25 Graceful Serenity Prayer Tattoos

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. – The Serenity Prayer

The serenity prayer is a beautiful piece of text that you can always look to and gain strength from. With the serenity prayer inked, you will be stronger than before.

The Graceful Start



This is a graceful start to the serenity prayer tattoo list. It is in a beautiful script that reminds you of the bible, and it is framed in a delicate and not glamorous in any way. It allows you to concentrate on the words and not what is around it.

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A Scroll of Courage


When something is old is often put into a scroll, and these are words that are as old and show you where you should seek guidance. The words are meant to give you courage, and that is exactly what this tattoo does. The font is beautiful, and the scroll is nicely done.

A Little Embellishment


Many people think that the serenity prayer tattoo needs a little embellishment, and that is exactly what it got with this tattoo. It leaves you to wonder about the barcode above, but the fount is unique and bolded where it is important. The flowers have a bit of a flowing motion to them as well.

Big & Bold


Sometimes you need a tattoo to be bold to remind you what it really means. Though, there is a little bit of framing with this serenity tattoo, it is quite obvious where the emphasis actually is. The words are quite clear, and they are much easier to read than other serenity tattoos.

Serenity Tramp Stamp


It is certainly an odd place to get a serenity tattoo, but it really does show that god means something to all walks of life. The tramp stamp tattoo usually isn’t saved for words of wisdom, but this certainly was one. However, the script is pretty easy to read.

The Image of Serenity


often, a serenity prayer tattoo isn’t actually peaceful, but this one is. It allows you to concentrate on the words of the prayer without having to look everywhere to see the rest of the tattoo. Luckily, the words are also pretty easy to read, and the extras are gorgeous as well. The butterfly is actually a beautiful touch all on its own.

Praying Hands


Praying is exactly what this tattoo is all about, and the praying hands of someone who is old and wise is quite detailed in this tattoo. The script is plain, and there is nothing fancy about it. However, you can see that it is actually illuminated in a reddish light as well.

Hulking Out


It is extremely hard to understand why the green is in this tattoo. It is also hard to understand why it seems to be ripping out of the skin. The green seems to be like the man is hulking out, and perhaps is his way of asking for guidance in his anger. However, the script is a little harder to read than most serenity prayer tattoos.

Serenity & Love

serenity prayer tattoo

People forget that the serenity prayer is supposed to make you more loving and peaceful, but whoever got this tattoo didn’t forget it at all. The framing on most is usually something simple or even a flower. However, this one is a heart, and it shows exactly what this prayer means to the one who got it.

The Standing Roses

Serenity Prayer with Roses

The roses are a great way to frame this serenity prayer tattoo. However, you will find that these flowers add a bit more seriousness to the prayer. The leaves are in great detail, the script is easy to read but delicate, and the flower has vibrant color and wonderful shadowing. The roses stand on either side of the prayer, reminding you that it is a solemn prayer but it is also quite beautiful.

Just a Partial Prayer


This isn’t the full serenity prayer, not even what is usually put into a tattoo. However, it is still beautiful, and it shows which part of it was most important to the person who actually got the tattoo. The font is actually beautiful, the scrollwork is great, and the tattoo looks 3D. it also looks like the shadow work was actually done professionally and great. The font even looks old and peaceful.

A Beautiful Framing

prayer-tattooed kk

The framing can often be far too much for the serenity prayer tattoo, but this one is gorgeous. You can’t quite tell if it is meant to be flowers or vine work, but since it has slight purple it seems almost like beautiful flower without too many petals. It even has a wonderful font that is easy to read, but sadly it isn’t broken up like it should be.

Serenity in Color


Some people would argue that this serenity tattoo is actually a little too colorful. It certainly has a lot going on around it, but it really depends on what you want in your serenity prayer. The font is actually easy to read, and it seems to have various religious symbols. It seems that this person believes in tolerance as well, and it makes the colors come into a little more clarity when you see the symbols within.

A Unique Swirl


Most people think long and hard about the placement of their serenity tattoo, and it is hard to understand why you would place it somewhere that would have to be viewed almost sexually. Nonetheless, it is elegant, but it is still rather hard to read due to the font and shadowing around it. However, the framework is actually great.

An Odd Angle


This isn’t a serenity prayer tattoo that is recommended for many people, and that is because most of it is actually written sideways. That makes it extremely hard to read, and even the font of the main three words is hard to read as well. It doesn’t look peaceful, but it must have meant something to the person who originally got it.

Daisies for Hope


Daisies are a hopeful flower to many people, and it adds a little color to this serenity prayer tattoo that is sadly not seen often. However, luckily the words are easy to read, and the daisies just meld in like a perfect framing. Sadly, the picture doesn’t show the top, but the spacing looks well done just like the rest of the tattoo.

A Little Twinkle


A little twinkle has been added to this beautiful serenity prayer tattoo, and it is magical looking without being hard to read. The font of the three main words makes it quite easy to understand where the importance is, and the twinkle gives it the little something that most serenity prayer tattoos don’t actually have. Though, some people would wish for a little more framing on their serenity prayer, it is simple but beautiful.

Serenity In Remembrance


When asking god for courage, sometimes it is in light of a certain event. This one certainly is, but the event is hidden except for the date and to the person who has the tattoo. You will find that the font is easy to read, and in that it is beautiful as well. Though, yet again the meaning is simplistic.



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