50 Breathtaking Space Tattoos (With Pictures & Ideas)

Space… the final frontier. Ever looked up at the night sky and been so astounded of what you saw? Ever stared out and wondered just what’s out there and if you’ll ever get a chance to go up in space? For those of us that are eternal dreamers, space tattoos can bring space right to you, and remind us of just how small we are compared to the universe.

For some of us space is a lonely place – billions of square kilometers filled with dust, vacuum and not that much to do. Even worse, for some of us Space seems to be a scary place…

Oh, there would always be someone telling you that aliens could not exist or that (a small part of) the inhabitants of planet Earth were destined to be the only rational civilization in the whole Universe. Such folks just skipped their classes in mathematics at school or they may have just missed their point. From scientific perspective, the chance for the human race to be this unique would be extremely low. Such people would probably also tag themselves as “non-dreamers” – good fellows planning ahead each and every step of their life. Aye, but Space is not designed for non-dreamers…

outer space David-Boggins1 doctor-who-space-and-time-tattoos Ed-Tattoo-space tattoo Fire_and_water KRYZ-AT-WILDCAT-TATTOO Mikki-Bold-578x578 negative negative 1 negative space rose negative space tattoo 1 negative space tattoo Negative-Space-Xoil-negative space tattoo outer 1 outer space tattoo

We all know guys fascinated with sci-fi, fantasy, foreign worlds, alternative universes and basically anything which would bring them to a journey far, far away from our locked and wicked reality. And there are also scientists exploring the unknown in a bit different ways. Eventually some of them seek for even bolder ways to state who they are, what they really believe in and what dreams they share their life with.

space tattoo negative space tattoo space_girl space-ghost-zorak_large space-star-tattoos wear_space_patterns_on_your_body what space wow

Let us just stop and think about it for a second. Bolder ways, huh! What kind of statement could be this bold and persuasive? Attending Comic-Con International (again)? We don’t think so. Getting straight to the point – the correct answer here would be a space tattoo. You could think about it like this. What would happen if you went to such an event with an epic space battle tattoo like this one?

space_1 space tattoo negative 1 space tattoo 24 space tattoo 25 space tattoo 26 space tattoo 28 space tattoo 29 space tattoo 211 space tattoo foot

Tell you what. Everyone would die to get you naked, especially if you already know how to promote yourself. You might be surprised with the merits you can take even in our dimension. So why not? Well, hold off for a moment as this time we are going to enjoy a fabulous collection of incredible astronaut tattoos. This is to say that there is much more to come.

Non-dreamers would tell you that they do not have time for nonsenses. Hence, they would try to avoid discussing space and time travelling at any cost. It might be just because of lack of curiosity or it may be because of some primal fear… Anyway, we are wondering what these sceptics would say, if they could magically peek through a black hole and touch an alternative reality. And what if they could even cut the stitches? Sexy, isn’t it?

space_2 space tattoo 6 space hehe space tattoo 1 space tattoo 3 space tattoo 4 space tattoo 5

There might be another way, though. We know that truth could be revealed and understood when looking people right in the eye. Does the same apply to unexplored worlds too? If you – like us – believe that every human being is an universe of her own, you would most likely fall in love with the next design. What about having this great metaphor inked in your forearm?


Every now and then, when human beings do not have to fight evil alien invaders, someone needs to carry the burden of exploration and research. New worlds are not like apples falling from trees, waiting to be gathered. We all need highly qualified and courageous astronauts capable of overcoming any difficulty, so they could bring us all to a new level (or world). This seems to be a hard task and in 21st century it is the excellent teamwork that makes huge difference, ain’t it? We hope it will also do good to the industrious space-ship crew working on its own discoveries as part of our next design proposal.

space_4 space tattoo 14 space tattoo 7

space tattoo 8 space tattoo 9 space tattoo 10 space tattoo 11 space tattoo 12 space tattoo 13

Exploring worlds is great, but we shall never forget that we don’t know what or whom we will stumble upon. By definition extraterrestrials may and should be totally different from us. This might be one of the situations where size, scale and capacity really matter. Could it be that while casually flying around with a brand new cool space ship one may encounter a giant insect shadowing our Sun? Well, we could only hope that we will either have a powerful laser cannon at our disposal or it may turn out that our new acquaintance would come with peace.

space tattoo 23 space tattoo 15 space tattoo 16 space tattoo 20 space tattoo 21 space tattoo 22

First of all, hunting for bugs with lasers in space usually requires vast amount of energy. Second, you never know what may go wrong. For our own sake we would rather enjoy the second option. Whatever the intentions of an enormous and scary space bug could be, let us enjoy the incredible details and symbolism as part of our last extra-large tattoo design for today.


Now that we went through so much together, we hope that the next time we have a space tattoo fiesta, we will also publish some of your own unique and compelling permanent body art projects. As we always promptly inform you, the secret is finding the right artist for you. There is a rule of a thumb to serve us all well: the crazier the idea, the crazier the artist we are looking for. Until then we have to remind you that there are not so many things impossible in space, but even these are possible with ink.


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