30 Beautiful Crown of Thorns Tattoo Ideas

Crown is universally known as a symbol of royalty, wealth,  power and prestige . This main stream tattoo is very popular among both men and women. Crown tattoos can be tattooed anywhere on the body due to the variation of different sizes and designs. A crown has so much grace in itself that it can be drawn individually and,  you also have the option to get it decorated with a variety of different jewels.

So, through this article, we have come up with a huge collection of Crown tattoo designs, their history and meanings. We hope that you will like them and can get inspired for your next choice.


The emergence of crown came originally from “Crown of Thorns”, which was worn by Jesus when he was crucified. Also, a crown full of stars is taken as a symbol of Halo. Some artworks in Roman Catholic depict Virgin Mary who was crowned as the “Queen of Heaven”. Throughout history, crown has been used to symbolize their leaders by many different ancient civilizations. In some of the ancient cultures, crowns are considered as a symbol of Gods.  In European culture, a crown associated with a cross is a very popular design in which cross represents Christianity and crown represents Victory.

crown tattoo (10)

Variation in design

In order to make your tattoo attractive and more meaningful, you can add some other elements to the basic crown design. One of the most popular design is a crown on lion’s head. As the lion and the crown both symbolize kingship,  people choose  this design to show their leadership quality. Some people also pick this design for Zodiac purposes due to the uniqueness of the design.

A crown can also be designed with diamonds and jewels to represent royalty and wealth. Some creative people can also design skulls as the crown making it unique.

crown tattoo (2)

A very popular trend is to get the crown with your name spelled on it, either placed alone or on some type of ribbon. This tattoo can also be designed with wings. An attractive feature can be provided to your tattoo, if it sparkles or if it portrays special quotes to the wearer.

Not only the variation of designs, you have also the option to get a variation in size of the tattoo. Due to this, you can have a tattoo small enough to be placed on your ankle or large enough to cover the entire back of the body.

crown tattoo (5)


Different cultures consider different meanings of the symbol Crown. Some of them are:

  • Leadership
  • Good luck
  • Power
  • Justice
  • Jesus
  • Legitimacy
  • Authority
  • Divine Inspiration
  • Christianity
  • Immortality
  • Ownership
  • Control
  • Importance
  • Self-Control
  • Prestige
  • Grandeur

The crown tattoo is so powerful in itself that it can convince anyone with its deep meaning. Although the basic meaning of the crown tattoo is considered to be power, authority and leadership but a bunch of different symbols can give many new definitions to this crown tattoo. It would be very important for the wearer who supposes this tattoo to depict his personality and thoughts.

crown tattoo (4)

The crown tattoo also stands as a symbol of “self-control”, representing the power of the wearer to control his actions, thoughts and feelings. One can express that he is heading in the right direction in his own life. As tattoos are our lifetime companions, they can always remind us to use our power justly and mind our actions and words. Thus, a crown tattoo can inspire you to use your authority wisely and purely.

Most of the gamblers get a crown tattoo inked on their bodies because they believe it to represent “good-luck”. In this stream, the most popular design is that of a skull with a crown. You can also include rolling dice, poker chips, poker tables, slot machines, playing cards, and other symbols of gambling association that can depict good luck.

crown tattoo (18)

A crown spelled with the word “Princess” is the most popular design among women. Most of them like it to be in pink colour to give it a girlish look and get some hearts, sparkles, and diamonds added to it.

crown tattoo (13)

Here are some ideas for crown tattoo:

crown tattoo (26)

crown tattoo

crown tattoo (1)

crown tattoo (3)

crown tattoo (6)

crown tattoo (7)

crown tattoo (8)

crown tattoo (9)

crown tattoo (11)

crown tattoo (12)

crown tattoo (14)

crown tattoo (15)

crown tattoo (16)

crown tattoo (17)

crown tattoo (19)

crown tattoo (20)

crown tattoo (21)

crown tattoo (22)

crown tattoo (23)

crown tattoo (24)

crown tattoo (25)

crown tattoo (27)

crown tattoo (28)

crown tattoo (29)
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