30 Beautiful Rain Tattoo Designs

Anything to do with water can be really fascinating and rain is one of them.  It can make a great additional element in tattoo designs in combination with other elements. Many people tend to show the image of an umbrella or a flower in the rain. Some even include another rain related object like a cloud in their tattoo.

But if you are looking something that is not run of the mill and depicts the rain as part of the tattoo design, here are some that you can use.

rain tattoo (3)

Ravens in the rain tattoo: This can create a great visual impact as two or more ravens are in the rain. The soaked and turned head of the ravens as they are out in the rain makes   a fascinating tattoo. You can also depict clouds as part of this tattoo

rain tattoo (11)

Flowers, pixies and rain: Flower in the rain are something that we are used to looking at and by adding a pixie or a fairy,  you are adding a quaint but magical touch to the tattoo design. With softer shades of colors being used and the depiction of the fairy cavorting in the rain adds to the charm of the tattoo.

Fairy in blue rain: You can color the wings of the fairy in blue to show that she is soaked in the rain. She can be shown as resting on a flower while enjoying the rain.

rain tattoo (8)

rain tattoo (26)

Lightning, rain and umbrella: These are commonplace images that we see on any rainy day. But combined in a tattoo design they make for a fascinating visual. The color of the umbrella, the way the raindrops splatter on the umbrella and zigzag line of lightning all add to the visual impact.

rain tattoo (12)

Alternately you can show the clouds, rain and lightning within the umbrella going for  a contrary and interesting look

Little girl soaking in the rain: This is a cute and touching picture. You can either show the girl trying to escape the rain by using an umbrella or holding the umbrella away so that she can completely soak in the rain. This will make a great tattoo design with rain drops being shown in detail.

rain tattoo (5)

Woman holding umbrella out in the rain: You can make this work if you show the umbrella in a colorful manner and manage to capture the falling and liquid quality of the rain as it falls. The outline of the girl could be smudged to make the rain effect more realistic.

rain tattoo (31)

Designs for tattoos based on rain: Rain is one element that can look amazing in a tattoo design provided you get the look right. You will have so many things to add to it. You can either show the ships in the storm bearing the rain or an airplane flying through pouring rain.

rain tattoo (18)

Rain is a thing that can create a high profile visual impact when you are watching it. The falling waters, the drops as they drip to the ground and how it makes things change their look, is all absolutely fascinating. But when it comes to getting down on the skin as a tattoo design, the artist really needs to understand how it will look on skin instead of any other medium and work accordingly. It can be really difficult to get the right look and feel but a good study on how rain impacts things visually needs to be carried out. Then you need to discuss what you want with the tattoo artist in absolute detail. You may use some photos that you have captured to show the artist the kind of visual impact you are looking for. Based on this and the limitations of the medium they will be able to advice you on the feasibility of the design. More ideas for Rain Tattoo are shown below:

rain tattoo

rain tattoo (1)

rain tattoo (2)

rain tattoo (4)

rain tattoo (6)

rain tattoo (7)

rain tattoo (9)

rain tattoo (10)

rain tattoo (13)

rain tattoo (14)

rain tattoo (15)

rain tattoo (16)

rain tattoo (17)

rain tattoo (19)

rain tattoo (20)

rain tattoo (21)

rain tattoo (22)

rain tattoo (23)

rain tattoo (24)

rain tattoo (25)

rain tattoo (27)

rain tattoo (28)

rain tattoo (29)

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