieval times. Many churches had stained glass in the windows to tell a story. In the biblical times, it was used because many people could not read, but they were able to see the stories told right before their eyes because of the stained glass. As time went on they were placed in city halls, banks, theaters, and castles just based on the fact that they were beautiful. From there people started making them into lamps and other pieces of art that you could put inside your home.

Now you have the option of having stained glass on your body in the form of a tattoo. You can have the breathtaking art of anything you want, designed as a stained-glass tattoo for all the world to see.  If you are looking for new ideas, then you have come to the right place. Below are 77 Striking Stained Glass Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind:

1. For the Love of Baseball

A fun design that represents baseball in the old-world stained glass design. It’s a great tattoo idea.


2. Lion Love

Stunning designs that represent the love you have for this amazing species.

3. Stunning Designs

The triangular design is very stunning and eye-catching for the leg, but it is a large tattoo.

4. Religious Designs

A great design that is just like the original stained glass that you saw in the churches.

5. Add Some Color

If you love The Beauty and the Beast, then you will love this design. There are just a few splashes of color, but maybe there will be more.

6. A Unicorn

A winged unicorn with some stunning stained glass wings. The colors are just amazing on this design.

7. Writing Sermons

A great religious depiction of a religious man writing, it’s just like the original stained glass.

8. A Rose

If you love roses, then you are sure to love this rose design.

9. Knights

The days of the Knights was a noble one, and you can represent that love with this tattoo.

10. Bold Colors

This bird is made up of shapes that are similar to that of stained glass, and it creates an amazing look.

11. The Peach

If you have a love for fruit, then you may enjoy this colorful stained glass design.

12. Spiritual Designs

You can pick a spiritual figure and make them into a stained glass piece of art.

13. Thorny Hearts

I love the detail that is involved in this stained glass work of art. It’s a great overall design that you are sure to love.

14. XXX

I love this beautiful design because it’s unique and the colored shapes really look as if they are glimmering in the light.

15. Rose Designs

These rose designs remind me of the stained glass pictures of the rose in The Beauty and the Beast. It’s a beautiful design if you have a love of roses.

16. Castle Windows

It’s as if you are looking at the stained glass through the window of a castle. It’s very medieval, and we just love it.

17. Swan Love

If you love swans and the color blue, then you are sure to love this lovely design.

18. Greek Designs

This design is truly beautiful and very creative. It may have a lot to do with culture as well. 

19. Roses Amongst You

Another example of the rose stained glass designs.

20. The Mirror

For those that love the story behind The Beauty and the Beast, this is a gorgeous symbol of that story. You have the mirror that shows the rose underneath the glass.

21. Alligators

The head of this alligator looks fierce; he doesn’t look too happy.

22. One Rose

A different type of rose design and this one is certainly more creative if you are looking for a different style.

23. Cartoon Love

Make a stained glass design out of your favorite cartoon characters.

24. Sun and Moon

These bright colors really make the tattoo pop out. You have the sun and moon coming together to create this amazing tattoo,

25. An Archangel

This beautiful design has an Archangel taking a knee with his sword. It’s one of the most beautiful images in the stained glass world.

26. A Sacrifice

A very meaningful tattoo design for those that want a symbol of a very important sacrifice.

27. Loving Mom

A sweet tattoo design that is sure to bring a smile to your face every time that you see it.

28. A Number

A red stained glass number against a brick wall is sure to draw some attention. It’s an original design that probably has some personal meaning for the owner.

29. Circular Rose

Another example of a rose design tattoo and this one has circular features to it.

30. Under the Glass

Another example of a symbolic tattoo from The Beauty and the Beast.

31. Other Languages

You can include messages in other languages in a stained glass design.

32. Incredible Colors

This is another lion design that has some pretty incredible colors involved. I love how realistic the eyes are; they are penetrating.

33. T-Rex Designs

If you love dinosaurs, then you are sure to love this fierce geometric design.

34. The Cross

This cross design is one that you are sure to love, what great colors!

35.  Rooster 

If you have love for the rooster than you are sure to love this stained glass design. The colors on the tail are quite extraordinary. 

36. For the Love of Mary

Mary is quite the religious symbol, and many people love the beauty behind her. It’s such a stunning design.

37. Praying Angel

A great design that has a praying angel. It’s very reminiscent of the old-school stained glass designs.

38. Oriental Drawings

A great design that is simple and perfect. I like all the green involved in this tattoo.

39. Striking Colors

A great and beautiful depiction of the ultimate sacrifice. The colors really make this tattoo wonderful.

40. The Fist

A unique tattoo that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

41. The Beauty and the Beast

Another stained glass example from the movie, this is an actual image from the movie if you are a big fan.

42. Striking Art

A stunning tattoo that looks more like a painting than a tattoo. The detail involved with this design is really incredible.

43. Symbolic Values

A great design that is full of color. If you want a symbolic tattoo, then you have come to the right place.

44. Add Some Humor

A funny depiction of a religion design. If you want to add some humor to your spiritual life, then you will enjoy this tattoo.

45. Plenty of Detail

A great detailed religious drawing. It’s very detailed if you are looking for a more realistic tattoo.

46. Puzzle Pieces

A unique take on the stained glass art. There are puzzle pieces instead of all the shapes. It’s a great way of changing the look but also keeping the general idea behind it. The colors are also very beautiful.

47. Polar Bear

A stained glass design with some amazing colors made up if geometric shapes. It definitely looks a lot like stained glass with all the shading.

48. Flying Dove

A stunning design with wide shapes that really bring alive the flying bird.

49. The Moth

If you are looking for an original design, then you can’t go wrong with this moth tattoo. The creativity and colors are truly unique.

50. Cartoon Lion

Another stained glass design of a lion, this one is more of a cartoon character than the others have been.

51. Double Rose

A great picture of two roses together, in a stained glass design.

52. Purple Rose

Another example of the rose design, this one, however, is in purple and the complimentary colors are quite amazing.

53. Colorful Leaf

The left is covered in autumn colors that really pop off the skin. It’s an original design that is sure to draw some attention.

54. Skull Design

The great thing about this skull design is all the colors. It’s a badass design that’s also very feminine.

55. Belle and Her Beast

A great symbol of the movie, this one has the dancing scene between Belle and the Beast.

56. The Beast

Another example of a The Beauty and the Beast themed stained glass design. This one is just of the beast with the roses.

57. The Rose

Another example of the rose under the glass from The Beauty and the Beast.

58. Day and Night

I love the beautiful colors that come up with this design. On one side there is the sun and the daytime while the other side has the evening with the moon presented.

59. Black Shading

The detail in this tattoo is quite stunning. It looks more like a drawing than a tattoo.

60. Cross Love

If you are looking for a cross tattoo, then you can’t go wrong with a stained glass design.

61. Autumn Colors

These leaves have some amazing colors to them. If you are looking for a bright and beautiful design, then check this one out.

62. Tree of Life

A stunning tattoo that has a lot of creativity and beautiful colors to it.

63. The Lighthouse

Multiple colors that stream together to create a lighthouse design that is just breathtaking.

64. Love the Beast

A stunning and detailed depiction of the dance scene in The Beauty and the Beast. It’s a very popular stained glass design that you will be sure to love.

65. Circular Designs

A great design that has a lot of colors to make things pop.

66. Mermaid Love

If you have some serious love for mermaids and the sea, then you are sure to love this mermaid stained glass tattoo. It’s pretty, and the blue really makes you want to visit the water.

67. Fierce Beast

Another example of a tattoo from The Beauty and the Beast. This is the beast in front of the rose, and he is his normal surly self.

68. Fierce Soldiers

An amazing tattoo that looks like a painting. The deep colors and the overall detail of a time long ago really makes for a great tattoo design.

69. The Holy Dove

A circular design that has beautiful colors and a dove who is more than a little holy in this picture.

70. Stunning Peacock

If you are looking for a sleeve design, then look no further. This blue peacock is truly extraordinary. You won’t want to venture far from this tattoo.

71. Crowning a Prince

A great detailed picture of a King crowning a Prince.

72. The Crucifix

If you want to always remember the ultimate sacrifice, then look no further than this design.

73. Jesus 

It’s a pretty common picture for those that read the Bible and follow religious art. The picture has often been seen and it has a lot of meaning.

74. Father and Son

A small and simple tattoo for those who want to keep things small.

75. Meanings We Love

There are so many Biblical stories in the Bible and getting a stained glass representation of one is a great idea.

76. Sleeve Tattoos

This is an amazing sleeve design that shows off many different stained glass images.

77. Together Always

The bond between father and child can be a strong one, and this represents it well.


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