35 Kick-Ass Dandelion Tattoo Designs

Dandelions look beautiful in real life and can look beautiful when inked on your body too. Whether they’re blowing in the wind, or standing tall, they can be the perfect plant/flower tattoo and blend in nicely with other elements like meaningful phrases and splashes of color. Here are some kick-ass designs to inspire you.

A Splash of Color

Dandelion Tattoo 2

Most dandelion tattoos, unlike other flower tattoos, are usually black and white. You will still find that the dandelion is actually black in this one, but it has a little bit of color that shows all the little seedlings flying away. It’s beautiful and entrancing. It even reminds you a little bit about the colors of the winds. The beautiful blues and purples goes great together.

Dandelion Tattoo 21Credit Flickr @ Natasha

Flying in Freedom


This is another cute look for a dandelion tattoo. It’s the traditional black, but yet it has a bit of uniqueness that really makes it stand out. The seedlings are always flying away with the wind, but you don’t usually expect them to turn into majestic and graceful birds. It makes you think of dreams taking flight and hope never dying. It’s entrancing.

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Always Intertwined

Dandelion Tattoo 4

This tattoo reminds you that nothing is quite on its own. These two dandelion tattoos are intertwined, and they are beautiful in a way that only realistic tattoos can be. The detail work is magnificent, and it gives a beautiful shape to it all. It reminds you of parents watching their children leaving the nest, and in that the simplicity is where you don’t feel right asking for more. Feeling like you aren’t so lonely seems to be the theme in this dandelion tattoo, which makes it unique and eloquent.

Living in the Moment


This tattoo reminds you to live in the moment a little bit, and it says live, laugh, and love. The birds are taking flight, and it seems to beckon you to take a moment and just enjoy life, to laugh a little more, to live your life in every moment, and to love all those around you. It’s a fresh tattoo, but the sentiment never gets old. The beauty is simplistic, but the sentiment speaks volumes. Living in the moment is hard for most people, but it is something that needs to be done if you really wish to enjoy life. This tattoo reminds you all of that and so much more.

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A Little Bit of Magic


Everyone needs a bit of magic in their life, and this dandelion tattoo helps to remind you. The magic with the dandelion reaching out of the top hat is beautiful. The hat represents magic that is just pouring out into the world, and the seedlings seem to represent growth and rebirth. It goes right into a delicate heart of the same pinkish purple that screams innocence and joy. It is more than you usually see all mixed together in a dandelion tattoo, and for that it certainly makes you take a new spin on an old idea.

A Little Realism

Meaning of dandelion tattoo (8)

No one usually wants too much realism in their tattoos, and certainly not a dandelion tattoo. That’s because no one wants to realize that at one point the dandelion will be bare and all of its seeds will have already spread. This dandelion has reached close to the ends of its life, and yet it is still beautiful. The seeds are still blowing away, and the tattoo is realistic but still seems to give you a sense of wonder that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Moving Forward


This dandelion tattoo comes with yet another message, and it tells you that if you believe in something then you can actually keep moving on. Of course, you will find that this means you need to move forward with your life. Most of the tattoo is found in its simple words, but you find a dandelion delicately put to the side.

Looking In Color


Looking for the vibrancy in life can be hard, but this dandelion helps you to do so. It isn’t about it losing all of its seedlings, but it is about it giving more color with all the different hues of orange, pink, purple and blue. The sparkle is something that you only get from a modern take on the dandelion, and instead of turning into a bird the seedlings turn into a vibrant dragonfly ready to take on the world for the first time.

A Reminder of Mortality


Once again, the meaning of this tattoo relies mostly in its words, as it tells us that we shouldn’t regret growing older. It reminds us that we have mortality. It really shows what the dandelion is really about, as it portrays it to be a beautiful piece that slowly loses its seedlings. It is the death of the dandelion, but it continues to spread itself onward to prepare future generations, just as we must do in life. This dandelion tattoo is deep, but the actual artwork is fairly simple, allowing you to ponder the words that many would often forget if they were not written.

A Child’s Wish

Beautiful dandelion tattoos (8)

The innocence of a dandelion is something that many people forget, but you will find that it’s often put down with messages. This tattoo doesn’t have any message, but it shows a little girl tossing a dandelion in the air, something that has probably happened in all of our childhoods. The dandelion is spreading in the air, and it’s beautiful in its own way, something that shouldn’t be underestimated. The only place that their tattoo is lacking is on the detail of the little girl. It almost looks like a poorly drawn cartoon character, and I don’t see any feet or legs on the girl at all.

Forgetting Hardships

Dandelion Tattoo 7

It is far too often hard for people to forget the hardships will never last forever, and that nothing truly does. However, just like the dandelion spreads it seeds and its life passes, so do the hardships in our life. This tattoo is bold, and the lettering is striking. It’s elegant, and it is beautiful.

In Full Bloom

Dandelion Tattoos

Color is something that most dandelion tattoos actually lack, but you will find that just isn’t true with this one. It has the perfect combination of vibrancy and realism, which you just can’t see often. You can tell that the person who got this tattoo had a vision, and the artist who did it obviously had skill. It is a dandelion tattoo to be proud of.

Spread Into the Night

Dandelion Tattoo designs

This tattoo also has a sense of color and realism, yet it just isn’t vibrant. It is somber and beautiful in a way that reminds you even the simplest things can be majestic. With birds flying free throughout the design of the sky, it shows you that there is beauty still in nature, even in the simple and small things that we usually take for granted. Which is just like this dandelion.

Never Forget Simplicity


Sometimes when we go for a tattoo it is too big and too much, but this tattoo may be a little too simple. It’s small, and seems to be right on top of the vein. It’s a beautiful tattoo, but many people would find that the design is lacking a bit of depth and character. Though, for some people simple is enough.


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