50 Rose Tattoos for Women

Rose tattoos are the latest in-vogue fashion for women. We will cover the most popular rose tattoos for women and their meanings. Let’s dive into the world of this enchanting, sexy and timeless symbol.


The True Meaning of Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoos typically symbolize love and beauty. Now, let’s go deeper about what they actually mean. From tarot cards, rose symbolizes hope, balance and a new beginning.

For sailors, rose tattoos are the perfect way to express how they miss their lovers and spouses, and mothers. They see tattoos as a symbol of peace and calmness to them during their rough days in the ocean.

Different rose color portrays different meaning. Red rose represents love and beauty. White means purity. Yellow represents joy. Pink is for grace. Black roses represent farewell and memory- an expression of love to the love ones who have left.

Having known their meanings, let’s take look at the most popular rose tattoos for women, why they are popular and what they actually stand for.

Popular Rose Tattoos for Women

Black Rose

Black rose tattoos give the true feeling of memory and farewell. They are also stylish and low-key pretty. Do you miss a loved one who has left forever and wish to show them they still remain in your heart?

Red Rose

Red rose tattoos are the timeless, classic tattoo that will forever remain beautiful and popular. Despite its amazing, deep meaning of love, the style and look it can add to your beauty is unimaginable.

Small Rose (On Ankle or Arm)

Some women are crazy about the subtle low-key beauty of small tattoo. Small rose tattoos on the arm or ankle can give you a stunning look even though the size is small. Both red and black works really well. Most women love both though.

3D Rose

3D rose tattoos for women are really trendy and eye catching. This tattoo looks like it’s popping out from your skin. A big red 3D on your skin definitely stands you out among everyone during the summer time.

Black and Grey (Monochrome)

Black and grey rose tattoos are different from pure black ones especially with the added touch of softness to its awesome design. These subtle and beautiful women rose tattoos expresses a deeper feeling and they are usually done on the back.

Rose on the Shoulder

Women love this tattoo on their shoulder because of its enchanting look whenever people see it either from the back or front. Though, some women say they love it to be on both the front and back. No matter what, the tattoo still maintains its style and uniqueness.

Japanese Style

When it comes to art and drawing, Japanese styles are second to none. Remember Japanese comics and animation? They have successfully won the world’s heart. For women’s rose tattoos, Japanese style is fashionably different with a more feminine look. We are not surprised why women love them.

Beautiful Samples of Rose Tattoos for Women


A rose tattoo designed on the leg. The petals of this presentation of rose tattoo ideas are colored pink while everything else is colored in different shades of black, even the stems and the leaves. The design has two roses, with the bigger one on the surface of the foot and the smaller on the calf.


This tattoo has three miniature roses in different blooming stages, the first still closed, the second opening up and the third fully bloomed. Each is designed on the underside of the arm, just below the wrist. The roses also have similar light plum shading.


A large rose tattoo on the underside of the forearm. The background is dark with three roses on it, only the rose in the center has light colored petals, with the two adjoining roses having pale petals. The rest of the design including the leaves is all depicted in different shades of black.


A large tattoo designed on the arm with just black ink. With four large flowers, of which two are roses. The petals of the flowers are shaded with dark ink against the color of the skin to create the effect of solidity.


This rose tattoo design is drawn on the shoulder with black ink and the petals of the rose with lightly colored fuchsia. There are three roses, one large and the other two relatively small. The leaves and stems are inked black against the skin.


Rose tattoos designed in the center of a rhombus with two corners of the rhombus having two intersecting lines each. Also, two edges of the rhombus are partially made up of dotted lines. The rose sits inside the rhombus colored red.


A small rose tattoo designed on the nape of the back, surrounded by triangles and dotted arcs. The rose is colored plum with dark shading to depict its solidity. There are a few leaves around the rose inked with different shades of black.


A grayscale rose tattoo designed on the shoulder. Consisting of three roses colored and shaded with black ink against the skin to depict solidity. The leaves and stems all around the roses are all inked different shades of black.


A large rose tattoo designed on the arm. The background of the tattoo is depicted with dark green ink giving it a toxic effect. The rose itself is colored orange with the inner petals looking brighter and the outer petals looking paler.


A rose tattoo designed from the neck to the shoulder. The roses are colored with a deep dark red shade of ink. The leaves and stems on the other hand, are colored with a darker shade of green with jagged edges on the leaves.


A rose tattoo designed on the arm. With a black background shade, there are three roses, each inked with a deep red shade. The leaves and stems surrounding the roses are inked with a deep green hue, with the light and shade perfectly balanced.


A tattoo of a single rose stem on the underside of the arm. The petals of the rose are directed towards the elbow, with the stem facing downwards towards the wrists. The stem and leaves are inked with a dark green while the rose petals have a dark red color.


A rose tattoo designed on a thigh. Unlike other rose tattoos for girls, this one depicts a breaking glass covering with the shards still flying, partially covering a rose with a curved stem with its thorns clearly visible. The rose is inked red while the other components of the design are in black ink.


A deep purple rose tattoo designed on a shoulder. With two roses, one in front and the other at the rear. There are clear drops of water depicted on the purple rose petals. The surrounding leaves around the roses are inked with green and red.


This rose tattoo is designed on the back, with a dark line underneath it. The rose is inked with a subtle shade of pink. A large portion of the stem and leaves are covered in dark shadows while the leaf exposed to light is inked green


Designed on the leg, this rose tattoo takes on a brilliant blue color. There is a dark rosary underneath the rose inked predominantly dark. The rose petals are blue with the outer petals fading softly


A simple concept similar to other rose tattoos for women and designed on the nape of the neck. The tattoo petals are inked pink with a green stem.


A rose tattoo designed underside of the forearm. Two roses of different colors, inked with light and dark shades of purple, blue and indigo. The tattoo has a flaming background with the same color of the roses. The leaves are inked black.


A red rose tattoo designed on the arm. The petals of the rose are inked a deep red while the leaves and stems are inked in black.


A tattoo designed on the arm. The background of the tattoo is inked black and purple. A red rose at the top, followed by a pink rose, the profile of a skull and another flower is depicted below.


A rose tattoo on the chest. The tattoo has a liquid background of black ink that fades into red. The rose petals are inked red with very bold dark outlines.


Rare tattoos ideas each located on either calf of the legs. Both have similar design, with only differences in color. The rose on the left has red petals and blue leaves, while the rose on the right has blue petals and red leaves.


A rose tattoo located on the back around the spine. The rose is a long straight one, with the petal around the neck and the stem running down to the midsection of the back. The ink is simple and dark, but the whole top area, with the petals and its surroundings inked red.


A dark red rose tattoo designed on the top of the shoulder. The rose tattoos are surrounded by beautiful symmetrical dark motifs. The petals of the rose itself are colored with a mixture of black and red ink.


One of the most distinctive tattoo ideas for women. This tattoo is close to the feet with a black background, the petals are the only distinctive features of the rose and they are pink in color. The left side of the rose appears in the form of a skull.


This simple yet highly detailed rose tattoos idea resonates femininity and grace. The color of the rose blossoms contrasts well with the stark black of the text and stem. The shape of this tattoo flows perfectly with the wearer’s natural curves.


The wild inking of this piece of rose tattoo for girls speak of a resilient free spirit. A gentler, more playful, side is captured by the soft red of the rose. The detailed lines of the stem provide the petals a dark and defined juxtapose.


This back piece is showered with contrasting colors and hard lines. The pink petals of this delicate rose are surrounded by black, purples, and blues. This is the perfect rose tattoo design for the modern woman with the vintage look.


The bleeding reds and bright greens provide this rose concept with a street art feel. Highly detailed petals give way to graffiti like runs for a disheveled elegance. The size of this tattoo makes the design the perfect forearm piece.


The portrait like detail of this design harkens back to classic rose tattoos. Hard red and white inks, shadowing, and defined lines, provide this tattoo with realism. The circular design allows for placement in many different locations on the body.


This colorfully inked, realistic rose possesses an aura of wonder provided by the soft tie-dye hues. Light greens and browns are used to give this piece a more natural look, while bright blues, yellows, and purples set this tattoo apart.


This soft hued rose glows with the inks chosen and conforms perfectly to the wearer’s shoulder. With a delicate purple stained background and closed rose to the side, this tattoo captures the essence of transformation in its color and shading.


This sensual rose tattoo for women provides an essence of confidence and sexuality in its soft pinks. Done in inks resembling lipstick stains, this beautiful kiss from a rose could adorn shoulders, hips, and sides for a sexy, sultry look.


Soft blacks, blues, and purples wrap up the beautiful rose design in this piece. This cosmic rose blends elements like tribal tattooing, for the rose’s body, with more abstract and colorful styles, for the eternal universal beauty behind it.


This rose is a great example of a more classic look for tattoos ideas. Done in chic 50s style art, and inked with bright pinks and greens, this concept screams punk rock! Stark black lines fully flesh out this vintage tattoo.


This gorgeous, realistic rose is surrounded and shadowed by deep black inks to make the design really pop. Soft, light pinks and radiant white shading give this tattoo an airy, feminine motif and provide the piece with its standout look.


This dual rose uses light purples to provide the petals with a freshly blossomed look, as well as varying soft and dark greens to capture a natural pallet. This piece artfully blends a refined style with a modern splatter style.


This beautiful shoulder piece is done in delicate black and gray inks for a elegant, yet old-school, tattoo feel. Inked in a more hand-drawn style, this tattoo provides a notebook sketch vibe and falls majestic and lovely over the shoulders.


This blue rose and black fishnet background provides a feeling of classic burlesque. The bright color of the flower’s open petals contrast well with the sensual fishnet’s deep blacks. This is a great example of sexy rose tattoos for girls.


This comic book inspired tattoo uses bright reds and dark blacks to get its point across. Being inked in a hand-drawn, yet realistic, style gives this tattoo the feeling it may bloom off the page, or skin, at any moment.


With bright pinks and greens that are offset by white shading this tattoo gives off an aura of lightness. The black ink background allows the colors of the blossoms, stem, and leaves, of this triple rose design to really flourish.


The slight yellow inks and white shading of the blossoms allow this Rose of Texas a unique, yet elegant, aesthetic. The dark, staunch green of the leaves provide the delicate hues of the rose’s petals with a natural, gentle glow.


Inked beautifully in varying blacks, this elegant back piece is an excellent example of subtle tattoo ideas for women. The gray and white shading of this tattoo allow the black ink to encompass the roses’ shape and the background designs.


The soft greens and neons of the leaves on this tattoo frame the soft pink rose petals and make this design really stand out. The portrait style concept of this tattoo gives it a realistic, natural appearance, and glamorous glow.


If you’re looking for full sleeve tattoos ideas, this beautiful piece encompasses an airy spring vibe. Inked in an assortment of colors, the pink rose at top allows the other flowers below to flow seamlessly into one another.


The artful design of this piece combines delicate yellow, green, red, and pink inks, to provide a tapestry like tattoo. Subtle shading and use of shadow give this colorful flower and rose bouquet a glamorous life all on its own.


Luscious reds are offset by translucent dew and the forest green leaves in this classic rose tattoo idea. This simple yet elaborately colored piece could translate well onto different body placements. Shading allows the rose to rise from the skin.


The pink petal folds of this portrait like piece provide the rose with an especially feminine motif. The realistic inking and subtle shading give this concept its heart and soul. The shadows around the rose allow for a blooming appearance.


This amazing rose collection uses the red and green inks to provide an intimate part of the body with color, grace, and artful splendor. Through careful spacing and design, this tattoo perfectly captures a woman’s sense of balance and flow.


A cross between classic sketch book style, graffiti technique, and pop art, this back piece is a beautiful combination. Primary pinks, blues, and greens give this rose a colorful essence and contrast perfectly with the black lines of the design.


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