30 Garter Belt Tattoo Art Examples

Garter belts were an essential feature in a woman’s attire in the past. Basically it was a belt that would be used to hold up stockings. In the past garter belts had not elastic and had to be tied but the later versions had elastic. Many women even now wear garters because it is considered alluring and the garter is an important part of the wedding ceremonies.

In the olden days however this was more of a necessity and women would often tuck in some cash or alcohol or even a tiny gun called the derringer for their use and protection. It would be something that would not be visible under their dresses. It goes without saying that since this is a part of the female attire; the garter was made to look pretty either by using pretty material or by accessorizing.

garter 1 (4)

These alluring and pretty elements naturally transmit to tattoo designing too.

As far as design of Garter belt tattoos are concerned the variances come in the thickness of the belt, whether the belt would look frilly of lacy or the color of it. The thing about these tattoos is that it has been noted that most of these are tattooed above the knee, which was not how a garter was worn in the past. But the thing is the garter belt tattoos do have an interesting and sexy impact.

Garter with the derringer tucked in: In the wild west this was a common practice as ladies had to be good at defending themselves against the rougher elements. It looks great and adds a certain zing with the contrast of the feminine garter versus the dangerous gun.

garter 1 (9)

Garter designed with scarlet band: The addition of a cute red ribbon tied around the gun that is tucked into the garter adds an even more interesting aspect to this tattoo design.

garter 1 (10)

Simple garter with red bow: Instead of tucking a gun into the garter, the design can be made to look cuter by showing a cute red bow used to tie the garter.

garter 1 (22)

Black garter with white in it: Black is a great choice for garter belt designs and you can further embellish this with the use of white in the design along with a cute bow. Make the bow wide to create a bigger impact.

garter 1 (14)

Pink garter along with gun: A cute feminine pink garter belt made to look slightly dangerous with a small cute but deadly derringer is something that takes this design to being beyond the ordinary

garter 1 (11)

A scarlet garter with the handle of the gun peaking out: This can look slightly three dimensional with the handle of the gun bulging out of the garter belt. And the color of the garter makes it more interesting.

garter 1 (24)

On the whole when you look at a garter tattoo on a lady’s leg, you are shown a different and more mischievous side of her. One that shows that she has looked at the charm of the ladies from the past and has decided to emulate one of them in her own way. This tattoo may not be the choice of every woman but you have to agree that it does add an extra dash of intrigue to the way you look at a woman when you know she has one of these garter tattoos tucked away.

The gun tucked into the garter is an element that adds a dash of danger and adventure to the look. If you want to keep the look completely feminine then softer colors with bows and frills is the way to go.

garter 1 (1)

garter 1 (2)

garter 1 (3)

garter 1 (5)

garter 1 (6)

garter 1 (7)


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garter 1 (15)

garter 1 (16)

garter 1 (17)

garter 1 (18)

garter 1 (19)

garter 1 (20)

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garter 1 (25)

garter 1 (26)


garter 1 (28)

garter 1


  1. these are NOT garter belts but leg garters. A garter belt or suspender belt goes around the waist and has straps down to the stockings .


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