White Ink Tattoos – What you should know!

To understand more, let us look at what exactly are white ink tattoos. This is a tattoo that is drawn making use of UV white ink. This ink is hardly visible and has the property of not leaving a visible mark. People who know about this know that it is for the people who have fairer skin, although now many people with darker or tanned skin are also going for this. Most times you cannot make out that there is a tattoo as it looks really pale and only appears clearly when viewed in clear and natural light. This form of tattooing has found a niche among both the genders.

White ink  tattoos look fascinating when done with the right quality of ink and an artist that is skilled in the tattoo design. Before fixing white ink tattoo instead of letting price influence your decision, focus also on the artists portfolio and an artist who has mastery in designing white ink tattoo is an advantage.

This is a form of tattooing that makes a statement without being too loud. People with white ink tattoos can make their mark but still stand out from the crowd. While white ink tattoos have many advantages they are not without disadvantages. If done in a poor or slapdash manner they can look really bad and leave unsightly marks for the rest of their lives. You need to pick out an artist who specializes in this. This is a very precise art which has no margin for mistakes. Because once the pigments mix with the bloodstream then there is a chance of the color traveling to other parts of the skin.

The white ink tattoo design below looks cool on the arm where it is worn however given the colour of the skin is also white, it kind of becomes difficult to identify the tattoo especially the upper part. It is good to use the right colour choice and themes so that the tattoo can be more visible.


White ink tattoos look delicate and more feminine making them suitable for women although men also wear them. The designs that are commonly used for the white ink tattoos are geometrical designs, tribals, lace, mandalas, dragonfly, flowers and wings. The tattoos should be discreetly done for them to be outstanding and visible. The white ink tattoo design of a feather below looks amazing on the arm of the wearer.


The best way to describe a white ink tattoo is that it makes your skin look like it has a lace-like pattern given its natural look. It is a beautiful piece of body  artwork that excels due to the sheer subtleness of the work and the way it leaves you wondering if it is the white ink tattoo or a part of your skin pattern itself. But to get this effect you have to be careful, research carefully and carry out a due diligence process not just limited to the location and design but also include things like the artist you want to work on this. If you are willing to invest that kind of time and dedication then you will have a tattoo that everyone will admire.


Learn how to choose a white ink tattoo: The first thing that we are going to reiterate is the importance of choosing an artist who is knowledgeable and has the absolute confidence to do this kind of work. An expert artist will guide you on the subtleties and nuances of coloring when it comes to the white ink tattoo. Yes! There is going to be  a little bit of subtle color added to white to make it suitable to your skin. If you study the color white you will see subtle shadings like ivory, pale mauve, very light blue, a bit of subtle yellow or even some pink. If this sort of shading is not added your tattoo will look more like a scar. An expert tattoo artist will work with a lot of gray like hues to outline the design before starting in with the white.

The white ink tattoo design below looks spectacular as the patterns are visually appealing and beautifully designed. The skin complexion of the wearer also enhances the general outlook of the tattoos resulting into such a cool an fascinating white ink tattoo design.


Even considering that white Ink tattoos have become a little safer due to the regulation from the industry with regard to the training of the artists, there is always a chance that you may come across some artists who are not as expert as they claim to be. You are well advised to go with the experts in this regard even if it costs you more. You can do your research by reading reviews or better yet talking to people who have had it done. Then you can go about getting that unusual white ink tattoo done.


  1. White ink tattoos are not always “UV tattoos”. Ultra violet tattoos are usually only visible under uv light. They are done with a special ink. White tattoos are simply tattoos done with white[ish] colored ink. White tattoos do not glow with a black light like UV tattoos will.
    I have a white ink tattoo, trust me, it doesn’t glow.

  2. hi, am looking for people in Sydney who have excellent experience with a white ink tattoo artist. Would like to research first and get a trustworthy skilled artist who specialises in delicate tattoo lines. Thanks Fran

  3. Definitely good info on white-ink tats. In the U.S., it is difficult to find tattoo shops that will do the UV/black light tattoos as this ink is still very new. I’m not sure about the ingredient (maybe phosphorus?) in the tattoo ink, but there really needs to be more long-term research done about the ink. I’m interested in white ink (not UV) because it IS somewhat difficult to see. Also, working in the semi-corporate world, this would be perfect to have — but not have a made a major ‘tattoo’ statement! Am trying to see what white ink tattooed people say after having the tattoo for a while. Does it fade? Does it turn yellow? Does it still look as good?

  4. To answer your question… yes it does yellow over time. I have white ink in a tattoo and it has definitely yellowed in just a couple of years. It is not the uv ink, just regular white ink tho. It has faded somewhat as well. Because of this, I have not gotten a white tattoo even tho I wanted to.

  5. My tattoos guy (owns 2 very reputable shops in Detroit for over 20 years) won’t do white. Says it fades to yellow/dirty beige so bad so fast

  6. Where do I start? I’ve been a tattooist for 24 years. First, there is a difference between UV ink and white ink. White Ink tattoos are done with regular white ink. Some inks are better than others but its basic white ink. “Once the pigments mix with the bloodstream then there’s a chance of the color traveling to other parts of the skin.” Wait, what? Who told you this information? Did you make this up? White ink tattoos have become safer with regulation from the industry? White ink tattoos have never been unsafe. There is also no regulation from any industry on white ink tattoos. It is the exact same as getting a tattoo with a black outline its just a different color. I feel that you are miseading people in your writing of this article.

    • I got a white tattoo on my wrist, a part of it is white and other parts have a blueish gray tint, not consistent at all. I went to a reputable shop. Is there any way to fix this? I love the tattoo but am a little low about the color inconsistency. What are your suggestions

  7. I got a white tattoo on my wrist, a part of it is white and other parts have a blueish gray tint, not consistent at all. I went to a reputable shop. Is there any way to fix this?


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