88 Badass Knuckle Tattoos That Look Powerful

If you are looking for a badass design, then try out a knuckle tattoo. They are powerful statements that always look strong. Some artists, however, will be hesitant about tattooing the knuckles because even with small designs they can make a bold impression. So be sure that it’s something that you really want.

When you are thinking about a knuckle tattoo design the space on the knuckles are certainly limited, but fear not there is still lots that can be done with the area. There are room for letters or even sentences if you are creative enough. Symbols can be added to the knuckles as well as portraits. If you get a portrait done however just make sure you have a talented artist to do it for you.

The most popular knuckle tattoo is the words “love” and “hate” tattooed on the knuckles. It came from the movie The Night of the Hunter from the 50’s.

These days there are a lot more options for you even with such limited space. The options are endless, and there are a lot of things that could be said on the knuckles.

Check out our list of ideas for when you go to get your next ink. Below are 88 Badass Knuckle Tattoos That Look Powerful:

1. Other Languages

If you want to say something say it in your native language for added effect.


2. Portraits

Another great example of portraits that can be done on the knuckles. These were done by a talented artist.

3. Symbol Tattoos

These are great tattoos because they fit nicely on the knuckles and there are so many different options.

4. Puppy Love

Represent the love you have for your puppy with this dog art. It’s a simple but detailed portrait.

5. Powerful Messages

Hopefully, she’s just expressing her love for the video game, but either way, the message is certainly clear.

6. A Positive Message

This is a great positive message for anyone who wants to believe in themselves.

7. Cute Messages

Maybe it’s her nickname or just the way she sees herself but either way, it’s cute.

8. What Suits You

If you love playing cards, then this might be the perfect tattoo for you.

9. Working Hard

These simple letters create an important message across the knuckles.

10. Song Bird

Another possible nickname across the knuckles. I love the beautiful colors that are attached to this design.

11. Different Designs

The two designs are connected to create a powerful message.

12. Broken Heart

Many tattoos have been created because of a broken heart and being love sick is no different from that.

13. Hopeful Messages

Everyone needs some hope in their lives, and this beautiful message is no different. I love all the colors that go along with it on the hand.

14. True Beliefs

If you believe that less is more in every aspect of your life, then this is a great tattoo design option for you.

15. Different Elements

There’s a symbol for every passion, so find yours and mark your knuckles with it.

16. Family Love

If you want to represent your family in a unique way, then celebrate it on your knuckles. As you can see even the smallest letters can bring a huge impact.

17. Creative Designs

These are fun pictures that can be placed on the knuckles. The shark has to be my favorite one.

18. Anchors Away

If you love the sea, then you will be sure to love this tattoo design.

19. Say it With Knuckles

You can’t go wrong with this tattoo design; it’s all about your passion. Find a passion in your life and get it tattooed on your knuckles.

20. Love Your Grandma

If you love your grandma the most then this might be the kind of tattoo that you are looking for.

21. A Strong Message

“Stay Brave” is certainly a great message to have especially when you are going through hard times.

22. Knuckle Weapons

This is a great tattoo idea for the badass inside of you. The black and red together are truly amazing.

23. Tell a Story

The knuckles can be a great place to tell your own personal story. Who are you and how do you express yourself?

24. Move Along

This is the kind of message that can help you to overcome anything in your way.

25. Strong Designs

Make sure that you think carefully about the font that you use for your lettering; many can be hard to read which defeats the purpose of getting the message in the first place.

26. Creative Elements

A creative design that is truly unique.

27. Lone Wolf

Do you feel like you walk this earth alone at times? If you are a true lone wolf at heart, then you should love a tattoo like this one.

28. Large Lettering

Your message can become bolder just by making the letters bigger. Again be careful about the font, or your message gets lost. In this case, we know it’s a name, it’s just not easy to read.

29. Sweet Names

Another example of how you can use a nickname to create a tattoo on your knuckles.

30. Blue Letters

These blue letters certainly paint a pretty picture. We can’t say enough nice things about the message either.

31. Pretty Floral Designs

A great floral design can make any knuckle design pop out. We have a nice design on the hand as well as the word “free” on the knuckles.

32. Symbol Messages

Say what you want through symbols, in this case, it’s a very cool design.

33. Live Free

This is all about living your life on your own terms. Be free and live happily.

34. Love Your Cats

This lady’s love for her cats goes to a whole new level. She proves that with her tattoo design.

35. Bold Message

Everyone wants to stay true to their own personal beliefs. Show yours on your knuckles and wear it with pride.

36. Bright Green

Another great example of the “live free” tattoo design, this one is in bright green coloring.

37. Sweet Love

Show the love you have for yourself with a tattoo that has your nickname. It’s a cool design.

38. Love and Hope

These are the only two things you need in your life to be happy and successful. Wear these words with pride no matter where life takes you.

39. Cute Designs

All these drawings must represent something special in the person’s life. A tooth and an umbrella are certainly unusual, pick your personal drawings and add them to your knuckles.

40. The Power of Love

Nothing beats love so we can see why this person wants to wear that message with pride.

41. Matching Rings

These drawings are quite beautiful because of the detail involved in them. You can’t go wrong with these amazing images.

42. The Chug Life

A funny take on an overused message. The different colors really make the letters pop.

43. Find Hope

A great message about hope. Everyone needs hope in their life, and it’s good to remember that.

44. How Much Pain

If you are feeling a little pain lately, you may want to express such a powerful feeling with a tattoo such as this one.

45. Thin Lettering

Stay true with this bold statement. The lettering, in this case, is very thin and can be read very easily.

46. Paradise

Isn’t this something that we all dream about? Of course, it is, and it can mean very different things to different people. If you are passionate about your paradise, then try out this design.

47. The King

If you feel like the king of your own castle then why not shout that to the world with this knuckle tattoo.

48. Monster Love

These detailed monster drawings are pretty cool, and they look great on the knuckle.

49. Free Art

A great tattoo that’s all about freedom.

50. Scratchy Letters

A great message that looks creative because of the font used. It looks scratchy as if it was done with a pencil.

51. Sense of Pride

This is a tattoo all about the sense of pride that you have about your life. A self-made man is someone that works hard for what they have.

52. Don’t be Sad

A message like this is truly about personality. The font is interesting as well as the colors involved.

53. Pretty Images

These images are so cute, and they are all about her personally. I love the shell as well as the mushroom.

54. Gaming Images

These are very simple designs that look like they are from games or medieval things.

55. Looking for Love

A great message for those who believe in true love. A great message that is in a very readable font.

56. Love 

A very pretty hand tattoo that has the word Love on the knuckles. A great design that is special.

Also See:

57. The Eclipse

This is a pretty cool design if you have a love for the moon during eclipse time. It’s definitely an eye-catching tattoo option for you.

58. The Heart

It’s a very real looking heart design that sits on one knuckle. It’s a cute design if you like the realistic look.

59. Many Elements

There is a lot going on with this design. There are messages and symbols as well as hand images that look great together.

60. Incredible Images

Images and messages together create bold designs together. The colors in this design are beautiful.

61. Common Lettering

These simple letters are great because they are easy to read. Send your message in a way that is easy to read.

62. Tip of the Arrow

A unique image that you are sure to love. It’s dark and small, nothing that requires a lot of room.

63. Mario Bros. 

If you love Mario Bros. as much as we do, then you are sure going to love these cute little images. Mushrooms and firepower for everyone.

64. Fire Work

A great design that is unique and amazing. It’s simple and fun.

65. Unique Symbols

A great design is truly amazing. These images are unique and original.

66. Swan Song

A great design that is straightforward and beautiful.

67. Colorful Designs

The word love looks incredible with all the colors around them. The red and yellow colors look great together.

68. Stunning Designs

These beautiful colors are on the hands as well as knuckles. They are amazing with the detail as well as the bold colors.

69. Snowflake Love

If you love winter or just the amazing design behind a snowflake, then you are sure to love this unique knuckle tattoo.

70. Staying True to You

Another example of the “stay true” tattoo design.

71. Believe in True Love

For all of you that believe in true love, this could be the tattoo for you.

72. The Deer

This amazing and strong image of a male deer looks great going down the middle knuckle. A truly unique image.

73. Only One

This guy is only interested in being unique; he knows that there is only one there like him.

74. Paradise Images

An island and an anchor, we love the images that will bring us to paradise and definitely a beach.

75. The Riff Raff

A great design on the knuckles that is all about personality. It’s a fun design that can bring humor to any situation.

76. Open Mind

Keep an open mind by having this reminder on your knuckles.

77. Greatness

The Large letters can make an even bolder statement if that’s what you are looking for.

78. Creative Emotions

A sleeve design that has an original message on the knuckles.

79. The True Meaning

Choose a message that only you will know the meaning to.

80. Cartoon Drawings

Forget letters and messages; you can just have a drawing close to the knuckles.

81. The Three Monkeys

Three monkeys and an owl to put a smile on your face.

82. Skull Designs

Multiple skull designs, a different one for each knuckle.

83. Hand Made

A great design that tells you that being hand made is truly what makes you unique.

84. Creative Images

A great tattoo design that has the all seeing eye and it encroaches on the knuckles.

85. Born Wild

An amazing tattoo that speaks about being free forever.

86. For the Hope

If you need hope in your life, then a message of hope is all you need.

87. For the Chef

This could be a cool design for the chef.

88. Coding

Choose a specific coding for your life that speaks to your own personality.


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