55 Passionate Religious Tattoos That’ll Move You

Religious Tattoo Designs are top choices among tattoo lovers. They represent so much more than just an image. They embody how a person feels about their religion and what it means to them. There are so many ways to display this through imagery and we’ve compiled some amazingly beautiful images that are breathtaking, intense and thought provoking. As you’ll see you can pair an image with words or parts of songs, really the whole body is your blank canvas to create a masterpiece. Some religions believe that having tattoos shows respect and honor. What do you think? Do your tattoos have significant meaning to your religion?

If you are a person who feels things intensely and feels that the world should know about it, there are several ways to do it. You can write about it, talk about it, or you can simply get inked. It’s a beautiful way for you to share your opinion without even having to utter a single word. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when you are using your body as a canvas to express your feelings and beliefs, then it will not go unnoticed. It’s a bold statement and as we’ve discussed in previous blogs, tattoos are breaking down social barriers and becoming more and more popular.

  1. This particular religious tattoo is from eastern religion and is an elephant. Elephants symbolize that particular religion’s prowess in war. They are thought to have god-like qualities and have been revered for generations. The detail here is stunning. Check out the cloak that wraps the elephant. It appears real. Every bit of this is life like. The way that it flows on her back and goes closer to her ribs and cool and really flows. This took a lot of time and skill. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Religious Tattoo Designs (28)

2) This shading is absolutely stunning. What she is holding is called the sacred heart. The eyes are are grievous and the use of color is on point. It encompasses the entire back. The birds, the heart, the woman, all of it is so symbolic.

Religious Tattoo Designs (5)

People with strong spiritual and religious inclinations will find the idea of making a loud and clear statement without uttering a word, very appealing. We may think of tattooing as a current trend, but the fact is that body art, especially to make the conviction of your faith known has been a part of history for centuries. Even back in the Roman era, people took to inking themselves in homage to whatever idol they worshiped. Can you imagine what it would’ve felt like to get inked in the ancient days? Something tells us it wasn’t quite as clean as it is now.

3) The coloring in this is gorgeous. The attention to detail is impeccable. It’s probably fairly new due to the shininess. Does this appeal to you? This would have taken multiple sessions to do. It was probably pretty painful as much of it goes down her spine and wraps around her ribs. The way that the red flowers start at the bottom and then make their way up, makes it seem like there is movement.

Religious Tattoo Designs (8)

4) The wise face of this Native American seems so life like. The bold use of red and blue really make it stand out. This guy looks covered based on his back and arms. Do you think his religion is tied back to Native American heritage? The black would have taken quite a bit of work. They did a great job with this portrait. The black behind him really makes the image of the Native American come forward.

Religious Tattoo Designs (4)

A look at spiritual tattoos historically: The fact is that tattoos and body art have been a part of many religious rituals and ceremonies in many of the older cultures. But in modern times tattoos are considered art and those religious ceremonies that inculcated body art have become almost defunct. Like we said earlier, it was a type of respect and honor to mark your body with that religions markings. Nowadays, it’s typically more of a symbol. What do you think? When you see someone with a Cross inked onto their skin you typically think they are a Christian just as when you see a Buddha, you think they’re Buddhist. Even though tattoos aren’t as closely associated to religious ceremonies like they once were, they are still very symbolic in nature.

5) Have you noticed that a lot of religious tattoos seem to cover the entire back? It’s like the person is saying that they are fully committed. The artwork is packed with imagery and meaning that only people who are related to this religion may fully mean. What do you think about it? This is full of color and very creative. It extends up past her neckline so it would be difficult to cover this.

Religious Tattoos Women

6) Bold and beautiful coloring. The hues chosen here are really quite stunning. This is a very traditional style and piece. It reminds us of those pieces of artwork that you would see in a Japanese history museum.

Japanese Back Tattoo Designs

7) The black and white really make a statement. Magnificent shading and line detail.

Religious Tattoo Designs (16)

8) This art embodies strength and courage. It’s a bit fierce and intimidating. It could be representative of Zeus and him acting as protector of the people. The flowing hair and the waves appear like he is paddling forward and demonstrates the action of this piece.

Religious Tattoo Designs (9)

9) Wow! Check out this excellent example of shading! Her hood appears to literally be coming off his body. The quality of this work is pretty impressive. This artist was insanely talented. To capture her face like this takes extreme skill. It seems like it flows off his body and connects directly to his sleeves. It looks like her hood is part of his arm sleeve.

Religious Tattoo Designs (17)

Placement: Where you place a religious tattoo is completely up to you. Based on these photos, you would think the only place to get inked is on your back, but that’s simply not the case. There are a myriad of places for you to choose from. Some of the most popular places are back, shoulders, arms and legs. Have you ever noticed the fish behind someone’s ear? Discreet places are also popular for those who do not wish to share their tattoo with the world. Other people use it as a means to shout from the rooftops what they believe. Where would you place yours?

Here’s a few things to think about when placing your tattoo. If you get it on your back, you won’t be able to enjoy it whenever you want to unless you have a portable mirror. Sometimes people get awesome pieces done on their backs and then kind of wish they had chosen a different placement so they could see it regularly. That being said, back tattoos are extremely popular and looking totally great so it’s really up to you and your preference. Also, keep in mind that tattooing an area that is constantly in the elements (sun, being rubbed a lot, clothing etc) then it could possibly fade faster than areas that are more protected. And lastly, just verify with your workplace that tattoos are acceptable. They’ve become so mainstream in recent years that it probably won’t be a problem, but it’s always worth double checking.

10) They’re ink lifer’s! The main color here is black with hints and shades of other colors to bring to life the images that they have sketched onto their bodies. What do you think it all represents? Surprisingly enough, head tattoos are not that painful but the amount of coloring in his elbow would put a tear in most men’s eyes.

Religious Tattoo Designs (22)

Interesting facts about religious tattoos:

There has been a stigma about tattoos for a long time. Thanks to advances to society as a whole, tattooing is becoming more popular and widely accepted. There are still many people who believe they shouldn’t tattoo their body for religious reasons so at the end of the day, it’s up to you and your convictions. Some will say you shouldn’t mar your body, others will it shows honor to inscribe something that will be there forever. There are pros and cons to each argument and you’ll be supported either way.

When it is all said and done, the art is going to be on your body! Tattoos are quite a commitment and should be thought through carefully. You can obviously have them lasered off but that is costly and quite painful from what we hear. We don’t say this to discourage getting inked, but just want to encourage people to consider all the ramifications before going through with it. Tattoos are beautiful, unique art that express deep inner feelings of the artist. We hope you continue to enjoy the rest of these magnificent religious tattoos.

Did you know…

Back a long time ago, many Christians had the cross tattooed on their body. This would not only indicate their religious beliefs but also ensure that they received a Christian funeral.

11) Her face looks so withdrawn and deformed. Perhaps the artist had a reason for this type of drawing but only they will know! The blue hue really pops against the yellow tints.

Religious Tattoo Designs (26)

12) Full body tattoos seem to send the message that the person is willing to cover themselves in homage to what they believe. It’s popping up again and again as we view various religious images.

 Religious Tattoo Designs (30)

Tattoos of other religions

Buddhism and tattoos: A peaceful and serene religion, Buddhism has many aspects that are just right for tattoo designs. As a matter of fact many designs and tattoo themes pertaining to Buddhism have become a hit in the body art realm. With this religion there are no strong arguments for or against the rendering of body art with religious symbolism. But it is a known fact that many Buddhist monks from Thailand have tattoos, sometimes even on the whole body.

13) The golden Buddha represents peace and serenity. The ink is extensive and even reaches up past his hairline. You may notice the way that this tattoo artist used the skin as backdrop coloring. He added white along with the skin for the clouds. White makes images look like they are shimmering. The artist here used yellow and white to make the image look like it was gold.

Religious Tattoo Designs (25)

14) The array of colors all complement the central focus of the golden statue. What’s your favorite part about this? The dragon here is so full of detail. Purple is the color of royalty. It looks like there is a lot going on but in the middle of the tattoo there seems to be a symbol of peace.

Religious Tattoo Designs (2)


The coloring of religious tattoos varies quite a bit based on the beliefs of that religion. Bright and vibrant colors are fairly typical although there are a lot of black lines and shading used to emphasize certain aspects. Typically the imagery has a central focus they want the onlooker to see and then there is colorful, smaller imagery all around. A great example is the above picture. The central focus is the idol in the center of his back and there is a lot of various imagery all around it.

15) The half face with the orchid creates a mysterious look. Her eyes are a little intimidating. They have such a far off look.

Religious Tattoo Designs (3)

16) This is a very beautiful and almost majestic look. Her headdress seems to be flowing in the wind. The purples hues are breathtaking. The inside of the pectoral muscle would be really painful. He blended pinks and purple really well. The detail in the headdress is really well done.

Religious Tattoo Designs (11)

 Hinduism is actually an umbrella of several sub sects. Art is one thing that is definitely intertwined with the religion. Since Hinduism is a religion that endorses tolerance and acceptance, the scope for tattoos in this religion is vast. Given the number of different deities and symbols associated with these Gods, you will never run out of choices for tattoo designs. You will find that Vishnu the protector, Shiva the destroyer and Kali the fierce goddess are among the most popular tattoo motifs across the world.

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17) Check out the coloring! This is one of the most vivid and realistic coloring examples we’ve seen in a long time. It looks like a painting, not something inked onto a body. Seriously, props to this artist. This rocks. You would expect the elephant face to be lost in all that color but it really complements it and makes it stand out.

Religious Tattoo Designs (2)


You might have noticed that tattoos with religious significance are not specific to one gender or another. Almost every race, male or female is open to inking themselves. Whether they choose to represent their religion on their body is their own prerogative, but for the most part tattoos are generally accepted by all. You’ll see just as many men as you do women with beautiful art covering their bodies.

18) Words meant to comfort and live by. The top shoulder is popular placement for such.

Religious Tattoo Designs (6)

19) This almost seems eclectic in nature. What do you think?

Attractive tattooed woman.

20) The bold black coloring makes quite a statement. It’s a little frightening upon first glance as you’re not quite sure what it means, it’s just bold and dark. Are those snakes intertwined?

Religious Tattoo Designs (18)

21) The shading makes it all the more intense. It has a scary essence that causes our skin to prickle.

Religious Tattoo Designs (19)

Islam – People who follow Islam are of the opinion that tattoos are not allowed as per the tenets of their religion. Under the the Islamic religion it is believed that decorating the body to enhance the look is not acceptable. In spite of this there are some who go ahead and get a tattoo done, however the trend for tattooing is not the popular among Muslims.

22) Simple reminder.

Religious Tattoo Designs (23)

Here are some other pictures of Beautiful Religious Tattoo Designs. We hope the following don’t scare you too much. They are quite vivid in their imagery.

23) Excellent lines and overall appearance. Threatening and intense, this guy means business. It’s tribal and the way it goes up the back of the neck shows that it can’t be hidden which probably means he’s a pretty bold dude. There’s a lot of ink on the spine which means this tattoo was probably really painful. Because of the amount of filler and black, he’ll probably have to go in for some touch ups because his body will reject and actually push out a lot of the color.

Religious Tattoo Designs (1)

24) Beautiful Cross with lots of imagery that causes the mind to really wonder and seek what the artist is trying to convey. The colors depict strength and a solemnity. It’s quite a dramatic image as it extends from the pectoral muscle all the way down to the waistline. The clouds in the sky are very creative and abstract. You can tell that the cross was there first and he added around it to enhance the image. The surrounding images are much more vibrant than the cross in this picture but it really brings it all together quite well. And shout out to this guy because getting inked on the ribs is pretty painful!

Religious Tattoo Designs (1)

25) Quite a descriptive piece. It’s a little bit scary. What do you think? The detail in the wings, neck and muscles is very descriptive. The symmetry is very well done. It’s realistic looking and almost reminds you of a Greek sculpture.

Angel Wing Tattoos for Men

26) This is an example of an interesting, 3D angle. Gripping image, sad yet full of hope for what it represents.

Religious Tattoo Designs (13)

27) This is a very large beast. What do you think it means? The way that they blend the two images together is really cool. At first glance you may not notice that there are two here. The line work is excellent.

Religious Tattoo Designs (14)

28) The flower offers hope and peace. Anyone know what the writing below the flower means? We sure do love the purple in this image. The way that the blues and purples compliment each other is really eye catching. The little pop of yellow really brings it all together.

Religious Tattoo Designs (15)

29) One word: Vivid. The detail in the hood of the cape is so realistic. It gives it a sculptural feel as well. The detail in the face is really good. It difficult to do faces and you have to be really talented to do portraits. One mistake and the whole thing is ruined.

Religious Tattoo Designs (20)

30) An Egyptian inspired piece with excellent line work. This probably took a while to complete. The symmetry is fantastic. There’s just enough black in the face and in the body to give it really good detail but not to overwhelm you.

Religious Tattoo

31) What emotions do this art evoke in you? The way that the wings flow really makes it look like the wind is pushing it. The detail in the hair really makes it come to life.

Religious Tattoo Designs (27)

32) Passionate remembrance to pray always. This is a classic piece. The rosary, the cross and the praying hands with the saying makes this appear like it’s a memorial piece. What do you think?

Religious Tattoo Designs (29)

33) The foo dog makes another appearance. He appears to be smiling and doesn’t look too intimidating. This would have taken so long to complete. It’s his upper and lower back and on his spine so it would have been pretty intense to sit through. The symmetry is great and the detail of each piece is unique and so skillfully done.

Religious Tattoo Designs (31)

34) Quite intense and overwhelming in size and representation. The flowing hair is realistic and the shading on the wings is very well done. The light behind the image really makes it pop and come to life. It adds action to the overall piece.

Religious Tattoo Designs (32)

All of these are very beautiful and the attention to detail is quite great. If getting a tattoo is something you feel convicted to do as a way to express yourself, then by all means do it. But if you don’t feel like it or feel as though you shouldn’t then don’t. Getting inked isn’t for everyone so don’t feel pressured. Just enjoy the pictures and have fun.


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