How to Pick Your First Tattoo Design

So, you have decided to get your first tattoo but have no idea what you want to get, right? We are sure that you’re feeling excited and motivated but a bit confused and apprehensive when it comes to the actual design. It’s a pretty common roller coaster of emotions when picking your first tattoo design. The first step is not only the most important but it needs solid consideration, since it is a pretty permanent decision! Your first tattoo will not only always be with you, it will be a story that you will never forget for as long as you live!

You may have many doubts and questions, which is completely natural. You should spend some time pondering the design, size and colors since you are unsure of how you will react to the sensation of getting tattooed. Once all your questions are answered and all you doubts are cleared then you will be left with the profound satisfaction of a tattoo design that looks great and also means a lot to you. If you are in the phase where you are giving thought to the design then it is a given that you have done most of the early thinking and reached a decisive state of mind. Or at least you are sure of the general direction. And you should also know about the side effects of tattoos and aware of that. You will not want to go for a large tattoo your first time around, just in case you don’t like the pain or sensation that comes with getting a tattoo.

It goes without saying that when it comes to tattoos one of the most important things that you have to do is pick out a design that you like. You have to be totally convinced that it is the one you want as it is going to be on your person forever for you and all the world to see. The best thing you can do is conduct a lot of research on the design and type of tattoo that you want. You need to look at all the choices like whether you want something written, or if you want tribal art, or something really modern or whether you are looking for a classic design or if you are leaning towards bio mechanical or if you would like pure art or if you are into symbols. You need to look at all the choices starting with the tattoo design that triggered the interest in tattoos within you.


It also makes sense to sit down and discuss things with your tattoo artist, that is if you have already picked one. If not start the process and two things you must do is talk to people who have been inked by the artist and look at pictures of some of his/her work. Each artist is different having their own niche; some may be great at artistic work and some may be very creative in their interpretation. You also need to consider the chemistry between you and the artist. This is vital as all artists and their designs may not appeal to you though they may be great artists in their own right.


What you need to do is select a design and work on how you want it done with the artist. You need to make sure that the design has its own take and does not go with the flow. The artist will help you improve on your design as they are the creators and you could incorporate their suggestions. If you are comfortable with the artist and the way he/she works, then you can leave it to them entirely. We repeat, make sure that you like the artist you are working with or else you may not like the process of getting tattooed or for the matter the tattoo design itself.


Once you have the artist and design down pat you need to work on the cost issues as well as the location. This would be part of the design and artist finalization itself. But listen to what the artist has to say and make changes accordingly as they do have the experience and generally know what can work.


Now that almost all your preparations with regard to the tattoo are done, you need to acknowledge that tattooing is a painful process and prepare yourself for the pain. Also discuss this aspect with the tattoo artist so that you are well prepared. Now you are ready for your very first tattoo!


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