24 Scary Leprechaun Tattoos That’ll Freak You Out

Leprechauns are supposed to be good luck right? Then how come this list of 24 leprechaun tattoos is just so darn scary? Well, they’re known for being mischievous tricksters, even though they might be the key to a pot of gold. These tatts are usually worn by the Irish – and sometimes even just by those that love a Guinness or two!

Leprechauns are creatures that are part of Irish folklore. They are known to be older men who are cobblers or shoemakers that love to sing as they work. You may not know this, but they are also considered fairies. Apparently as legend would have it, they are rather rich because of war time plunders. They are known to be sly and mischievous creatures. In tattoo art, they typically have red hair, angry faces, intense eyes and wear green. They almost always have a hat on and usually complete their outfit with some shoes and a big ole belt. These beings are known to lead people astray for the sake of fun. Irishmen of old will tell you that when you see a leprechaun and stare at it, that he cannot leave your presence but as soon as you stop looking at him, he will disappear.

They aren’t necessarily bad guys but they aren’t known to be the nicest of all folklore characters. For this reason some people see them as creatures that are harmful and bent on causing problems. But they can also be jolly fellows for whom life comprises only of consuming ale, smoking on the pipe and guarding their pot of gold which is supposed to be where a rainbow ends.

According to tales, you will never be able to predict how they will turn out. They could be full of themselves and tend to mislead or go the other way completely. Therefore, tattoos based on these creatures tend to be quite wide in range and depending on what the person wants to believe. The art can tell a story that is specific to that person and the leprechaun can represent as much. No matter how you decide to portray these beings, a leprechaun tattoo is definitely colorful and interesting.

  1. Leprechaun with clover tattoo: This could be the imagination and the wish of a positive person. But when you choose to get leprechaun, you get to decide what he will look like. As lively as they are, they are said to hold a piece of good luck through a four leaf clover! You will find that the work that goes into this deceptively simple tattoo is quite detailed. Take a minute as you scroll through and you’ll see what we mean. This leprechaun looks a bit upset with his fiery demeanor and overall aggression.

9-Leprechaun Tattoo

2. Leprechaun on skis tattoo: This looks like the leprechaun is having a wonderful time on the slopes. The knife wielding man also depicts someone who is a little bit bent on mischief. Did you notice the doll he’s got in his other hand? Hopefully he didn’t snag that from a small child. Once again the detailed work that goes to show him on the move would need to be really and intricate. Nice line work to the artist.

12-Leprechaun Tattoo

3) Leprechaun standing guard on pot of gold: The fierce expression of the leprechaun’s face is probably enough to intimidate everyone. It takes the most courageous of looters to get the pot of gold. It looks like this guy definitely won. Not being able to see his eyes gives him a mysterious look. This is the true essence of the leprechaun and is portrayed quite well. Take a look at that sneaky grin. Excellent background shading with this art.

17-Leprechaun Tattoo

4) Leprechaun holding Machine Gun tattoo: A leprechaun with the weapon of destruction would be showing his true essence as some folks believe. But of course one has to know that both these elements belong to different eras. The eyes are so penetrating. You might have noticed by now that the more menacing images tend to have pointy noses and squinted eyes as if they are concentrating on what’s at hand.

5-Leprechaun Tattoo


Men usually opt for the leprechaun more often than females although you may see one or two Irish women rocking this image in an Irish bar. Most guys get them on their arms although there isn’t a right or wrong place to get inked. The upper arm is the most popular but you’ll see a variation that extends to the back and shoulders as well. It’s an easy place to cover up for work and it’s fun to show off on the weekends if you wear a tank or pot to go shirtless. Like we said, it’s a commonly a male piece although plenty of females get them too. They’re seen as more of the “tough persona” rather than a whimsy feel good type of art. They’re typically displayed as aggressive if not a bit mysterious. And then of course, there’s the image of the leprechaun just kicking back and having a great time with the boys. Leprechauns give off the “good ole time” mentality which just plays into their mischievous vibe. Many Irishmen choose to ink a leprechaun on themselves for good luck and a reminder to have fun.

5) Leprechaun with Beer Mug tattoo: In this tattoo the leprechaun is showing his partying and fun loving side. One can see the clothes he is wearing through the beer mug which makes a powerful visual impact. This image makes the leprechaun look like he’s more interested in having a good time than in getting into trouble.

15-Leprechaun Tattoo

6) Leprechaun Riding on a  Beer Keg tattoo: This one displays the partying side of the leprechaun and the expression on his face confirms his love for consuming the drink. The details of him sitting on top of the keg look really good. The coloring here really brings out his eyes and makes them appear so tired. It kinda looks like it’s about time for him to go home and sleep it off. The four leaf clover is another significant piece to Irish folklore. It’s thought to bring good luck.

20-Leprechaun Tattoo

7) Evil looking Leprechaun Tattoo: The expression on his face is enough to show his diabolical side. You definitely want to avoid getting on the wrong side of that. The clouds above him have a billowing effect that only intensify the imagery. The way he was inked on his back, makes his hands appear as though he is beckoning you into his plans. He’s probably asking you to join his mischief.

10-Leprechaun Tattoo

Leprechauns are important figures in Irish culture. They’ve also been accepted all around the world thanks to movies, books and various media popularizing them. Lucky Charms cereal is a great example of a leprechaun finding his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. When did you first hear about these folklore characters?

8) Leprechaun as Fireman tattoo: This one shows the leprechaun in a protective mode as he helps fight a fire. This is another opposite view of the leprechaun that many people hold. With details like the four leaf clover on his hat, his look of enjoying a last smoke before moving on, all these add to the charm of this tattoo. Although charm may be a bit strong as this guy is flipping everyone the bird. He seems to be a bit put out with people.

1-Leprechaun Tattoo

9) Summation of  Leprechaun Tattoos: These colorful creatures are part of legends and we know their penchant for green outfits, smoking the pipe and drinking beer. This is apart from revelry, fun, guarding gold and causing mischief. Put all these together  and you have tattoo designs that will kindle the imagination. They can be great to look at with their colorful look. And the tattoo artist could use their imagination to add the expression on the leprechaun’s face and the other elements in the tattoo to make it look really compelling and charming.

7-Leprechaun Tattoo

Here are some of cool designs of Leprechaun Tattoos that range from scary to merriment. As Irish folklore goes, they are merry little creatures that have a penchant for getting into trouble. They’re not all bad but they do seem to be more on the wayward side than anything else. As you scroll through, you’ll see a common theme that most of these images are placed on the upper body although there are a few that are on the lower body well. Where would you place yours?

10) This guy looks a little bit threatening and mischievous. His grayish skin and long fingernails only continue to promote the imagery of mischief and trouble. His fiery eyes are a bit intimidating as well. You’ll notice that a lot of these images have the leprechauns coming out of the skin. Perhaps the people are trying to convey that they have a “leprechaun” who wants to come out and play in each of them.

2-Leprechaun Tattoo

11) Woah! Intense fury as he literally crawls out of this guys arm. This is so pretty with great detail and life like artistic work. The detail in every wrinkle is pretty astounding. Even the coloring of his nails is grotesque yet life like. This probably took a lot of time and attention to detail for this artist. Painstaking as it may have been, they did an amazing job.

3-Leprechaun Tattoo

12) The black and white shading creates a mysterious feel. Anyone see the statue of liberty behind the leprechaun? Not quite sure what the imagery means as he cuts the little boy’s hair. Anyone have any ideas? His long, pointy nose and pointy ears leads us to believe he’s up to no good.

4-Leprechaun Tattoo

13) This is interesting usage of coloring and using the skin as the backdrop. What do you think? Would you like a tattoo like this or does it appear unfinished to you? Perhaps he’s in the first phase of getting inked. A lot of times when you add tattoos, it is a process and requires several appointments and many hours before you are finally finished.

6-Leprechaun Tattoo

14) Now this is a happy little fellow! He’s a jolly little child who looks innocent and happy. This is probably more like what the young children were taught in the Irish folktales. This is a bit more inviting and fun to learn about.

8-Leprechaun Tattoo

15) And now we’re back to the more aggressive look. It appears the four leaf clover is etched in the skin and the leprechaun is emerging from within. It’s a bit more dark in nature and seems to allude to a fierce and intimidating presence.

11-Leprechaun Tattoo

16) He means business and we don’t want to cross him, that’s for sure. The shininess of this image hints to its newness. He appears aggressive and upset with the world. The line detail here is very well done and the coloring looks quite great.

13-Leprechaun Tattoo


The most popular place for the leprechaun is the upper shoulder. Any place on the arm seems to be the most a pretty highly touted spot although you will see the occasional image on the back. Where would you place your art? Some choose the lower body but the general consensus is somewhere on the torso or arm. When deciding the best spot for your next image, there are a few things to mull over. Do you want it hidden from view or easily seen by everyone? Do you mind if people ask about your tattoos? Whether someone has ink or not often doesn’t dim the interest others will have in your art. They will want to know why you choose it, what it means and if you’re going to get more. You have automatically become cooler to them just because of your work and it should be a fun experience as you share what the images mean to you. If you choose an intimidating piece of art, just remember that it will make you seem more intimidating, even if you are not. You might get certain looks depending on how scary the image and your workplace may want you to cover it. That’s not to discourage you from getting whatever you would like, it’s just important to weigh those factors into your decision making process.

17) It’s a popular look for the leprechaun’s to be cutting their way through the skin of the person. Almost to say that they have an inner leprechaun and he’s threatening to break through. It gives off a tough persona that at any moment, his inner leprechaun could be unleashed. This is pretty vivid imagery. Kinda makes us squirm thinking about how hard that guy is squeezing his skin!

16-Leprechaun Tattoo

18) This art seems to imply that strength will help them make it. There’s a lot going on in this collage but it flows well and looks really great. The image is a bit more boxy and not as life like but the cartoonish character of this makes him look menacing but not too threatening.

18-Leprechaun Tattoo


Choosing the right colors for your art is one of our favorite things. It really allows you to express yourself through the art and makes your personality really shine forth. For this certain genre, there are some particular colors that are pretty much the standard look. You’ll notice that most leprechauns have green outfits that are vivid and bold. They stand out and pop. They’re eye catching and people often do a double take. Whether it’s a happy image or something more dark doesn’t usually matter. The “go to” color is always green. The art is usually accented with gold or yellows and white. You’ll notice that some opt for black or outlining but the overall choice is green. Key accents to every image of a leprechaun is the golden coins, actual pot of gold and the four leaf clover. If you were going to get this genre, would you go mainstream or break the mold and make it a little different?

19) He finally found his little pot of gold. And he is so happy. We probably would be too! This is a great representation of old Irish tales. He’s probably a bit sneaky, but at the end of the day, all he really wants is his pot of gold.

19-Leprechaun Tattoo

20) Incredible line work and attention to detail in this piece. He’s flipping coins and appears to be contemplating something. He’s probably not considering sharing his gold, but we are a little curious about what he’ll spend with it.

21-Leprechaun Tattoo

21) His fiery personality could prove a bit cunning. The lines here are rad and the artist did a great job embodying the overall look. We particularly like the shining sun coming down over his head. It’s an interesting touch to an already interesting little character. He looks a little rough around the edges but he probably knows how to have a good time!

23-Leprechaun Tattoo

23) Wonder what song he’s playing? He seems kind but we wonder if he can be a bit of a schemer. Perhaps he lures people into his games through song. It’s been said that after a leprechaun finishes his work, he sits by the trees and plays music.

24-Leprechaun Tattoo

24) His smile is a bit devious and it feels like he’s got a plan up his sleeve. This is a really great image. The lines are very well done and it’s a very vibrant piece of work.

25-Leprechaun Tattoo

Leprechaun tattoos are a bit on the extreme side. Most aren’t the cutesy ones we see in movies but rather a bit scary if not freaky. With their conniving eyes and sneaky little mouth’s, one is left wondering just what they’re up to. Though they’re meant to be harmless and a little bit lucky, their overall appearance is interesting. But, as you noticed, there were a few jolly fellows who seemed spry and happy. You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy this tattoo although many Irishmen do get it. It’s a fun, quirky and a little bit weird image that has gained popularity through the ages. We hope you enjoyed them. Which ones were your favorites?


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