81 Indescribale Forearm Tattoos You Wish You Had

IMHO, there’s nothing cooler than forearm tattoos. They are right where everyone can see them, but not so in your face as a shoulder tattoo. You can get half sleeves there, or you can get tiny designs all up them, each looks equally as fab. We’ve rounded up some truly amazing forearm tatts for you to check out.

Forearm tattoos are pretty popular and are really fun to get. Some people start on one arm and end up doing the whole arm and then the other one. Forearm tattoos are a bit daring because they are pretty visible unless you have a long sleeved shirt on. Something to consider, especially if you are going to be getting a job soon is what their forearm tattoo policy entails. Some companies don’t care as long as it is covered but it’s just safe to double check.

Forearm tattoos are bold because you aren’t showcasing art in an indiscreet manner but rather in a way that exudes a confidence most people won’t show off. We’re going to go over some things to keep in mind when choosing your arm tattoo and we’ve shared some of the best arm tattoos out there. There are so many different ways to get your arm inked up so before you decide on the final decision, take a look around and see all the options.

Enjoy these pictures, we sure did! Some of them are pretty life like and a couple of them we had to do a double take because the animal looked real!

This is such a cutesy owl tattoo that has beautiful imagery and lots of color. Great idea for a woman’s tattoo.

forearm tattooeasily (3)

Awesome forearm ink that symbolizes love and loyalty. Pretty rad job!

forearm tattooeasily (4)

This art screams passion and beauty. There is so much detail covering her body and we can’t help but be a little in awe by it. Notice the middle finger anchor and the pinky dollar sign. Seriously, this girl has got it going on.

forearm tattooeasily (5)

The hot air balloon has such vibrant color and flavor to it. You can’t miss the birds across her chest and left shoulder. It’s cool how they go upwards as if flying to safety—wonder what the story is behind that art.

forearm tattooeasily (6)

Tattoos always tell a story. That’s what makes them unique. This knife with “Saran” scripted inside is pretty poignant.

forearm tattooeasily (7)

What music lover doesn’t want a guitar in flames on his arm? This exudes fervor and determination that he will succeed!

forearm tattooeasily (8)

Can we just stop for a minute? Or an hour?! This whale is legit. Talk about detail or beauty! Wowza, we’re in love.

forearm tattooeasily (9)

Ok, so apart from this adorable pup, this tribal tattoo on his forarm is so cool. The different designs come together to provide a really awesome flow and overall look. Thumbs up, dude.

forearm tattooeasily (11)

This forearm art is kinda majestic, don’t you think? It’s so intricate and then expands so far out. It’s like mosaic for your arm!

forearm tattooeasily (12)

These feathers literally look real. It’s like their 3D. We love how they look like they’re grown out of his hand.

forearm tattooeasily (13)

For Men

Forearm tattoos are totally hip these days thanks to ruggedly handsome men rockin’ them like it’s no big deal. But part of what makes a tattoo look too good for words to describe is the design. It’s important to take some time to think about what you want to convey in your message because let’s be honest for a second—every bit of ink has a story and you want to make yours count.

Geometric is the newest design to hit the forearm scene and it’s making quite a splash. There’s something deliciously trippy about the different sizes and shapes all coming together to make one rad image. Whether you’re a black and white tattoo kinda guy or one who likes a little bit of color in his life, don’t worry, geometrics look great no matter the color.

You could always go classic and get a lion or some other fierce beast but why not venture out a little bit and try a shape that’s reshaping culture? Doubt you’ll be disappointed and everyone around you is going to want the same thing.

The following tattoos are pretty awesome and we think you’re going to love them.

This world is so vast and huge. There are so many cultures that make up the enormity that is earth. This simple, yet profound image does a really nice job of summing up our planet.

forearm tattooeasily (14)

Holy smokes! This smoky, black and white-ish stunner is gorgeous! The girl is a bombshell and the attention to detail makes it come alive. The black and greys flow together perfectly with seamless transition.

forearm tattooeasily (15)

So this is a little twist of the geometric we were talking about earlier. The cool part is that they brought it all together in the image of this wolf and we’re swooning over the blue dot! Any body else loving this like woah?

forearm tattooeasily (16)

This is a favorite. One, because they look like the sexiest couple alive and two, both of them have incredibly placed tattoos. Cheers!

forearm tattooeasily (17)

For Women

We’ll be honest, sometimes guy tattoos look pretty sexy on a girl. So even though we shared the latest ink secrets for the dudes—ladies, have no fear—geometric looks pretty awesome on you too. The forearm is such a central part of our bodies and it’s a pretty great place to land your next tattoo. Just keep in mind that if your interviewing or have a current job, brush up on their tattoo policies to make sure you are within guidelines. Tattoos are awesome but jobs are pretty important too.

There’s something really elegant about a girl with an inscription of a date or short, meaningful quote scrawled across her arm. It shouts boho, Angelina and a whole lot of class and it’ll have people begging to know what it means. And then sometimes, a dainty little tattoo that basically feels like a ray of sunshine on your arm is always a great idea! It doesn’t matter what the image, shape or number, as long as it’s important to you and it makes your smile. Choosing something that makes you remember a special time, special someone or is just special to you is important because it’ll be with you a long while.

This piece is timeless with the pyramid with the eye. Does it look familiar? It should, it’s only on every greenback in America! And kudos to the smaller art below…it’s so simple and looks really elegant.

forearm tattooeasily (18)

This buck is tremendously powerful looking and how awesome is that moon above him. We’re going to be bet there’s some symbolism there! with this symmetry and incredible line work, this simple yet also elaborate piece commands your attention. 

forearm tattooeasily (19)

This forearm tattoo is pretty rad especially since it’s unfinished as it comes around to the soft part of his arm. If it wasn’t a skull, it might not look quite as cool but for some reason it works. Thoughts?

forearm tattooeasily (20)

Inner Forearm tattoos

This part of your arm can be so sensitive so we naturally think it’s pretty rad to be inked up there. Anybody have any gnarly stories from past experience? We’ve seen everything from owls to whales to faces and cool script penned on there. What’s your favorite image you’ve seen so far? Here are a couple things to consider when choosing a inner forearm tattoo. It will be exposed when you wear short sleeve or tank tops. It may be good to check work’s policies for arm tattoos. Know ahead of time that it will be exposed to a good deal of sunlight so it could possibly fade over time. This is pretty easy to touch up with your trusted artist and you can also help sun faded by wearing extra sunscreen.

Pretty much anything looks good on the forearm but just keep in mind that it’ll have to wrap to the outter arm if the image is too big. Go over the details with your artist to make sure they can get it all on the inner forearm. They should be able to do some pretty great work as far as details go so have fun with this tattoo and good luck!

Well, good afternoon, sir. Other than being deep in thought, his tattoos are pretty great. There’s quite a bit of intricate thought and detail included in each one. The piece on his peck muscle varies quite a bit from the rest of his look, but it kinda makes him mysterious in a way.

forearm tattooeasily (21)

These two are pretty great. They’re painstakingly done and have such an official air to them.

forearm tattooeasily (22)

This is such a timeless look. The two women tell a story. We wonder what it is?

forearm tattooeasily (23)

This is amazing. We’re kinda glad he opted for no color because the contrast is so stark and even a bit frightening. Loving this ominous art.

forearm tattooeasily (24)

This is pretty extensive and he probably spent a good deal of time with his artist. Take a look at that detail! Wow! every detail from the the lines in the wings to the hairs on the legs is accounted for. 

forearm tattooeasily (25)

Literally, picture perfect. making liquid look realistic is no easy task but this artists did a flawless job. what makes this piece beautiful is the hints of colors that compliment the black and greys perfectly. 

forearm tattooeasily (26)

Ok, this quote rocks. And from the looks of it, so does her image. Notice the skull in the guitar face?

forearm tattooeasily (27)

The artist captured his eyes in such an incredible way. It is so important to capture every detail in a portrait piece; if one line is missed, it can totally botch the whole face, but this one is just right. 

forearm tattooeasily (28)

Geometric is amazing! Goodness, it’s so messy and beautiful and expressive and amazing. Nice work! this artwork is chaotic is some spots and perfectly symmetrical in other places. 

forearm tattooeasily (29)

We’ve been seeing this script more and more. It might’ve been on an interstate ad sign the other day. It’s a little hard to read but that’s the beauty of it. Take time to read it and don’t let life pass you by.

forearm tattooeasily (30)

Who doesn’t love an octopus head woman? Is this Medusas sister?

forearm tattooeasily (31)

This seriously looks like the shrines all over Asia. The artist here did some pretty heavy duty work. It is completely life like! Check out the scepter that elephant is holding. And maybe back up before she bops you on the head.

forearm tattooeasily (32)

These shells looks pretty much like the one she’s holding in the frame. Nice.

forearm tattooeasily (33)


Tribal forearm tattoos have been in style for a while but the unique thing is that people are beginning to add their own personal touch and flair in their tribal art to make it exclusively theirs. Sometimes they have meaning and other times they do not. If you decide to let your artist have free reign on your arm with a tribal design, it may be a good idea to ask them if there is any meaning behind it. If the meaning is something you don’t want represented on your arm, it may be a good idea to know that ahead of time before inking it permanently to your skin!

Tribal tattoos can look really great when they are mixed in with other images. There’s something mysterious and cool when seeing tribal amidst other art. Check out some of the tribal we’ve found lately.

This is another example of imagery telling a story. His work flows from one to the next and are all tied together, creating a clean and attractive look.

forearm tattooeasily (34)

Seriously, at first glance, we thought it was a snake!

forearm tattooeasily (35)

There’s just something about zipper’s that’s just cool. And well, if there are bones coming out of the zipper then maybe it’s just an added bonus.

forearm tattooeasily (36)

We just need to hit pause and gawk at this hawk err bird. It’s looking pretty fresh and shiny (and there’s that little smudge of blood by his arm but who’s looking!) but for real, check out all the detail in it. Gorgeous.

forearm tattooeasily (37)

This is a favorite because it looks tribal and yet has a very sophisticated feel to it.

forearm tattooeasily (38)

Every image has a story. What we’d do to grab coffee and hear this one.

forearm tattooeasily (39)

Wow, one of the coolest so far. That ship looks like it’s going to sail off that bicep. I am about to pass out because of all of that detail!

forearm tattooeasily (40)

The talent level of some artist never ceases to amaze us. From the eyelashes, to the solar system to the way all those grinds are penned in. That’s a pretty amazing tattoo right there.

forearm tattooeasily (41)

Animals never go out of style with tattoos. They can be lovable and cuddly or they can be fierce as a wolf. Check out that chain that he’s trying to break free from! What a great imagination.

forearm tattooeasily (42)

We like this because it’s not quite as fierce and kinda reminds us as “Dog, Man’s best friend.” It’s like a portrait of your favorite dog, sketched onto your arm forever.

forearm tattooeasily (43)

Pottery was the first word that came to mind. It’s reminds us of a piece of clay that’s been fashioned to create a beautiful woman’s face.

forearm tattooeasily (44)

This is so elegant and classy. It’s that indie, hip, “I’m bake my own bread,” kinda look that we love!

forearm tattooeasily (45)

Once again. We wish these pictures could talk because there is a story behind this, we just know it!

forearm tattooeasily (46)

This is powerful. It’s a lifeline that has faith etched into it. Plus it goes up and down the arm where that central vein hangs out. Wonder what inspired her to have this done?

forearm tattooeasily (47)

These colors are magnificent. They’re captivating and we love them. Hey owl, you’re pretty rad. At first you may not see it, but did you notice that this owl is wearing some sweet glasses?

forearm tattooeasily (48)

We seriously love when both arms connect to tell the story. Check out the extreme detail in this. We may miss something so comment if you spy something else. So far we’re seeing a woman with earrings and beads on her head, a necklace with a pendant, a bird, skull and roses. What do you see?

forearm tattooeasily (49)

The lip ring and that ink just work. You go girl.

forearm tattooeasily (50)

Tribal with a circle interrupting it looks pretty great. how about we just guess how many hours of shading this person had to sit through.

forearm tattooeasily (51)

Loving the different shapes that bring this into focus.

forearm tattooeasily (52)

This is amazing and we love how it fades in and out on the sides. Anybody else tempted to play tic-tac-toe on his forearm?

forearm tattooeasily (53)

This is probably an engagement session which is just presh anyway and then you add a tree that’s firmly planted with one prize apple on it and we’re practically in tears. This super sweet and classic and well, we love it.

forearm tattooeasily (54)

Check out that water dripping from the piece. It looks just like the sketch.

forearm tattooeasily (55)

Snakes have been a tattoo staple for like forever. But this one with all it’s roiling and twisting and turning caught our eye and we sorta think it’s great.

forearm tattooeasily (56)

This is so dreamy and whimsical. It kinda makes us want to float on up into the clouds and fly around with him.

forearm tattooeasily (57)

First off, kudos for the elbow work. We all know that’s not for the faint of heart. Second, we wish we knew what the whole quote said because it’s probably profound and third, well we wanna know why the arrow is broken!

forearm tattooeasily (58)

Amen, sister, amen!

forearm tattooeasily (59)

His and her’s, til death doth them part. And check out her fly-aways’s. Love the detail. these sugar skulls are dying to tell you a story! forearm tattooeasily (60)

This reminds us of something fierce and protective. What was that little dragon’s name from Mulan? He kinda looked like him.

forearm tattooeasily (62)

The whimsy, carefree nature of this is so appealing that we all want one!

forearm tattooeasily (63)

Alfie, you’re one special dude. You’re tatted to someone’s arm plus it looks great. The subtle pink and blue hues make it look understated in a really fantastic way. All of that perfect line works make me want to drool!

forearm tattooeasily (65)

You have to wonder if there’s a heartbreak story here. Aside from that, well done on the excellent details and faded yet intriguing colors. This classic style will never die. 

forearm tattooeasily (66)

This is like geometric and tribal met and had a baby. Meet the heir. It looks fantastic!

forearm tattooeasily (67)

“Love is All or Nothing” We get that and would have to agree.

forearm tattooeasily (68)

Oh my gosh this is absolutely bonkers! We have fallen off of our chairs and are now picking ourselves back up. One of our favorites. Ever! From the galaxy to the constellations, this is so cool. And that whale? Don’t even get us started! Not sure if that’s a boat or a hat tied to that string, but whatever it is, we’re in love with this whole thing!

forearm tattooeasily (69)

A lot of girls recently have gotten these sparrows on their arms and they usually mean something with faith or perseverance. We kinda love the inspiration—what do you think?

forearm tattooeasily (70)

Well, good. At least we all know. PS we heart your Converse.

forearm tattooeasily (72)

This is so unique that it’s probably going to be a conversation piece, just about anywhere. Initial thought is Martian meets fish.

forearm tattooeasily (73)

The 3D effect on this is unreal. Check out the way that compass looks sunken and how that lighter looks like it’s a flame. And that wax stamped and crested letter? Oh my goodness. History buffs everywhere will want this.

forearm tattooeasily (74)

This is festive and yet dynamic with the snakes and curly designs.

forearm tattooeasily (75)

Be sure to check out the pictures we’ve compiled. They’re pretty legit. Some of them literally knocked our socks off. They’re all pretty great but we want to know your favorites. Let us know in the comments!

And now we all want arrows on our forearms. the great thing about a bold tattoo like this is that you can add all around it and it would look great, or you could never get a tattoo again and it would stand out perfectly. whatever this guys decides im sure it will look great.

forearm tattooeasily (77)

These pieces are really different and unique congruent.

forearm tattooeasily (79)

Aside from side tattoos being quite painful, check out how gorgeous this art looks. It reminds up of a strong will, determination and strength to succeed. And don’t forget those thighs! What’s powerful prayers. Semper Fi, girl!

forearm tattooeasily (80)

These tattoos are so whismy and happy. We are loving the black one with the accented colors images scattered across her back and wrist.

forearm tattooeasily (81)

Full arm tattoos shows commitment to the trade, that’s for sure. We’re loving her cheetah print and sass! The colors really pop and the artwork is bold!forearm tattooeasily (82)

This owl embodies such wisdom. We’re digging’ that eye in his chest too!

forearm tattooeasily (83)

Woah. Those eyes are piercing. The chains, the destruction, all of it is so painfully real. can you imagine the amount of time that would take?!

forearm tattooeasily (84)

Doesn’t this guy just make you wanna go grab a drink and hear his life story?

forearm tattooeasily (86)

The colors that this chick is filled with demand attention and awe. From the chest piece to the cursive script above to the arm tattoo with wrist inscription. This chick just rocks. The end.

forearm tattoos for girls

Tribal meets hipster. And we love him. the use of the negative space is brilliant. all that filler would hurt a bit but the end result looks great!

forearm tattoos for men

This is so inspirational. “Rise free from care before the dawn and seek adventure.” Deal!

forearm tattoos

Can anybody decipher what it says because we are totally diggin’ it!

forearm tattooeasily (1)

As you can probably tell, there is so much to choose from when deciding the right art for your arm. The tattoos we’ve found are some of our favorite available. The skill and expertise that goes into doing a human face tattoo is incredible. All of the ones that we shared took so much detail and time and that’s part of what makes them truly great.

There are so many ways to make a forearm tattoo awesome. And one of the coolest parts about forearm tattoos is that you can keep adding to them until it makes a complete sleeve. Some people choose to have the sleeve start above the watch line in order to hide the tattoo even when they have long sleeve shirts on. That way, if they shake someone’s hand and the sleeve of the shirt goes up, you still can’t see the tattoo. That’s a great idea to keep in mind if your a business professional interested in getting a tattoo. Other people don’t have a preference and the tattoo can even start on their hand. Most people cover their forearm, both front and back and then work on up to their shoulder. Sometimes it extends past their shoulder and onto their back. This isn’t usually done all at one time and is typically many tattoos that have been combined to tell some sort of story. Tattoos usually always mean something. When your thinking about getting your tattoo, think about what you want it to represent. Do you want it to be sentimental? Or is it something that represents an event in your life? The sky is the limit so have fun and start creating!


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