30 Digital Autism and Autism tattoo Designs With Meanings

Autism is a difficult subject for most of us to talk about as it is a disorder that can render seemingly normal and beautiful children incapable of so many things that we take for granted in children. It is a neurological disorder that affect motor skills and speech skills. Studies show that 1 out of 88 children are affected by this.

The percentages have increased over the past few years and it is something that leave a parent feeling helpless. It is a really complex subject about which we do not know that much, Research is going on but still we are a long way away from understanding Autism completely. It is like a puzzle that we are trying to solve. It is only by being aware of it, studying it and dealing with it that we can take the first step to overcoming it.


When it comes to tattoos that are based on autism, you must realize that the special men and women who get them done find them deeply symbolic. It is something personal and they like to wear their tattoo to show the world that they are dealing with it. Often you will find that autism tattoos have a ribbon puzzle or made up of blue puzzle pieces.  But with insistence of the person getting it done combined with the ingenuity of the artist you will find many creative variations.

Such tattoos are aimed at raising the awareness of the public towards autism. People often do not understand what autism is and develop their own misguided perception. An autism tattoo with the puzzle done in many colors means a lot of things. The diversity of colors represents the diversity of people who are dealing with autism. The bright color on the ribbon signifies hope that can only come through elimination of ignorance, being aware, proper treatment and hope that a cure would be found soon.


The official website has stated that this puzzle is a symbol of the complexities and the mysterious nature of autism. For a person whose near and dear ones have had to deal with this condition, getting an autism tattoo is about solidarity. It also expresses hope that a person may recover as has happened in some cases in the past. When it comes down to it, it is a symbol of expressing what you feel and think.

We all need to be aware of this condition and we should all be grateful for those who work on spreading awareness and information about autism.


The designs of autism tattoos vary a lot but seem to be centered on the puzzle. They can be done in one or more colors, depending upon the person getting it done and what they want it to mean. Another popular design is the one of the ribbon which is aimed at propagating awareness. Some even get a inspirational quote tattooed along with the symbols.

The thing about autism tattoos is that they are truly touching and heartwarming. One gets to see the patience and hope of people who deal with this condition. If you are planning on getting one yourself, be really clear on your motivation in doing so. Then the next step would be the research; we need not emphasize this aspect as you know that this is not like any other subject you will be researching on.


Talk to people who have dealt with this condition, healthcare professionals and people who are involved in the research. You will find that you are truly inspired and touched by the patience, hope and dedication of the people involved. Do take the time to think things through before actually going ahead.




























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