25 Powerful Shield Tattoo Designs

The thing about shield tattoos is that they are not exactly the most popular choice but there is a certain set of people who are drawn to this design. This includes both men and women. The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that the shield is something that is quite rich in symbolism. It can both mean a means of protection as well as a symbol of your victory. When it comes to the shield in tattoos the design can be personalized with elements that are very special to the person who is getting the tattoo done.Normally the shield tattoo is rather big in size and contains many elements like sayings, symbols and other design details.


The way the shield tattoo is designed will depend on the person who is getting it. But it has been seen that many of them have symbols that have value for the family or the profession that they belong to. Sometimes a tattoo of a shield may indicate a special passion that the wearer has towards something like flying or hunting. This is more the case when men get a shield tattoo. With women the inspiration could be the unique design of the tattoo.

Many shield tattoos also have things like the family crest or the coat of arms inculcated in the tattoo design.  The tradition of having a coat of arms or crest in the shield can be traced back to the knights of yore. They wore these symbols to show their lineage and to carry on the proud work of the family and clan. During conflicts and wars when there were large numbers of people these marks proved whether a person was a friend or enemy.


With shield the meanings are rather obvious and these include things like protectiveness, family roots, lineage, courage, honor to family and duty. The shield can also indicate an award for achievements of exceptional types.

You need not be limited by what the shield meant in the past when it comes to designing your shield tattoo. You can go with the design elements that are personally appealing both on a symbolic as well as aesthetical level. Go with those things that ring true with your character and your mindset. The addition of a particular animal because you happen to like it or admire its qualities or wish that you had its traits is something that will make the tattoo even more meaningful to you at a personal level.


If you are fighting with your own personal demons and having a mantra that helps you when you are down, this can be part of the shield design. It would mean protection at double levels – one from the shield itself and then from the manta. Keeping the need for protection in mind some people even use the macabre elements in the design of their shield tattoo hoping to ward off evil.

The tattoos that have shields in them do not necessarily show a single one; there may be more than one. One such striking example is the Celtic style. Where there are many elements that can make up the shield. When it comes down to getting a shield tattoo done, you need to do three important things.


The first thing being delve deep into your own mind and study the motivation you have for getting this tattoo. This is very vital as it will guide you in the other two steps. Then the second step should be to study the design possibilities and the symbolism behind them. The third and last step is bringing together a design that considers the design elements that most appealed to you with your inner motivations you have for getting the tattoo. This way you will have a tattoo design that is stunning to look at, means a lot and is something that you have always wanted.

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