Top 10 Tattoo Parlors in Los Angeles

The art of tattooing has become a common practice and is often used to express once uniqueness and individuality in a way that one finds ideal. Different kinds of feelings, emotions and meanings are expressed through tattooing. The best way to get your tattoo idea transformed into a piece of art that truly embodies the kind of meaning and feeling one intends to achieve when wearing the tattoo can be attained mostly by engaging the services of professional artists. Working with a professional helps in enhancing one’s understanding about the meaning and impact any preferred design can have on an individual and the best place to get that done is by visiting some of the best tattoo parlors in Los Angeles. The list of some of the best 10 tattoo parlors in Los Angeles makes it easy for customers to get understanding on what they should actually look out for when considering getting inked.

1. Under the Gun tattoo Company

Chante Rios has a cutting edge when it comes to this business, and has taken this game of colours into the skin to whole new level. Talk of range and diversity rarely seen in the fine lined style bringing out almost everything from perfectly done portraits to very creative representations of the abstract and the hidden details of the portraits. Rios is well known for producing some of the cleanest portraits and the best way forward is giving him something that can stretch his skills to work on. And given that it is a lifelong thing, you will not be disappointed to have been associated with the artist. Under the gun tattoo Company is located at 4323 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

Pretty young woman with many tattoos in a leather chair

2. Dark Horse tattoo

This shop specializes in Japanese styles and old school American traditional work. With Bryan Burk you will get touch of some world class neo-traditional work. He has excellent use of bright colours and illustrated feel of his work. Here anything touching on nature can be inked, talk of butterflies, and any animal in the park and below the oceans can be tattooed with precision. They also offer quality piercing and have a state of the art facility to go with it. Ear piercing has never been eye catching as those done at Dark Horse. In fact Burk is in a league that was enjoyed by people like Sailor Jerry, Owen Jensen and Don Ed Harry in terms of their designs but with Burk’s tiger heads one just marvel. It is within driving distance in East Hollywood; 4644 Hollywood Blvd., East Hollywood.

3. True Tattoo

For quite a long time it was known that the field of Tattooing was a preserve for men only, but that misconception has been disapproved by Christina Ramos. Ramos is at the top of Los Angeles female Tattoo artists and richly versed in many styles. With the feminine touch her realistic work is in black and Grey and she also have a taste in colour. She is known to have a softer edge for those who don’t like extreme portraits that may scare the neighbours. Given that True Tattoo is one of the most famous shops in Los Angeles, a visit there and you might see some of the famous tattooing reality TV stars. One of her amazing work is the elephant head which is done in such a refined way that even a living elephant can envy. Her shop is at 614 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood.

4. Memoir Tattoo

This is a shop with two talents joining together that is Kim Saigh and Shawn Barber. Kim Saigh has had a TV show about tattoo artists in Los Angeles which resonated with quite so many clienteles in the Los Angeles area. Shawn Barber is a veteran who is well known to other artists and they have no reservations about him, and are quick to praise and recommend. Their parlour has high ceilings with bright white light. Their walls lined nice paintings plus drawings makes the entire tattoo parlour look fabulous and quite exciting to be in. Here they only work by appointment and it’s advisable to book appointment by email or take a walk to the parlour, situated at 7377 A Beverly Blvd.

5. Tattoos by Misha

Once worked for Zulu Tattoo where she became known for her cover-up job but so far has opened her own shop. She has extensive knowledge on the science of how tattoo ink works and its behaviour on different skins. She is liked for her speed and tender touch of the needle such that you get a nice beautiful piece with very minimal pain. Being well gifted for colour and love for adorable portraits, she combines this with the ability to use birth marks creatively and bring out a piece that is a perfect cover up. Tattoos by Misha is at Salon Republic on 11239 Ventura Blvd #212 Studio #33 in Studio city.

6. Unbreakable Tattoo

Talk of jaw dropping skills, this shop in studio city is the place to go. The artist Jeff Meyer is able to do any portrait one can think of, right from characters in comic books, television, war crafts name it. They are able to do various write-ups in italics, draw beautiful shapes of diamond, complex symbols and shapes. They have beautiful flowers with the right ink to go with each and every piece is just outstanding. Jeff has other colleagues him being the seventh and each able to handle different jobs skilfully. They are known for good colour work and ultimate brightness blended with well-executed proportions. Unbreakable Tattoo is located at 11356 Ventura Blvd, in Studio city.

7. Artistic Element Tattoo

At this parlour, Roman Abrego has cut out a niche unique to himself because he has the ability to visually mechanize limbs, body parts and the entire body. His work has been classified as biomechanical tattoos meaning they are tattoos that make people’s body parts appear robotic or mechanical. Mastering this tattoo style is a big deal of art, because should anything go wrong and a biomech be poorly done then it remains there forever and may not be anything cheap to rectify. This is the thing that Abrego is known for internationally, his portraits and realism works are equally beautiful but the cutting edge is biomech. The tattoo parlour is located at 34247 Yucaipa Blvd., Yucaipa.

8. Alchemy

Located at 2854W, Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, is known as the best tattoo parlour with speciality in traditional designs. Alchemy has a team of professional tattoo artists that have proven their credibility in artistic designs. The tattoo parlour is well maintained with the environment kept clean and spectacular. Alchemy tattoo Parlour staff are conscious of customer’s health concerns and every measure has been taken to ensure sterilized and clean equipments are used. There is a large portfolio that one can choose from and booking for an appointment early lives one with the comfort desired as you go through the procedure.

9. Shamrock Social Club

Shamrock Social Club is owned by the legendary Mark Mahoney an exclusive tattoo studio where the elite and the underground meet for some cool artistic tattoo designs. Shamrock Social Club is home to great artists like Freddy Negrete who has been in this business for so long and has the professionalism and creativity required for a spectacular design. He has got such a great skill that the industry in Los Angeles esteems him so highly. He is known as the father of black and grey tattooing art in South California. Shamrock Social Club is an exciting and clean environment and has a great collection of designs to choose from the club is situated at 9026 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, and can be accessed through booking an appointment.

10. Solid Gallery One

This tattoo parlour also doubles as an art gallery, with a drive to fuse contemporary art and tattooing in order to capture and appreciate the influence of both art forms. Solid Gallery One is located at 334N, FairFax Avenue, Los Angeles and is home to some of the refined artists who are not only talented in tattooing but also in varied artwork as well. The Parlour is committed to creating a unique blend of different designs which range from the coloured designs, custom designs, the traditional designs and customer inspired designs. Solid Gallery One is an appointment only tattoo.


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