25 Geeky Math Tattoos For Geekers

While many find maths a chore to do and not to mention understand most of it, there is a set of people who adore math and live to solve math problems. When it comes to tattoos featuring math equations, we find it as tough to comprehend as the ones we find in text books.  But to people who are into it, it is almost as good as their religion. They love it and adore it.

For a mathematics geek the way a formula is given itself could seem like art. While geeks are not associated with tattoos normally, their passion for their subject may drive them to show off their passion in the form of a tattoo. After all tattoos and body art is about one’s passion and what it symbolizes for them.

Here are some interesting design variations in math tattoos:

E=MC2 design in a tattoo: This is supposed to represent infinity and also possibilities that are never ending. Maybe lay people like us may not understand this but for a person into mathematics this could be very symbolic.


Tattoos with numbers: The Pi tattoo has been made to look like and form a heart like shape showing us an artistic and creative side of mathematics.


Pacman in tattoo form: We all love the Pac Man character in games and for math genius who shows a math problem being consumed by Pac Man is both an appealing as well understandable design. We must say that a lot of thought and immense imagination must have gone into the design of this tattoo.


Tattoo design with Rubik’s cube: This is something that most of us know and are familiar with. Many of us have even spent hours trying to solve the Rubik’s cube puzzle. In the math world a Rubik cube is supposed be in remembrance of a loved one suffering from cancer.


A curve tattoo that looks like a heart: A very appealing tattoo design that must be really hard to draw with such colors and dimensions


Infinity Tattoo design: This could be a really intricate and difficult design that may take up a lot of space. Another thing is that the equations on this one would be understood by few. Things like the Born Oppenheimer Approximation and the  3-Dimensional Schrödinger Equation along with a Schrödinger Equation.


Triangle with golden ratio: This is the picture of a golden ratio that is drawn in form of rectangle The ratios given on the sides of the triangle are the golden ration. May not be understood by all but pretty cool for those in the know


The tattoo with Zermelo- Frankel: This has some handpicked axioms from the set theory. The axioms which are nine in total form the base for the Zermelo- Frankel theory. These are supposed to be the foundation for the entire subject of mathematics.


For most of us who are not into mathematics this may seem like something that is difficult to understand or follow. But we all know that tattoos are about your passion and what you love. It is about expressing and committing to things that we strongly believe in a very publicly visible way. It is deeply personal and has to do with what we love.

If you are a math geek then this should definitely appeal to you. There could be a particular formula or branch of mathematics that you are particularly attached to or feel very strongly about. You could consult with a tattoo expert about the possibility of getting it tattooed on your body. This could be your own cool and personal way of celebrating your love for the subject.



















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