How To Go About Getting A Tattoo Removed

People get tattooed for numerous reasons. Some of them quite for romantic purposes which means getting the name of your partner tattooed on yourself to show you depth of feeling for them. Sometimes it is simply to make a statement or merely for style and to be with it. Some get it to show their allegiance to a gang or some group they belong to.

As times pass people sometimes change and they do not want to see the tattoo on their body anymore. It could be that they have changed partners or broken up from the gang or it simply is the process of growing out of a phase.   Or it could be their work lives limiting them from displaying their tattoos. But now they want to remove their permanent tattoo. We’ll go with a plenty of methods to remove a permanent tattoo.

This is a common question and here are some alternatives ranging from home based remedies to seeking the services of a professional to remove the tattoo.

Home based Remedy for removing Tattoos

One of the methods is by rubbing salt on the tattoo with a damp sponge and then scrubbing for an hour on the tattooed area. Then wash and dry and cover the area with a bandage to make sure infection does not set it. This may fade away the colors but do remember that salt is acting as an abrasive and this could be painful as it will scrub out skin along with the colors. The process has to be painstakingly and painfully repeated often to be able to see any results. Plus there is always the danger of scarring on those areas.


Creams for removing Tattoos

Another method is the use of creams purporting to remove tattoos. Can be a risky proposition since we do not really know what goes into these creams, their side reactions and whether they are really effective.  With such products you cannot expect the manufacturer to take responsibility for the results and you cannot expect compensation in case you come to any harm. Plus it is a long term proposition requiring long usage with no guarantees of results. By this standard of longer usage it could also be an expensive proposition apart from the formidable risks. You need to consider the dimensions of the tattoo along with skin age to see whether the product is really effective

tattoo removal cream

Tattoo Removal through surgery

This is probably the method which is safest and most likely to work. You need to go to a reputed plastic surgeon so this may turn out to be quite costly. The size of the tattoo, the intricacy of the design, and the location of the tattoo along with method used for removal will determine the exact cost. So you need to really do your homework on this before jumping. Search through various sources like the directories, the internet and even talk to people who have had work like this done. You could also go to the doctor’s office to look things over and discuss what the process entails before making the final decision.


When you go to the surgeon he/she will examine the tattoo and would like to know the details regarding the tattoo. This could entail the inks used, when the tattoo was done and many other details. They will then take your skin type into consideration and then advise you on the possibility of surgery. The skin type is important as some skin types are difficult to work on

The methods used could include dermabrasion, laser surgery, Salabrasion among some other techniques. You will be taken through the process and things like the side effects will be discussed before a final decision is made.



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