35 Ultimate Lightning Tattoo Designs

While normally the reaction to lightning followed by thunder is of fear and concern, there are some among us who find this phenomenon very invigorating. Plus there is awesome visual impact of the jagged bolts of lightning. Then is it any wonder that lightning has formed the design theme for many a tattoo?
People are prone to picking the unusual and awesome when it comes to tattoos and lightning surely meets the criterion. What is more lightning is associated with speed which many of us love and adore.


Here are some of the common themes that are used for tattoo designs featuring lightning.
Simple bolt of lightning: This one is really simple and looks really striking on you depending on the location of the tattoo. This design is worn on the arm and makes for interesting watching when the muscles ripple. Women go for the small and neat version sometimes near the ear or at the nape of their neck. Men are prone to go for the more elaborate versions of the lightning bolt. When the lightning bolt is worn by women behind the ear it looks great and is also convenient as you can choose to show or hide it with the simple act of tying back your hair or leaving it loose.


Lighting bolt designs on the shoulder: People tend to go for this kind of tattoo but surprisingly mostly in darker colors instead of lighter or golden hues as this does not show very well on the skin. The depiction of shoulder can be as many or as few bolts of lightning. Many people like it done in blue which can look striking. Often a combination of blue and white is used.


Balloons with red lightning: This may look like a strange combination but then when you stare at it long and hard enough it makes a weird kind of sense. You can also add clouds to this tattoo to show the balloon floating away among the lightning and start of a storm.


Cute hello kitty with lightning: An unusual combination  of cute kitten along with the dangerous looking bolt of lightning. But who is to question the mind of the artist and the person getting the tattoo? After is not body art all about getting your fantasy out there?


Lightning along with Harry Potter: Well this one makes sense, Harry Potter does seem to be amidst a storm all the time. Either he is in the middle of it or battling it or creating one. Plus legend has it that he has scar in the shape of a lightning bolt on his forehead as a result of being attacked by a wizard when he was little.


A hand holding on to a bolt of lightning: This shows that a mere human or god like hand can hold something as powerful as a bolt of lightning in one’s hands. Makes an amazingly profound statement hat is strong and strive-worthy.


Lightning amidst the desert: This one is reminiscent of sandy adventures in the desert where the striking of lightning amidst a dangerous desert storm should not be that surprising.


Lightning tattoo with dark clouds: This one is really an obvious but apt depiction of lightning because that is how we see lightning – streaking through the dark and stormy clouds illuminating things in a striking but scary way.


When it comes to choosing lightning tattoos there is no lack of choice. Another way to go for this tattoo is showing lightning striking the heart showing the process of falling in love which has been described as being struck by lightning. Impressive no?

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